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article imageReview: Virool — Making waves in the video promotion industry

By James Walker     Apr 24, 2014 in Technology
Virool is a fast-growing company specialising in advertising videos in order to try to get videos into the public eye as far as possible. Here, we review them to see if they can actually live up to their claims.
Notable present and former clients of the company include huge, multinational companies such as Sony, Intel, Pepsi, T-Mobile and Volvo. The business revolves around people paying the company to promote their video across numerous networks and platforms including social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, well-known blogs and sites and in mobile apps and games as well as, of course, on YouTube. The video is played in an ad-format well known to website users.
In order to test the company, I allocated myself a budget of $500 and used the service to promote a video advertising a small business managed by a friend of mine. Initially, the setup process was quick and simple. You simply click "Start My Campaign" on their website and choose what keywords and tags to associate the video web. You can also choose a specific demographic or age-group to target and change what platforms the video is displayed on from the selections mentioned above.
Virool then displayed my video across its supported platforms for the few weeks I had paid for. Initially I had budgeted the $500 based on each video view costing me $0.10, meaning I would have to get 5000 views in order to achieve this target. By the end of the campaign, my video had been viewed around 5,240 times including views recorded from external sources and social activity such as shares on Facebook. The advert was also clicked 180 times — not a massive number but it means that 180 people have now seen the website for my friend's business and are fully aware of his presence and that over 5,000 people have seen my friend's video advertisement for his business.
The video obviously didn't go viral, as some videos that Virool promotes do, but that can be put down to my limited budget. Perhaps if my friend's advertisement and publicity allowance in his company was more akin to those specified by the accountants of Sony or T-Mobile then the video would have been viewed more times as the higher you pay the more aggressively Virool promotes your contents across its platforms.
What it did show, however, is that Virool can deliver what you pay for. Although my video only acquired a total of 5,000 views, it shows that Virool was promoting it and that, more importantly arguably, people were viewing it. At the end of the day, over 5,000 people are now aware of my friend's business and of them over 150 people actually bothered to click through to his website to learn more. Perhaps 50 of them, say, may continue on to actually become a customer of my friend because of publicity acquired through Virool that saw those people see my friend's business as they went about their normal life — browsing the web, updating social networks, playing mobile games.
If you were a larger business with a higher budget to spend on promotion and advertising, or if you were just an individual who wanted to gain some more views on your YouTube channel, Virool could allow you to reach potential customers in a friendly, light-hearted and non-intrusive manner.
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