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article imageReview: E-commerce will continue to boom with a rise in generated sales

By Anthony Carranza     Jul 27, 2014 in Technology
Much of the focus and attention remains on being innovative with new technologies in the world of e-commerce. However, businesses regardless of their industry need to take great consideration of the basics.
Having a website up and running is good, but avoiding the most common pitfalls once you have launched your online product customers need a professional impression upon first contact of the site.
When customers shop around for products and services in retail stores they are looking for a deal and expect knowledgeable staff on hand. The first point of contact is extremely crucial in a business retail environment or for that matter any business transaction. Furthermore, being attentive and active is a plus for any client.
The principles that govern the solid reputation of top retail brands like Apple, Amazon, Ikea, Target and others are no different with the qualities a website must have. In the competitive world of online commerce there are certain errors and issues to refrain from cause bad publicity on the web about your brand can be catastrophic.
According to an infographic below is a list of the most common mistakes websites in commerce make repeatedly:
• Payment issue
• Contact details
• Design issue
• Navigation issue
• Excessive detail
• Checkout process
• Product images
The list above should serve as a kind reminder of what not to do. With that being said a blog entry by MonsterPost is a detailed guide of what your website should be armed with. For example, “Prominent Contact Details” has to be visible and easy-to-find wherever you navigate. On almost every section, menu or tab contacting the company should be accessible.
A website will be the first point of contact a majority of the time since when researching a business since the internet is associated with the convenience factor. Having a website “Use Simple English” seems logical yet contrary to conventional wisdom. In addition, having too much jargon on your website will turn away potential sales.
Before the official launch-or in this case your online presence goes live- your product should not have any typos or grammatical errors. Not to say everything will be picture perfect, but the emphasis should be focused having great quality content. Too many visible issues along with misspellings will call into question your expertise and your trustworthiness as a reliable business.
E-commerce stats in the United Kingdom (U.K)
As the internet usage becomes more pervasive people will shop through digital channels even more so. According to a BDaily report spending in 2013 was £91 billion with the online retail market and it grew by 16 percent. That number is expected to reach £117 billion thanks in large part to hand-held devices and a rebounding economy.
The summary of Bdaily goes on to stress the importance of building a website if you own a business and how to implement the elements on being unique on the web. The online retailing business is growing in the U.K and entrepreneurs must bank their continuing efforts in perfecting their e-commerce business.
How a UK-based supplier plans to double conversions with its virtual storefronts
The Workplace Depot, the UK industrial and commerce company with over 75 distributors and sourcing products-has stuck with applying the rules of the game. Like many newcomers they are not redefining the laws of gravity or reinventing the wheel.
Simply making sure the website is optimal and clients are satisfied with it once a purchase is made.
A blog post hovers over how to streamline the shopping experience and processes online. When clients need to populate address information you the retailer integrate an auto-fill or validation tool. This expedites the process in a big way saving time for the client.
Make checkout a painless process and aim for simplicity. People’s patience are thin nowadays with everything becoming so automated so ask the questions needed and get the order placed instantly.
Product pages should contain the nuts and bolts. Just the specifications with the products associated with it along with a good layout and design.
Finally, landing pages for any business or an established online retailer you must have a compact and concise home page. Nothing will annoy and frustrate customers then a website that fails to deliver on its promise. Like an entry to an actual physical retail location you should be able to see everything organized and easy-to-locate. This quality can be translated onto a website and the champions of e-commerce have learn to master this skill.
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