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article imageOp-Ed: Addressing security holes, vulnerabilities and mitigation tactics

By Anthony Carranza     Jul 16, 2014 in Technology
The year 2014 has been characterized as problematic due to a fairly rising number of cyber-attacks, data breaches and incidents around security vulnerabilities.
Much of the efforts were once concentrated on continually coming up with new ways of designing simplified product solutions for customers, making enhancements or added features. The negligence and a natural consequence once a security incident takes place the mitigation strategies were not factored or even foreseeable into the daily operations of the business.
Corporations, businesses or startups face unprecedented opportunities to flourish along with challenges in the forefront of a complex hacking internet online world. To get started in the right direction it is necessary to have a robust security team or Software as a Service (SaaS) security tool. This enables and arms the enterprise to easily find, identify, fix and patch the source code for your application or website.
Checkmarx — a company founded in 2006 that pioneers the concept of query language-based solution — identifies technical and logical code vulnerabilities. In other words, the service has the functionality and ability to find the security issues within an application’s source code and enable organizations to introduce security into their Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).
Query language — also known as a computer programming language — can be utilized to retrieve information from a database. It is basically an avenue or a means of retrieving records or parts of a record by performing certain calculations.
The SDLC, also referred as the application development life-cycle-can be described as a process that allows for planning, creating, testing and deploying an information system. Typically the SDLC applies to a wide range of hardware and software configurations that can have software only, hardware only, or a combination of both.
Taking the necessary preventative measures to fix the software’s weaknesses is one of the many chores to do in terms of optimal security. The Heartbleed security flaw exposed the millions of websites that used the open Source OpenSSL encryption tool. Companies have to or should beef up their security initiatives in order to create a more robust security-driven platform.
According to a report addressing software security flaws “Ideally, a company would check each of these vulnerabilities against the open source software packages it uses, plus against the open source software used inside commercial packages, and even against pieces of code that their own programmers copied off the Internet.”
To make the life of developers and the security team easier integrate into your security strategy a piece of software that enables you to locate the issues and fix the vulnerabilities right away. Checkmarx is used by cutting-edge companies like Samsung, Salesforce.Com and Liveperson. In addition, they service important government agencies (the United States (U.S) Army) and Coca Cola as their clients.
What can the Checkmarx solution bring to your company? The major features include an easy-to-use interface that scans uncompiled code that does it in a sophisticated and accurate fashion. Furthermore, it covers major scripting and coding languages in demand in the market today.
Key advantages of a security solution like Checkmarx’s can be:
• Vulnerability fixing by up to 75 percent
• Less than one hour installation and immediate scan
• A patented Virtual Compiler technology scanning of un-compiled and un-built- source code
• Ability to detect vulnerabilities in the early stages
• Full integration with the SDLC
Security holes and critical vulnerabilities do not seem to go away. Time and time again the reports of a security flaw comes in waves because of the sophisticated level of hacking and the detrimental cyber-attacks. In a recent report by a vulnerability was showed to be in the WordPress newsletter plug-in that can allow a potential attacker to hijack a blog and gain full control of it.
The developers or the team responsible for the creation of new software products have to be mindful of the security aspects. It is easy to come up with a revolutionary product, but then face serious backlash and damage control if the product does not have a suitable level of protection. Everyone is in it together to succeed in today’s very connected Internet business ecosystem.
Take as much time needed to produce a piece of software that not only serves the profitability gain. The loss of information, the interception of sensitive data all come with a costly price and cyber attackers want it for institutional and financial gain. You want to carefully implement a close to flawless security system and not have digress a large part of your organization’s work or effort from the core business goals.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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