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article imageResearchers create fastest network in the entire world

By Walter McDaniel     Aug 1, 2014 in Technology
Researchers with the University of Denmark say that they have created the fastest network in the world, at 43 terabits per second, which would allow you to download full movies in around .2 milliseconds.
According to reports from Extreme Tech this transfer happened over a single fiber optic wire.
Twenty-six terabits was the original record broken back in 2011 when a team put this data through another single wire. Now other scientists shattered that record. Companies have no plans to bring any of these networks to the public despite the fact that Extreme Tech and others are pushing the possibility. We've been able to bring these speeds to the public for years and it has not happened.
Even among the fastest areas of the world the speeds we get are a tiny fraction of what producers could put out. While the average user does not need the top speeds a few who dabble in the top sectors of computing could actually benefit from terabyte downloads.
Many are banking on Google Fiber bringing the speeds up but they will only putting through around 1 gigabyte a second. Subscribers who need an incredibly fast connection can actually link up with faster networks if you have some personal connections.
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