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article imageQualcomm aims to triple Wi-Fi speed

By Sean Fraser     Apr 7, 2014 in Technology
New York - The Fortune 500 company is looking to sell new chips to router manufacturers that could increase wi-fi speeds up to three times as part of a new approach to wireless accessible devices.
Qualcomm made its announcement April 4 regarding the new technology that would increase the speed of wi-fi routers to allow multiple devices connected to that router run faster.
Wi-fi, or wireless fidelity, networks work by cycling through different users, only allowing one device to work at a time.
"On a network like this, streaming or video chatting can be like sitting in the driver's seat at rush hour: you'll get to your destination, but it's going to take some time," Qualcomm said in a statement.
Their new technology, called "MU-MIMO" (Multi-user, multiple input, multiple output), allows multiple users to receive transmitted data using algorithms that change on the fly to adapt to levels of usage.
Qualcomm likened their new technology to "using the carpool lane: the Wi-Fi Highway doesn't change, but grouping up with other users lets you go much faster while de-congesting the other lanes."
Qualcomm hopes to use their new technology in their plan for software that links several home devices together and allow them to communicate with one another. The move is a departure from the company's traditional activities, such as manufacturing microprocessors and radio chips.
Last year, the Wi-Fi Alliance, an organization dedicated to ensuring the usage and function of wi-fi networks certified new, faster technology, dubbed 802.11ac. The faster technology was used in 19 routers, access points, and smartphones, and doubled the available output to a theoretical 1.3 Gigabits per second.
That's enough to download an entire HD movie in around four minutes.
Qualcomm plans to spend the next few months testing the new tech, with plans to ship to customers early next year.
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