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article imageOp-Ed: Technology at the forefront of stopping digital piracy

By Simon Crompton     Sep 17, 2014 in Technology
Traditional watermarks were added to documents to prove they were authentic, Digimarc has introduced an electronic version of the watermark to authenticate eBooks.
This technology works by adding the digital watermark to the eBook when it is bought and it works with most popular eBook formats. Digimarc then monitors the web and flags pirated content, notifying the publisher that their document is available online.
So far, publisher Harper Collins and eBook distributor LibreDigital have signed up with the new program.
"We view Digimarc Guardian Watermarking as a compelling solution for our customers to help protect their intellectual property and assets," Tyler Ruse, General Manager at LibreDigital, told CNN. "It's cost-effective, can be implemented quickly and doesn't interfere with the end-user reading experience. Most importantly, Digimarc has the reach to deliver this service on a global basis with very little impact on logistics."
The Digimarc Guardian provides the publishers with a powerful tool to find and stop electronic piracy while protecting their revenues. It allows the content to be traced to its distributing website. This information can be used to either stop digital piracy, directly or can be used to improve distribution methods to keep unauthorized content from being released. These methods are still easily circumventable, and websites like provide a great service in copying eBooks and other related documents.
Digimarc claims that the watermark itself contains no personal information about the purchaser of the eBook, but also allows for the inclusion of information to the watermark. This information can include customer name and date of purchase. During each transaction, a unique watermark is created and applied to the eBook. This watermark is very difficult for pirates to locate and remove. It is invisible to the end user and will only show up when using specialized software used by Digimarc. The watermark makes it easier for pirated copies of eBooks to be identified and the piracy can be traced back to the source of the unauthorized release.
Eraj Siddiqui, President of Digimarc Guardian, said "Digimarc Guardian Watermarking is a natural extension and complement to our web crawling and enforcement services, providing publishers and distributors with a full-circle solution for protecting revenues and the rights of content owners.”
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