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article imageGraphic design and note-taking in one: Notegraphy app

By Jenna Cyprus     Jan 20, 2015 in Internet
The developer and design brains behind OmmWriter, the immensely serene and minimalistic desktop typing app, have created a mobile and web-based app called Notegraphy.
It is an inspirational utility designed to help you write small snippets of text accompanied by beautiful pre-set designs. You'll also get to share your writing and custom presentations as images posted on popular social media websites.
With so many apps out there that focus on photo sharing, it's quite refreshing to find a creation tool that revolves around making text look beautiful. Notegraphy files are quite small, and will only display short snippets of text, making them perfect for collecting quotes and jotting down thoughts. You can even use this app for some decorative, outside-the-box creation ideas, such as: a digital recipe box, holiday e-cards, and slogans for print.
Emphasizing Brevity
Notegraphy seems to really focus on brief messages, so they're perfect for those honing their 150-character Tweet limitations. The text should be short enough for someone to view within a single mobile screen-sized image. So Notegraphy doesn't seem to be ideal for those who wish to publish long-form content. Some examples that might work well on the Notegraphy platform include brief reminders, personal mottos, inspirational messages, or daily proverbs. You can choose to make your Notegraphy posts multiple pages long, however your followers will only initially see the first page of your post unless they manually flip through the pages.
Explore The Styles
Notegraphy comes with a slew of beautiful styles that range from ornate to minimalistic. Each style comes with it's own sub-style customizations, which change the color schemes and drop cap options. The preview of your note updates live as you cycle through the styles, so that you can quickly choose the best way to present your note. Cycle through the app's design gallery and choose the style that best suits your message.
Get Your Writing Out There
So now it's time to start publishing your notes. Add brief subject tags, so that other Notegraphy users can find relevant content. Next, decide which social media platforms you'd like to share your notes on. Supported networks include Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Pages, Instagram, and Tumblr. You can also enable comments within the Notegraphy system, so that others can share their feedback on your notes. If you're shy, you can elect to set the note as "Private," so that no one else can see it. Finally, you can back up all of your notes to your camera roll or to your Evernote account.
Since these images can be saved to your camera roll, it is possible to print them later. This opens up an entirely new realm of possibilities, allowing you to make fliers, scrapbooking pieces, and posters out of your favorite notes.
The company has even added a Business section to their style offerings, so that companies can create stunning, branded graphics complete with slogans and announcements. These can make eye-catching additions to email and social media campaigns. The visual nature of Notegraphy posts makes it easy to get company messages out to your followers.
Seasonal Treats
Notegraphy periodically updates their styles section with unique styles that are only accessible for a limited period of time. For example, they launched a Skulls collection just in time for October, so that you can publish your dark musings and ideas. Additional Halloween themes will be released, once users vote on their favorite monster styles.
Based on their consistent seasonal activity, it's likely that Notegraphy will continue to treat its users with these limited-time styles.
Get Inspired
Not sure what you want to write? Well you can quickly gain inspiration by perusing other user submissions. Just hit the "Explore" button and you'll be able to thumb through inspirational, humorous, and storytelling categories. Or you can hone your search by typing in the name of a specific user or tag. Notegraphy makes it extremely easy for you to find short pieces of content and design to get inspired by.
Notegraphy is a compelling and free note-taking app that blends form and functionality. Unlike other utilitarian note apps, you're able to stylize your text with a huge library of pre-set templates. Notegraphy also makes it easy for you to instantly publish these thoughts, so that your social media followers can view your creations.
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