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article imageNextVR brings live 360° virtual reality content to mobile phones Special

By Matt Terndrup     Sep 30, 2014 in Technology
Los Angeles - In Laguna Beach, California, on the edge of the Crescent Bay, is a technology company called NextVR that is working on a platform that will fundamentally alter the way individuals view sports games and music events in the future.
The rise of virtual reality is accompanied by live 360 degree video systems. Media, sports, music, and technology companies are all exploring the capabilities of pairing virtual reality headsets with complex camera systems to create an immersive experience allowing the user to feel like they have been transported to another place in the world entirely.
One of the companies at the forefront of this technology is NextVR. With decades of filming knowledge and a specialized team of experts, NextVR is looking to bring virtual reality content from filmmakers to everyday smartphones through a partnership with Samsung and Oculus Rift. This makes them one of, if not, the first company to approach the exciting industry of live 360 degree camera broadcast technology on a consumer ready level for virtual reality. Already they have 17 patents related to this industry, which puts them several steps ahead of the rest.
With their customized platform, people will be able to tune into sports games and music concerts by wearing virtual reality headsets allowing them to watch these types of events like never before.
Recently, NextVR has been in “stealth mode” like a lot of players in the VR industry. This is because NextVR has been working extremely hard to bring this amazing ortho-stereoscopic technology to the public sphere and has been actively involved in many projects centered around 360 degree broadcasting technology.
When dealing with camera technology of this scale, video file sizes can reach multiple Terabytes in a raw format. This is great for A-list filmmakers and directors who release full length motion pictures, but trying to broadcast this amount of uncompressed information would eat up anyone’s data plan. However, NextVR’s system can encode that data on the fly and has the ability to stream it through a 4G LTE network straight to a person’s phone.
Individuals who purchase a head mounted display (HMD) like the upcoming Gear VR will be able to open up an app or insert a micro SD card and start streaming live 360 degree content in an instant. Not only will people be able to turn their heads giving them a sense of presence making them feel like they are actually there, but those individuals will be able to jump in from different angles. For instance, at a music venue, individuals can choose if they want to see the activity going over by the drummer or perhaps tune into a spot where the lead singer is. Passionate fans who aren’t able to physically attend will still have the option to feel like they are actually there.
Even further, at baseball games, viewers could peer into the dugout or step behind the batter’s plate. Not only is this technology great for football, basketball, hockey, and tennis games as well, but a wide variety of other sports leagues will find this useful too.
What makes NextVR’s platform great for sports is the interactive features that will be integrated into the system. For example, additional replays and stats can be swiped into view with a simple hand gesture giving the user a unique perspective that wouldn’t be able to be accomplished while watching a standard television broadcast.
As of now, big league sports companies are interested in the field of 360 degree video capture and broadcasting. Music venues and media companies are also intrigued with this type of platform as well.
Filmmakers of all kinds are excited about the future of entertainment and how it will interface with emerging camera technology and head mounted virtual reality displays.
In the upcoming months, Samsung will release their mobile Gear VR product into the market that interfaces with the Galaxy Note 4.
More updates from NextVR will be coming soon! So be on the lookout for what they do next, and check out their website to learn more.
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