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New weighing scale promises a smarter kitchen

By Nicole Weddington     Mar 26, 2014 in Technology
As a flood of new products hits the market with capability to at least be partially controlled from smart phones or other mobile devices, one product preparing to launch hopes to solve a simple yet often frustrating domestic problem.
A new kitchen scale device called Drop is almost ready to launch and its developers hope to see their product become one that comes to the rescue when the user is faced with a common meal preparation problem.
The developers pose the question: “Is there anything more irritating than getting halfway through a recipe, and then suddenly discovering you don’t have quite enough of a certain ingredient?” They go on to say that while going out for more is always an option, Drop would eliminate the need.
“If you’d rather not make another trip to the store next time this happens, check out the iPad connected Drop kitchen scale,” the developers suggest.
While the concept of the smart kitchen scale is not unique, the developers of Drop say that their product takes the concept of the smart scale a step further. “Drop has the unique ability to recognize when you’ve finished weighing one ingredient and are ready to add the next, and can instantly adjust the quantities for your favorite recipe based on the amount of ingredients you have left,” they said.
If the user is completely missing an ingredient, the app can even suggest one or two substitutes that will yield similar results. It helps ensure that the ratio of ingredients remains constant so recipes turn out right.
It's the kind of gadget that would look great on one of those stainless steel countertops sold by Countertop Investigator.
One of the co-founders of drop got her inspiration for developing the device when he saw his sister struggling with a recipe. She had a hard time determining how much she needed of each ingredient and found that she didn't have a few of them on hand in the first place.
After doing a little research, he found that these problems were common for the home cook, so he put together a design team and set them the task of developing a solution. Within months the prototype for Drop was complete.
There are other scales that work in tandem with mobile apps. Drink mixing scales are one such application. Drop is the first one to take the concept off the bar and put it in the kitchen.
“It’s a pretty brilliant idea, especially when you consider how crucial exact measurements can be in certain recipes,” the developers said.
Drop is not yet available for purchase or pre-order, but a visit to the company website leads consumers to a page where they can be notified via email as soon as the product is available for sale.
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