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Muzik finally unveils the smart headphone

By Nicole Weddington     Dec 25, 2014 in Technology
It has been a long trip getting the “world’s first smart headphones” from concept to production. The real question is has it been worth the wait?
The first time we had heard of Muzik Smart Wireless Headphones was in an article in PC magazine in mid-2013. Although the magazine got the release date wrong, by a year, it did hit the nail on the head as far as what the headphones promised to do.
“While the music industry has seen its challenges, technological advances have also created a world of opportunity, which Muzik is seizing to create an entirely new category,” founder and CEO Jason Hardi said in a statement. “Headphones will never again just be for listening to music or talking on the phone — our headphones will improve the way we socially discover, share, listen [to] and experience music.”
About the headphones
Sharing your music on Facebook and Twitter had never sounded so easy. Although all of the features where there, the company had issues raising the necessary capital to get the project off of the ground.
A $10 million funding campaign fixed that issue and Muzik has rolled out its ‘on-ear’ headphones just in time for the holidays.
The design of the headphones is both aesthetically pleasing and convenient. Wireless, of course, and all of the capacitive touch controls are on the side of the headset. With a swipe of your finger, you can adjust the volume, change the music track, share with your friends on social media and you have four customizable hot keys and motion sensors to give you unlimited options.
• High-definition audio
• Voice command
• Long-range wireless (45 feet) capabilities
• One-touch phone answering and social sharing
• Two microphones (one on each earpiece)
• All controls are located on side of headset
“We are not another headphone company in the audio space,” said John Cawley, CSO of Muzik, in an interview. “We are a wearable technology company making smart headphones and accessories. Jason's vision is genius and we were singularly focused on joining the ranks of the world's most innovative companies -- Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nike and Samsung -- in one of today's hottest sectors, wearable technology and connected devices.”
Connectivity is where the Muzik headphones really shine. The Muzik Connect App is designed to make your listening and sharing as easy and intuitive as possible. Once you have set up your hot keys and preferences in the app, you can share and listen from your headphones.
The Muzik on-ear headphones retail for $299. The ease of use and features firmly establish these headphones as a top-tier choice. Music and voice quality are top-notch and worth the cost.
The range of features will thrill the technophile and quality will encourage its use among music lovers. Social media users will be able to share their music choices with friends and companions, either through social media platforms or via email. All with simple, customizable controls.
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