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article imageMoboRobo offers all-in-one package for managing mobile devices

By Adam Dawson     Nov 26, 2014 in Technology
In today’s day and age, it’s become the norm to own a smart phone or tablet. These devices are so crucial to our day-to-day, allowing us to check emails, message others, and watch videos while on-the-go.
With so much information at our fingertips, it becomes hard to manage, or even keep track of all the data used and stored on mobile devices. For Android users specifically, backing up data and media can be stressful. Luckily, there is a slew of Android PC Suite software in the market, all made with the intention to solve this problem.
MoboRobo is an Android sync software that strives to go above and beyond by providing consumers with an all-in-one management tool. In its short lifespan, the company has released a multitude of products which include a video player, EBook reader, and app marketplace. Each of these is completely free, simple, and built with the intention of making the lives of Android users easier.
In order to access a device, it must be plugged into a PC that has MoboRobo installed. From there, users have complete access to a wealth of tools that’ll help them organize media and conserve data. For instance, if you’re coming dangerously close to exceeding your data limit for the month, but want to download some new apps, just do it on your PC using MoboRobo’s built-in resource, which includes tons of free apps, wallpapers, ringtones, and themes . Then, just import the apps from your PC to your plugged-in Android device and within moments, they’ll be usable without using up your data.
In addition, the software also allows you to backup contacts, messages, call history, images, music, movies etc. This eliminates the painstaking process of manually retrieving all of the content on old mobile devices, and relieves some of the stress that comes from losing or breaking a phone. When the time comes to get a new device, all you need to do is plug it into the PC storing your backed-up data, and everything can either be manually or automatically synced to it.
Another nifty feature is the ability to send text messages from your PC. With your Android device connected to your computer, you can message anyone in your contacts list. Instead of having to constantly check your phone when focused at your computer, this feature allows you to manage all phone conversations on your PC. There is also a call feature which enables hands-free voice conversations, leaving your hands free to click and type.
Recently, MoboRobo celebrated its 2-year anniversary by releasing an update for MoboMarket. The update, called MoboMarket 3.0, not only added a new, slick-looking user interface, but also threw in some new features. One of which is as a geo-based recommendation system that pushes content to user devices depending on their location. This can also alert you of deals, bringing them directly to your fingertips, and saving you the time you would’ve spent searching.
In its short existence, MoboRobo has made quite a splash, easing the lives of Android users all around the world. The company doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon and will continue improving on itself to make Android owners happy with more innovative updates and products. You can find downloads for MoboRobo around the web, but your safest bet would be downloading it from the site.
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