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MIT builds drones to provide lighting for pictures

By Ryan Hite     Jul 11, 2014 in Technology
Boston - Lighting for pictures is a very complex process that takes a lot of time, but MIT researchers are finding a way to use drones to help set up and shoot photos faster and easier.
MIT is designing a way to use lighting for pictures and they are using drones to capture this lighting. It uses a single lightweight UAV to produce “rim lighting,” an effect in which the edge of the subject being photographed is lit well. It will be launched in August at a technology symposium.
The system allows photographers to set the width they want of the border on the subject, after which the drones take the appropriate place to create that effect with its on-board light. It can even adjust its own position in real-time in response to moves made by the subject which requires a delicate sensitivity to light. It can be operated by humans or by computers.
Manohar Srikanth, system co-designer, notes that the drone can compensate for the photographer’s movements by providing the computer controlled by a drone with a sample image to help it update its own position. These pictures aren’t actually stored on the camera’s memory card, but are instead streamed and bypass local storage, which would require a large amount of space.
Future versions of the system will incorporate a large number of drones working in unison to provide more complex lighting without the usual breakdown and reset required when trying to do the process with stands. This could cut down on labor costs and shoot time, which could greatly reduce the cost of professional photo shoots.
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