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Misfit Wearables jumps under the sheets w/ Beddit Sleeping System

By Matt Terndrup     Jul 10, 2014 in Technology
Two up-and-coming wearable sensor companies introduces a platform that can measure sleep cycles, heart rate, ambient sounds, and even snoring.
The ultra-thin, paper-like device rests underneath the sheets, directly on top of a mattress. Information is then sent seamlessly via bluetooth to a smartphone in the house. With that data, one can assess the patterns of daily and weekly sleeping trends. The sleeper can even play soothing sounds and set an alarm to wake them up in their lightest stage of sleep.
For only $149 and an iPhone, a user can gain valuable insight to their sleeping schedules helping them steer them closer towards continuous well-rested nights of peace and quiet. This combination of sleek, almost-undetectable hardware and beautiful software analytics brings in a nice partnership between the two sensor system companies. Both Misfit Wearables and Beddit have, over the years, developed a unique science behind personal health and fitness data monitoring that when integrated together produces a remarkable way to learn about the mechanics of how we sleep.
The Misfit Beddit Sleep System help to monitor sleeping schedules  nightly heart rate  and can set a...
The Misfit Beddit Sleep System help to monitor sleeping schedules, nightly heart rate, and can set an alarm to wake the user up. Analytics are found via a smartphone connection.
Misfit Beddit Sleep System
Stories of how this device helps individuals all across the world will undoubtedly start popping up. Athletes who need specified sleeping schedules will be able to track their progress. Curious people everywhere will see if the data works for them. And although Misfit Wearables has disclaimer on their website stating that “Beddit is not a medical device and should not be used to diagnose or treat any medical conditions,” the healthcare monitoring potentials are still there. Elderly hospital patients in the future will be able to know if any disturbances in heart-rate happened the night before with devices like this. In addition, systems similar to this could also turn into a baby checking platform that eases the minds of concerned parents letting them know that their child is sleeping soundly and safely.
Now, the focus on this release is on sleep, but the integration of multiple devices and sensors shows that Misfit and Beddit are slightly stepping into the complex network of the so-called “Internet of Things.” Whether or not the sensor companies are conscious of the direction they are travelling in is another conversation that can be had later. Regardless of which, the Beddit Sleep Monitor is essentially another node within a household that can be controlled via a smartphone. This puts them in the realm of the Home-Area-Network (HAN) that other sensors companies like Nest, broadcasting providers like Comcast, and even entertainment giants like Sony, are embedded deeply into.
The internet-connected theromstat by Nest (who was bought out by Google for over $3 billion) is anot...
The internet-connected theromstat by Nest (who was bought out by Google for over $3 billion) is another example of a device that monitors data inside the house.
Ramsey Mohsen
Each company is positioning a foot inside the house, ready to add more products that will assist the people living there in various different ways. This includes being able to change the temperature of the an internet-connect thermostat, turning off lights from a distance, locking the front door, setting up a pot of coffee to brew in the morning, and even waking up a person at the perfect time to get to work.
What Misfit and Beddit has already accomplished with this platform is the addition of a personal health-and-fitness based layer onto the well-connected Internet-of-Things that is found embedded inside the far-reaching Home-Area-Network.
With the Misfit Beddit Sleep System, you will be able to rest better, and dream bigger knowing that all your devices will soon be intertwingled together allowing you to control them with the press of a button.
To find out more about the Beddit Sleep Monitoring system, visit the Misfit Wearables’ website. Additional information can also be found through this blog post and directly on Beddit’s site as well. Purchasing of the device can be done online.
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