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KT Marking launches 2014 fiber laser system

By Michael Essany     Jul 18, 2014 in Technology
KT Marking has just announced the official launch of its latest Fiber Laser Marking System. The company's 2014 model features a frame system that covers the fiber laser machine, an improvement that protects eyes from laser damage during production.
The news comes courtesy Rex Hang, foreign trade manager and spokesman for Wuxi Kuntai Automation Co., Ltd. the parent company of AKA and KT Marking.
A laser marking machine is a device which can create permanent marks (such as logos, names, serial numbers, bar codes, and other marks) on various products.
Specifically, a fiber laser is one in which the active gain medium is an optical fiber outfitted with rare-earth elements including but not limited to neodymium, dysprosium, erbium, ytterbium, praseodymium, and thulium.
The laser marking industry has proliferated over the last decade. Almost every industry requires traceability for an increasing number of manufactured products and components, and laser marking has solved many of these requirements due to the inherent flexibility, speed, reliability, and ease-of-use of laser systems when compared to conventional marking techniques.
“A picture of the laser industry's health is emerging now that we are in the midpoint of 2014, as first-quarter reports from leading industrial laser product manufacturers have been published,” says David Belforte, chief editor of Industrial Laser Solutions.
“As expected, the financial news is mixed — just as it is for companies in other manufacturing sectors,” Belfote explains. “IPG Photonics led in performance with a 22-percent growth in fiber laser revenues, Coherent revenues for industrial lasers grew 19 percent on sales for glass cutting equipment for smartphones, and Jenoptik and GSI were up 18 and 5.4 percent, respectively, on sales for microprocessing. On the downside, Rofin-Sinar (arguably number three in industrial lasers) dropped by 9 percent, as sales of macro-processing lasers underperformed but fiber laser sales began to ramp up. Newport had a strong quarter overall, but the industrial line dropped by 4 percent, and ESI had a tough quarter in the semiconductor market with revenues down by 33 percent —same with Ultratech at -47% in the same sector.”
Although many different laser types and several different laser wavelengths have been and are being used across a myriad of markets and industries, fiber lasers in particular have seen a dramatic increase. The benefits of fiber laser technology are well known and well documented: it's a fast and clean technology that is rapidly replacing older laser technologies.
Direct laser marking has now become a common process in many industries today. It offers a non-contact, abrasion-resistant, permanent laser mark onto almost any type of material. High speed, high precision, micro laser marking and/or laser engraving of part information, readable alpha-numerics, barcodes or Data-Matrix, serial numbers, corporate logos, etc. are possible on a wide range of component parts.
Frequently, fiber laser marking systems not only mark, but offer laser engraving and laser machining capabilities, including thin material cutting, scribing and material removal.
Laser marking systems can make very precise, clean marks on both metals and plastics, at high speeds, making them suitable for most manufacturing processes. They can also be used for engraving, a similar process, but one that alters the part’s surface, leaving a mark that can be both seen and felt.
KT Marking is the professional manufacturer of dot peen marking machines and laser marking systems for quality control, automatic identification, and permanent traceability for both metallic and plastic components.
Thousands of KT Marking models have been installed worldwide. The company supplies the industrial marking equipment as well as verification solutions for production lines, stand-alone operations, and portable applications.
According to company spokesmen, the KT Marking 2014 model features one button control as well as automation of the frame glass which operates automatically. In addition, its compact structure ensures that the machine is stable. This model is equipped with a 20 watt fiber laser generator and high speed marking capabilities.
"This fiber laser marker can accommodate a variety of materials, including metals," Hang said. "Also, LED solutions for laser focusing render the machine very easy to use."
The new model is ISO9001:20008, CE certificate approved. Featuring the latest 12-inch touch screen industrial PC, it also comes with a two-year free warranty.
KT Marking, the winner of six awards dating from 2003 to 2013, has developed this latest product in part to accommodate specialized customer needs for unique applications.
KT Marking's newest product is the latest in a line of products known for high quality at a competitive price. And they’re expected to contribute significantly to the overall industry growth for fiber laser solutions in the coming months.
“Overall globally,” Belfote concludes, “welding and cutting remain the major markets for industrial lasers in the macro sector, while marking is still the major one in micro laser applications — although pricing pressure makes this market less attractive. And for the remainder of 2014, we expect that fiber lasers at all power levels will continue to drive growth in the industrial sector.”
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