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article imageHow smart guns change the gun control debate forever

By Walter McDaniel     Aug 7, 2014 in Technology
Smart guns have ignited a firestorm of debate between both sides of the gun rights conflict. Now tensions are rising and citizens are calling for action on smart gun laws.
German designer Ernst Mauch designed some of the most famous weapons in the world over his career, including the Heckler & Koch HK416. He is now facing pressure from advocates who view the gun as a threat to the Second Amendment.
For anyone who follows comics or saw either Judge Dredd movie the concept here is the same as with the Lawgiver. Only instead of being tied to a genetic signature the gun uses a dark, waterproof watch. Each watch is specific to the weapon and the gun will only fire if you have it.
Technically the process could work with any sort of weapon. We already have locking sheathes for knifes and theoretically a wristband identifier could be tied to these weapons as well.
Right now their flagship model is the Armatix iP1 pistol. It fires .22 LR caliber bullets in a 10-round magazine. When the gun is ready to fire a green light comes on. If the watch does not properly send the signal a red light comes on and the gun locks up.
Law enforcement officers and lobbyists have been quick to point out that the setup runs on batteries. If either the gun-mounted battery dies or the watch stops working a gun cannot be fired. As such law enforcement officers do not want to use them as an uncharged battery could remove access to their weapon.
Unfortunately this does not solve the problem of stolen guns. If a criminal steals both your gun and watch then they can fire the weapon. Therefore the idea is to keep the gun and watch separate, with the watch on your person at all times so that if your weapon gets stolen it will be of no use to the criminal.
So far these models are not becoming popular in America and according to the Motley Fool this is for a number of reasons. One is that some see it as a threat to their gun rights, others see them as unreliable and the price is high ($1,399+$399 watch).
Another reason is that in New Jersey both sides dislike the concept of a smart gun. Supporters on the right dislike it for the reasons mentioned earlier. Leftist advocates of gun control say that it will add to increased gun ownership.
While unions such as these are unusual it came about due to a gun law which would force gun store owners to only sell smart guns. Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg has considered repealing the law if the NRA backs down on their stance against smart guns.
Despite individual areas the response so far has been clear, gun control advocates love the device and think gun rights advocates are "Dumb". Celebrities such as John Stewart have also criticized the NRA for being against smart guns.
According to a report in the Rutland Herald hatred for these weapons has grown so severe that those selling them have received hate mail and death threats. Anger from both sides has reached a peak so citizens of each country will soon have to decide whether smart guns are right for them.
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