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article imageGoPro Hero 5 release date reportedly pushed back to early 2016

By Jenna Cyprus     Sep 11, 2015 in Technology
Fans of the GoPro Hero are going to have to wait a little longer for the release of the new GoPro Hero 5. This after there was considerable speculation that the newest version would be available in October — just in time for holiday shopping.
GoPro Hero 5 to wait until 2016
What started as rumor seems to have more truth to it than people are willing to admit. According to reports, the Hero 5 is delayed because creators are applying additional upgrades and features to the device, as well as making some last minute tweaks to ensure the camera truly stands out as the most sophisticated, extreme-action videography tool on the market. Sources say it will be at least early January before the Hero 5 is on the market.
Those with inside information claim the upcoming device will be smaller in size and lighter in weight, making it easier to carry around and attach to the body when surfing, snowboarding, and participating in other extreme activities. In fact, GoPro eventually wants to reach a size that’s ultimately 50 percent of the Hero 4.
The Hero 5 is reportedly equipped with 8K-video recording capabilities at full HD, meaning the recording resolution will be almost twice that of the Hero 4 Black. Other expectations include capturing 4K videos at 60 frames per second (fps), up from 30 fps on previous models. The device is also believed to be fully waterproof and functional at underwater depths of 60-100 feet. Sources also say consumers wont’ have to buy any additional accessories to use the Hero 5 underwater — everything will be built in.
"To top it off, the GoPro Hero 5 will probably come with a longer battery life,” Sean Farlow writes for Gazette Review. “The 2,800 mAh battery will provide two hours of video recording when fully charged. The Bluetooth feature will also be improved so that the upload speeds are faster than previous versions.”
There are also talks of the Hero 5 being capable of recording 3D video with a built-in dual lens. Different features will reportedly come with different models, which sticks with the company’s desire to offer devices at all price points. However, don’t expect the newest release to come cheap.
Prepare to Pay Close to $550
With all of those upgrades packed into the tiny Hero 5, customers can expect to pay a pretty penny to get their hands on one of the devices once they finally hit shelves. Speculation is that the price tag will hover somewhere around $550. That’s a far cry from previous versions that can now be purchased for as low as $129.99 in some stores.
Costly Delay for GoPro
While the delayed release may be an annoyance for customers, it’s a costly setback for GoPro as a company. With the holiday season approaching — a time in which GoPro typically sees a huge spike in sales numbers – GoPro appeared to be launching at just the right time. However, with the release date now pushed to 2016, the company will miss out on millions of dollars in sales during those all-important shopping months of November and December.
GoPro will certainly unload a lot of Hero 4’s, but savvy customers will be hesitant to pay for the current model when they know a newer device is just around the corner. This could be bad news for a GoPro stock that’s already been highly volatile since going public in June 2014.
Many wonder if GoPro can take another hit, and how much further shares could fall. “However, investors who believe that GoPro can maintain dominance of the action cam market while launching new products and services should consider picking up some shares,” Leo Sun writes for The Motley Fool. “The stock could certainly decline further from current levels, but I believe that it has considerable upside potential.”
Customers Will Need Some Patience
Customers who want to get their hands on a new Hero 5 will have to learn a little patience. The best-case scenario is likely a January release, while it could even be as late as February or March if additional tweaks are required. Even then, there will probably be some backorders in many markets.
The good news for GoPro is that they seem to have an incredibly advanced and sophisticated device that’s unlike anything else on the market. The bad news is that they’re missing out on the holiday rush and stretching the patience of their customers. Either way, the GoPro Hero 5 is destined to be a success.
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