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article imageGoogle Translate now lets you translate text in any Android app

By James Walker     May 13, 2016 in Technology
Google has rolled out an update to the Google Translate app on mobile devices. It adds a new feature that lets you use Google Translate within other apps on your phone so you don't need to copy-and-paste text from messaging threads into Translator.
The new update was announced by Google earlier this week. Tap to Translate is available on Android devices running 4.2 Jellybean and above and is compatible with all 103 languages supported by Google Translate.
When Translate is installed, a new Tap to Translate icon will appear inside apps where text is present. It floats around on top of the app in a similar way to Facebook Messenger's chat heads, letting you interact with Translate without bringing the app to the foreground.
When you need to translate some text, you can just copy it to the clipboard and tap the Translate icon. A Translate window appears over the active app and automatically displays the translation. You don't even need to paste in the text as Translate will pull it from the clipboard itself.
"Say hello to Tap to Translate on Android," said Google. "We know millions of you painstakingly copy-paste text between Google Translate and other apps. Now, you can just copy the text of a chat, comment, song lyric, etc. in whichever app you're using, and a translation will pop up right there - no need to switch apps."
Google also announced a couple of other improvements for Translate. The app's offline mode now uses much smaller language packs. They have been compressed by 90 percent to 25MB so they use less space on your phone. For the first time, offline mode is now available on iOS too.
Google Translate app update lets you translate text in any app without requiring copy-paste
Google Translate app update lets you translate text in any app without requiring copy-paste
Translate's Word Lens mode has been expanded to include support for Simplified and Traditional Chinese, the 29th language to be added to the feature. It lets you hold your phone up to an image, menu, sign or other printed text to get an instant translation. The translated text replaces the original in the image, taking its font and colour for a seamless translation.
The improvements will turn Google Translate into an even better tool for communicating with others who don't speak your language. Google has been working hard to make it easier to travel the world recently, adding a Destinations feature to its search app in March that highlights key places worldwide.
The company is rumoured to be launching another new app soon that will simplify finding new places to visit. Last month, screenshots of an unannounced app called Google Trips appeared online, letting you get one-tap advice on hotel reservations, flight itineraries, key attractions and transportation advice when going abroad.
Google now has over five travel products, Maps, Translator, Destinations, Flights, Hotel Ads and potentially also Trips. Its growing roster of services rivals existing apps such as Expedia, TripAdvisor, TripIt, guide finder Yelp Elites and one-click hotel booker HolidayMe.
The new Google Translate is available now in the App Store and on Google Play. Google said over nine in 10 of Translate's 500 million users live outside the U.S. The new features will make it easier to talk to people in these countries, integrating with Google's other services and eliminating the need to continually jump between apps.
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