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article imageE-paper sticky notes let you put information wherever you need it

By James Walker     Dec 1, 2015 in Technology
An innovative technology project seeking crowd-funding wants to create a modern-day alternative to the wads of paper sticky notes that litter desks worldwide. Smart Stickers are controlled from your phone and have month-long batteries.
The Smart Stickers project was created by Ivan Sanzhura. He sees the project as an alternative to traditional sticky notes and an idea that can be used to improve your workspace. The real-time 2.7-inch e-ink displays connect wirelessly to iOS and Android devices and display customisable widgets of information.
Widgets have already been created for new notifications, incoming messages, missed calls, notes and calendar reminders, news and weather alerts and updates to social media apps. They can easily be customised or created from scratch using a public API which will be opened to everyone, letting you create a widget for your favourite apps even if they aren't officially supported.
Smart Stickers - digital e-paper sticky notes
Smart Stickers - digital e-paper sticky notes
Smart Stickers
The idea is Smart Stickers can be used as always-on displays for the information that's most important to you. You don't need to worry about your attention being taken while you work as the e-paper display emits no light but always remains visible. It's the same technology as is used on e-readers.
Ivan Sanzhura, creator of the project, explained his vision to Digital Journal: "When I thought of Smart Stickers, I was inspired by real-time widgets like Apple Watch - and a possibility of their natural integration to smart home concepts. This idea could be developed much further, and small and affordable Smart Stickers are only the beginning for a new era where people can easily improve their workspaces and homes. Smart Widgets not only free your hands, but also give people time for the most important things in your life."
The widgets fit into a 3x5 grid of 15 segments on the Smart Sticker's display and can be customised and rearranged using the iOS and Android companion apps. Sanzhura said the project will come to other platforms in the future if the team begins to receive regular requests from fans.
The displays are powered by a 210mAh battery. It charges in two hours and lasts for over 30 days due to the e-paper black and white screens used. The e-paper also makes the panels look more like real sticky notes when in use and prevents the Smart Stickers from distracting you while working.
Smart Stickers - digital e-paper sticky notes
Smart Stickers - digital e-paper sticky notes
Smart Stickers
A vinyl magnet is provided which will let you attach a Smart Sticker to metal surfaces. Steel plates covered with double-sided tape can be used for other materials. Sanzhura acknowledged the feedback from backers that other kinds of casing could also be useful, saying the team is interested in creating housings that could let Smart Stickers be used in the shower.
Smart Stickers is currently seeking $75,000 in flexible funding on Indiegogo. There's still 26 days left on the campaign and the project has currently received around 10 percent of its goal. The displays are designed to be a cheap way to easily track notifications and data created by the world around you. They will retail at around $30.
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