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College student gets jail for changing grades to A's

By Megan Morreale     Mar 3, 2014 in Technology
Roy Sun, 25, was sentenced to 90 days in jail last week for computer tampering after he and two undergraduate classmates were accused of hacking into Purdue University's data system to change their grades to A's.
A $70,000-a-year electrical engineer straight out of college, Sun had reportedly changed D and F grades to A's. He also changed some of his girlfriend's A's to an A-plus, reported Gawker.
The Lafayette (Indiana) Journal & Courier reported:
Sun first hacked into a professor's computer account and changed his grade in 2008. He said he volunteered to be the guinea pig to see if he and fellow Purdue student Mitsutoashi Shirasaki would get caught. They didn't, which emboldened Sun.
"When I came back in 2009, I felt really arrogant," he said during the sentencing hearing. "I thought I was untouchable.
"It became so much easier to change my grades than going to class and working real hard."
So with the exception of one course, Sun quit attending classes his senior year and still received straight A's.
Sun was able to hack into the system by sneaking into professor's and administrator's offices to switch out usual keyboards with a key-logging version at the university. This record allowed him to collect their university usernames and passwords.
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