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article imageApple may have invented USB Type-C

By James Walker     Mar 15, 2015 in Technology
A major Apple blogger has revealed that the company is actually responsible for the creation of the new reversible USB Type-C standard. The tech giant then gave it to the relevant bodies to encourage larger adoption by other companies.
This means that the company cannot publicly claim to have created or invented USB Type-C as it is now an open standard usable by all. Major Apple blogger John Gruber revealed on the Talk Show podcast that the company had invented the port though, before giving it to the relevant standards body so that it could be used on devices worldwide.
Calling his informant a "little birdie," he explained that the politics require Apple to keep silent on their unknown invention. The company is not going to be able to confirm the reports.
Gruber said on the show: "I have heard, can’t say who, but let’s call them “informed little birdies”, that USB-C is an Apple invention and that they gave it to the standard bodies. And that the politics of such is that they can’t really say that. They’re not going to come out in public and say that. It is an Apple invention and they do want it to become a standard."
Unfortunately, the opaqueness of the standards bodies means that beyond that nothing more of significance is known. If true, Apple's decision is intriguing. Gruber suggests that Apple may use the connector in place of its proprietary Lightning dock in future but admits that it is hard to tell. Speculation is fueled by how USB Type-C does look a little reminiscent of Lightning.
The new MacBook features just a single USB Type-C connector on its all-metal body which is used for both power and data. The new port is more rounded than older USB connections and aims to eliminate the frustration of connecting USB devices with a reversible design.
Although not yet present on many devices, it is expected to become more prevalent in the near future as companies adopt it. Google confirmed earlier this week that it will be present on Android smartphones very soon. The truth behind Apple's identity as the creator of the standard may never be known, however.
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