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Security researchers have warned that a privilege-escalation bug found in the Linux operating system could be the "most serious" of its kind ever discovered. It has been present in the kernel for nine years and is being actively exploited by attackers.

Samsung allegedly bribed a man to stay silent about a Note 7 fire

Samsung allegedly tried to bribe a man not to report that his Note 7 exploded. In the wake of the company's massive recall of all Galaxy Note 7 devices, the company has been accused of trying to defend its reputation over the safety of its customers.

Microsoft stock soars to record high on back of Surface success

Microsoft's stock has reached an all-time high, breaking a record set in 1999, after its latest earnings report. The company shrugged off falls in revenue from smartphones and Xbox with exceedingly strong growth in cloud software and Surface computers.

iPhone 7 or Google Pixel: Comparing the smartphone flagships

Earlier this month, Google unveiled a smartphone that it hopes will begin to change the balance the power in the market. The class-leading Pixel is built to rival Apple's established iPhone 7. With each making similar claims, which is the phone to buy?

All new Tesla vehicles will have self-driving technology

Electric car maker Tesla Motors has announced that self-driving technology will now be part of every vehicle that it is producing.

Ontario plans to outlaw computer 'scalper bots'

Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi announced his government will introduce legislation in the spring that will outlaw computer scalper bots that are able to buy up a large number of tickets to concerts and sporting events as soon as they go on sale.

Opera adds a built-in VPN feature for secure web browsing

In its upcoming update, Opera is going to offer a new built-in virtual private network (VPN) to increase users' security during web surfing.

Company uses solar panel technology to make water from air

A Scottsdale, Arizona start-up company, Zero Mass Water has developed a system that uses solar panels to produce drinking water from the sun and air.

LeEco Le Pro 3 offers market-leading performance for $399

LeEco has become the latest Chinese smartphone manufacturer to announce its entry into the U.S. market with a budget flagship device. The Le Pro3 packs one of the fastest mobile processors available and a huge battery into a $399 package.

Nintendo's Switch is a hybrid console built for the masses

After months of teasing and hints, Nintendo has officially introduced its new games console. Now called the Switch, the device is a hybrid console for use at home and while on the go. It has wireless controllers and a built-in screen for mobile gaming.

World's most high-tech city revealed

A list of the world's leading centers for technology have been revealed. The city occupying the number one spot might come as a surprise (and it isn't San Francisco).

Amazon wins patent for pocket-sized, voice-controlled drone has won a patent for a voice-controlled, pocket-sized unmanned aerial vehicle assistant (UAV) that will be lighter, smaller, and less expensive than conventional UAVs.

Attackers turn off critical security system in Intel processors

A flaw in Intel's processors could allow attackers to bypass security mechanisms and inject malware into code, security researchers have warned. The technique works on almost every operating system and enables more effective software exploits.

You could soon be buying your broadband from Amazon

Amazon is reportedly considering becoming a broadband provider in Europe. The company wants to resell internet services to Prime subscribers, enabling it to further diversity its product range. A U.S. launch is unlikely due to network restrictions.

BBC micro:bit to teach 'hundreds of millions' to code

The BBC has handed over control of its micro:bit mini-computer to a non-profit organisation that will promote it worldwide. For the first time, the tiny educational device will be available internationally, exposing "tens of millions" of children to code.

Report: Apple planning an e-ink keyboard for its 2018 MacBooks

Apple is working on a radical reimagining of the traditional keyboard that will see it replace ordinary key caps with tiny e-ink displays. The keyboard will be able to display characters in any language and switch to other modes, such as emoji input.

As First Lady, Melania Trump would combat social media negativity

If Donald Trump becomes the next president of the United States, his wife Melania said as first lady, she would like to do what she can about the effect of negativity on social media on children and help them combat such things as cyberbullying.

New model to improve security of cloud computing

Adding a cell structure to cloud-based computing provides a system that is resilient to external compromise and one that severely limits the ability of an attacker to further exploit the organization beyond the cell.

Wearable patch allows you to monitor your alcohol intake

An innovation in wearable health technology allows an individual’s blood alcohol levels to be measured, with the collected results transmitted to a smartphone.

Microsoft offers ad-free email with an address of your choice

Microsoft has quietly launched a subscription version of its email service in preview form. For $19.95 a year, customers get access to five personalised email addresses, an ad-free inbox and more advanced sharing options for online content.

Qualcomm unveils the first 5G modem, coming to phones in 2018

Smartphone chip manufacturer Qualcomm has announced the world's first 5G mobile modem. It offers transfer speeds far in excess of the current LTE standard, over 10 times faster than the best modems inside today's phones. Qualcomm aims for a 2018 launch.

HTTPS adoption reaches halfway mark, keeping users safe online

Last week, a milestone was reached in the use of HTTPS by websites and apps. For the first time, 50 percent of all page loads made by Firefox users were delivered over the secure HTTPS protocol. HTTPS prevents hackers tampering with website connections.

Facebook Messenger wants to help you find something to talk about

Facebook is preparing a new Messenger feature that will let the app suggest conversation topics to you. Messenger will guide you towards interesting discussions with your friends, keeping you engaged on the platform for longer and increasing app usage.

Microsoft warns iOS isn't as secure as you think

Microsoft has warned customers that iOS is no more secure than Android, contradicting commonly held beliefs about the relative security of the two platforms. The company said that recent attacks targeting iOS prove it's as vulnerable as Android.

Yahoo says it didn't disable email forwarding to stop you leaving

Yahoo has turned back on email forwarding, a week after switching it off without warning. Some critics have suggested the company did it deliberately to stop customers leaving after it revealed 500 million customer accounts were accessed back in 2014.

Op-Ed: 'Incredible failure of leadership': Apple scraps self-driving car

Apple has scrapped its long-rumoured self-driving car project, according to a credible report. The company had planned to launch "Project Titan" in 2019. However, internal in-fighting and catastrophic leadership failures have caused it to be abandoned.

Samsung tested its Note 7 batteries in-house

With Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 now completely recalled, investigations are continuing into how the flawed device made it to consumers in the first place. It has been revealed Samsung took responsibility for the battery testing, instead of third-party labs.

Op-Ed: Sonification — the major positives of turning data into music

Sonification is the process of turning data in to music. Each data element is given a musical value and an instrument to express itself. This often results in intriguing, good music.

Private space stations by 2020? Yes, it is possible

Two companies plan to launch personal habitat modules, capable of hosting space tourists, into orbit by the year 2020, opening up a new era in space travel and space tourism.

Underwater travel system by Hyperloop One closer to reality

Hyperloop One just got a little closer to making its vision of a high-speed transit system for cargo a reality. The Los Angeles-based start-up secured a $50 million investment from DP World, the third largest port and terminal operator in the world.

Ockel's 'desktop PC in a tablet' raises $100k in a day

A device claiming to be the world's most versatile mini PC is raking in thousands from its crowdfunding campaign. The Ockel Sirius A blends a tablet form factor with desktop PC functionality, giving you a full Windows experience in a mobile device.

Google, FB team up to build undersea cable from U.S. to Asia

Facebook and Google have teamed up to take part in the construction of a high-capacity internet cable connecting North America and Asia.

U.S. voter registration surged after Facebook posted reminders

For four days, Facebook put reminders to register to vote on the top of the News Feeds of American adults. The increase in voter registration during that time was dramatic.

Terahertz radiation could make computer memory 1,000 times faster

Researchers have discovered that the radiation emitted by terahertz waves could allow computer memory 1,000 times faster than current modules to be developed. The discovery has significant implications for the future of AI and machine learning.

Cancelled Microsoft Band 3 supported blood pressure monitoring

A week after Microsoft killed off its Band fitness wearable, leaked images of what could have been have appeared on the Internet. The Band 3 would have had even more sensors than the current model and been waterproof to enable swim tracking.

Samsung will pay you to return your Note 7

Samsung is now bribing Galaxy Note 7 owners to return their phone and switch to a different device. After suspending production and worldwide sales of the fire-prone handset, Samsung will now offer customers $100 credit towards a new phone.

Google's AI can now navigate the London Underground on its own

Google has successfully taught its DeepMind neural network to navigate the London underground. The system uses deep learning and external memory to make decisions, using a form of reasoning to allow itself to learn its way around the tube network.

Op-Ed: Pentagon confirms a new threat: ISIS using exploding drones

Two Kurdish fighters were killed this month after a small commercially available drone they had shot down exploded while they were attempting to disassemble the machine.

Amazon launches Music Unlimited: a budget-priced Spotify rival

Amazon has officially launched a new music streaming service, Amazon Music Unlimited, with a catalogue of "tens of millions" of songs. It enters a crowded market led by Spotify and Apple Music. Amazon already has one streaming provider, Prime Music.

HoloLens begins making headway, launches in six new regions

Microsoft's HoloLens is driving momentum for new mixed reality experiences. After launching the device in the United States and Canada earlier this year, Microsoft today announced HoloLens is coming to six new countries to expose more people to holograms.

iOS 10 is suddenly a lot more popular

Over 50 percent of compatible iPhones and iPads have been upgraded to iOS 10, according to an official statement from Apple. While uptake is impressive, it hasn't achieved the same momentum as last year's iOS 9. Some third parties are disputing this.
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