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When the time comes for your small business to make the jump to internet sales you will need a web store to simplify and secure transactions.

Op-Ed: Will Facebook ever make a dislike button?

With Facebook revealing during the company's Q and A that they are currently developing new buttons, the question of whether Facebook will ever introduce the highly controversial and requested dislike button comes to the forefront.

App that lets hackers break into iPhones just got scarier

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker, the app that some think hackers used to break into Kate Upton's iCloud account in September, just got a massive update that makes it even easier to steal information.

Google may already be working on an Android 5.0 Lollipop update

Android 5.0 Lollipop isn't even available for most Android phones yet, but Google may already be working on an update for the software.

NASA's Voyager 1 is riding a huge cosmic tsunami

NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft, the first and only object made by humanity to reach interstellar space is still riding a cosmic tsunami it hit in February, 2014.

U.S. Navy invents shark-like swimming robot

If it looks like a shark and swims like a shark, it may not actually be a shark you're seeing but rather the GhostSwimmer, a robot that resembles and swims like the ocean's greatest predator.

Here's the new BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry officially unveiled its new BlackBerry Classic phone on Wednesday, which CEO John Chen says he believes will turn the company around, according to CNBC.

Windsor startup brings wearable data-tracking to your earlobes

According to Forrester Research's 'Five Urgent Truths About Wearables', 2015 is shaping up to be a big year for wearable devices.

Op-Ed: The hot tech to look forward to in 2015

As with every year, 2015 will likely feature a ton of new updates to flagship tech. We'll probably see an iPhone 7, the Galaxy S6 and so forth. But 2015 will also see an influx of entirely new innovation bound to drop jaws.

This is what a $6,000 smartphone looks like

If you think $700 sounds like an expensive price for a smartphone, imagine paying $6,000. That's how much the new 88 Tauri smartphone from Tonino Lamborghini costs (via Engadget).

Apple 1 sells for $365,000

A fully operational Apple 1 computer has been sold at auction for $365,000. The computer was sold at auction house Christie's in New York.

Super K computer in action

The University of Tsukuba and Fujitsu recently won the 2014 HPC Challenge, which evaluates computing power. The university has released a video with the computer in action.

Leaked video on YouTube gives sneak peek of Windows 10

A video leaked on YouTube gives us a preview of what the latest build of Microsoft's next operating system, Windows 10 looks like.

Old Amazon app removed from Google Play still functional

Google updated its Developer Distribution Agreement to force Amazon to remove its official app that at last update added an app store. Amazon released a replacement app, but the old app and app store are functional as of the time of publishing.

Want to send something to the moon? Use MoonMail!

Private spaceflight company Astrobotic has launched a new service, MoonMail, that allows people to send an item of theirs to the moon's surface.

Google removed Amazon's app from the Play Store

The official Amazon app was removed from the Google Play store after Amazon let slip that the app features its own "hidden" app store.

Op-Ed: U.S. Navy Laser Weapons System 30kW of game changer, and it works

The new US Navy Laser Weapons System (LaWS) can knock out sea and air targets. Firings of the system in the Persian Gulf have shown it works very well indeed. 30KW is a little more powerful than your washing machine, but only a bit.

Op-Ed: Smartphones and tablets: Gift options for the holidays

Consumer technology is growing at a rapid pace and with numerous smartphones and tablets available with different features the question is which device is the best fit for the techie on my gift list?

The 'Apple of China' is now banned from selling phones in India

The Delhi High Court has banned Chinese tech startup Xiaomi from importing and selling smartphones in India after Ericsson claimed the company infringed on some of its patents, Indian intellectual property blog Spicy IP reports (via 9to5Google).

Vancouver startup creates interactive holographic room for RMH BC

Holograms in your living room. Interactive imaginary play pals in your child’s bedroom. Those are just some of the futuristic concepts that will soon become a reality if Vancouver, BC startup H+Technology has their way.

Scientists say spider-leg technology could give us 'Spidey sense'

Korean scientists are studying the miraculous abilities of spider legs, and the findings could lead to the people of the future saying "My Spidey sense is tingling."

Apple is fighting the release of a video of Steve Jobs

Apple's lawyers are doing everything they can to prevent the release of a video that shows Steve Jobs giving testimony, The Verge reports.

10 astonishing technologies on the horizon

As we all know, technology is developing at an incredible rate. As 2015 arrives, some developments are expected, others might be a bit more surprising.

Op-Ed: High-Tech Holidays, wireless Christmas lights are coming

When it comes to solving one of the most aggravating Christmas problems, a Kickstarter campaign for wireless Christmas lights may have the best answer.

Review: Sony Walkman evolves to take on high-res audio Special

Standalone music players are such a rarity these days that it might seem weird that Sony is still making them. But its new Walkman is something different — it's designed to play high-resolution audio files.

Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder busts Apple's garage origin myth

Co-founder of Apple Inc., Steve Wozniak, said in a recent interview to Bloomberg that the story of Apple initially working out of a garage was a myth.

IBM plans to use trashed laptop batteries to power poor villages

New technology that uses old laptop batteries to provide sustainable electricity could be offered free to the world's poor.

Samsung's next major Galaxy phone could feature bigger screen

Two of the most noticeable improvements we may see in Samsung's Galaxy S5 successor could be in its screen and camera, if a new leak turns out to be accurate.

Woman controls 48 pools of water with her mind

An artist manipulates 48 pools of water with her mind. She is able to manifest her emotions into vibrations and movement with a machine called the Eunioa II.

Drug companies hacked by FIN4

Cyberspies have reportedly hacked into the emails of a number of publicly traded companies. Most of these operate in health care and pharmaceuticals.

TopFinds: Boy found behind 'false wall'; Blackberry's iPhone plan

A boy who was missing for four years was found behind a "false wall." A look at whether Blackberry's plan to swap iPhones for Passports is smart. A look at the controversial "most beautiful girl in the world," age nine. Welcome to this week's TopFinds.

Apple rumored to be reintroducing 4-inch iPhone

Of all the Apple rumors coming out of the Far East recently, the one with the most legitimacy seems to be Apple producing an iPhone with a 4-inch display next year.

BMW buys 57,000 Windows Phones to replace ageing Symbian Nokias

German automobile manufacturer BMW is reported to be replacing all of the mobile phones that it gives to employees with brand new Windows Phones from Microsoft.

NASA announces manned flight to Mars, begins testing Thursday

NASA has made a long-awaited announcement that it will send a manned flight to Mars. This Thursday, they will be launching an unmanned test capsule.

Op-Ed: More facilities install energy monitors amid tight budgets

More public facilities are looking for ways to cut energy costs amid a constrained budgetary environment, and many are installing energy monitors and smart meters to optimize their electricity consumption.

Here's what Samsung's thinnest Galaxy phone ever will look like

It looks like Samsung is preparing to release another Galaxy phone with a metal design just like the Galaxy Alpha, and this one will be its thinnest yet.

Game reviewer contacts mothers of trolls who sent rape threats

Video game reviewer Alanah Pearce received many rape threats of juvenile online trolls and has responded by contacting their mothers.

Say hi to Cheetah-bot, the fastest mechanical thing on 4 legs

MIT engineers have designed a unique robot that runs at 10mph and can jump 16 inches high, land and continue running for 15 minutes, while powered by batteries.

New Indiegogo project aims to let you 'step inside your phone'

A new iPhone 6 case seeking crowd-funding right now is aiming to bring virtual reality to the masses by allowing your phone to "unfold" into a virtual reality headset with integrated controls, dubbed "pinchers".

Digital Journal's Holiday Gift Guide: Tech edition

Our holiday gift guide returns, with reviews of some of the hottest tech goodies you'll want to buy for your loved ones. Learn about new Koss headphones, how to charge cellphones on the go, addictive Nintendo games, and a gadget to find your lost items.

Steve Jobs to play major role in Apple's next antitrust case

Apple is scheduled to begin yet another antitrust lawsuit tomorrow in Oakland, Calif. And while it's been three years since Steve Jobs has died, the late Apple founder will still play a large role in the case, reports The New York Times.