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The long expected big move in the Bitcoin(BTC) price came today as over the day the price dropped by over $800 dollars from over $6,200 to as low as $5,390 on CoinDesk. Bitcoin had been trading in a narrow range without any large moves for some time.

Op-Ed: Chinese fusion reactor hits 100 million degrees

China has achieved a true milestone by attaining a temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius. This is an unparalleled temperature, and over seven times the estimated temperature of the sun’s core. This is a game breaker, not just a game changer.

Bitcoin drops below the $6,300 level

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) the largest cryptocoin by market cap, has been declining today and has dropped below the $6,300 level. However, it is still well above $6,000 at least for now.

Many have concerns over firms implanting microchips in employees

UK's largest employer organization and largest trade union group have expressed alarm at the prospect of national companies implanting staff with microchips to improve security after a firm was revealed to have already chipped 150 Britons.

51 states pledge support for global cybersecurity rules

Fifty-one states, including all EU members, have pledged their support for a new international agreement to set standards on cyberweapons and the use of the internet, the French government said Monday.

Oil pucks and pellets — Alternative ways to ship bitumen

Canada's biggest railroad says it is attracting interest from oil producers in its effort to move crude in solid, puck-like form, as clogged pipelines divert more oil to riskier rail transport.

Bitcoin trading up but in a narrow range just below $6,400

Bitcoin went up today right from the open at $65,353 and managed to crawl up to a high of $6,394 level but was not able to break through the $6,400 level again. It traded all day in a narrow range.

Despite restrictions, digital spending hits record in US midterms

Even as online platforms tightened rules for political ads, digital spending set new records in the 2018 US midterm elections and appears poised for further growth in 2020.Digital media campaign spending rose 2,400 percent from the 2014 midterms to $1....

Q&A: Eliminating your digital fingerprint to protect your data Special

Politicians and businesses frequently use tracking technology on their websites to track and analyze potential voter or consumer behavior. For those concerned about this, TrackOFF provides a solution.

Op-Ed: Sanders uses altered footage to show reporter Acosta as aggressor

Last Wednesday, Jim Acosta, a reporter for CNN had a heated exchange with President Trump over immigration during a press conference. During the exchange a female Trump aide tried to get the microphone from Acosta.

Op-Ed: China’s artificial intelligence anchor man reads the news

An artificial intelligence composite “digital human”, modelled on a real Xinhua anchor person, has hit news media where it might help, or hurt. Far beyond robot readers and chat bots, this may be the voice, and image, of the future.

PG&E will replace three gas plants with world's largest batteries

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) on Thursday approved four energy storage projects for Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) to replace retiring gas generators, including two batteries that would be the largest in the world.

MovetheDial's first Global Summit puts women in tech spotlight

The atmosphere at MovetheDial’s first Global Summit was exuberant. The event brought together thousands of attendees to celebrate and amplify women in the technology space — and find out how to push for greater equality throughout the industry.

Spotify launches an analytics platform for music publishers

On November 8, it was announced that the streaming service Spotify has launched an analytics service for music publishers.

Google Cloud makes it easier for data scientists to collaborate

Google Cloud has outlined two new tools for data scientists: Kubeflow pipelines and AI Hub. These platforms are designed to assist data scientists in putting out across their organizations the models they create.

Dating apps use artificial intelligence to help search for love

Forget swiping through endless profiles. Dating apps are using artificial intelligence to suggest where to go on a first date, recommend what to say and even find a partner who looks like your favourite celebrity.

Op-Ed: Bitcoin $6,500 plus mostly today but drops below after the close

Bitcoin's(BTC) price rose today almost from the opening and hit a high of $6,555 and ended up closing above the $6,500 level. The technical signs appear bullish but just after opening on November 8 UTC, BTC suffered a sharp drop below the $6,500 level.

Imperial Oil, Teck commit to oil sands projects as others flee

Two Canadian-based crude producers are looking to double down on their oil sands investments, betting that new pipelines and cutting-edge technology can improve profitability and reduce environmental damage.

Q&A: Growing importance of voice technology for business Special

Voicera, a SF startup that is changing the way conversations are conducted. The company’s “Voice AI,” technology called EVA (Enterprise Virtual Assistant), takes care of tracking conversations.

Brussels backs efforts to save EU digital tax proposal

The European Commission on Wednesday urged backers of an EU-wide tax on high-tech giants to keep pushing the proposal, which has stalled due to opposition from Ireland and Nordic countries.

China unveils new combat stealth drone in development

China’s 2018 Zhuhai Air Show is off and running, giving defense contractors a chance to show off some intriguing new weapon designs, including a combat stealth drone called the CH-7.

XRP does best of 10 top cryptocoins over seven days

The price of XRP the third largest cryptocoin by market cap, jumped 6 percent on Monday according to CoinDesk data. This is its highest gain in 30 days.

Snowden issues surveillance warning to Israelis

US whistleblower Edward Snowden urged Israelis to be on guard against heavy-handed government and private surveillance in a speech by video link Tuesday and defended his 2013 massive leak of classified documents.

Review: Super-fast charger ready for Apple iPad Special

The use of the USB type C port is becoming a hot issue in the world of portable devices. For example, the iPad Pro announced by Apple in October 2018 ditches the proprietary Lightning port in favor of USB-C.

Bitcoin trading in a narrow range but breached the $6,400 level

Bitcoin is trading in a narrow range again with volatility being low. However, it has managed to break through the $6,400 level, a positive sign for the bulls, and it was above that level at the close.

China and the U.S. will eventually be parallel global AI leaders

China and the United States are locked in a new arms race for dominance in artificial intelligence (AI), a contest that may lead to geographical spheres of dominance.

Strong state of artificial intelligence in the U.K.

A new report into artificial intelligence in the U.K. assesses the current state of play and it identifies the key players. The report concludes that Britain has necessary resources, as well as the industrial will, to develop gold standards for AI.

Bitcoin is trading in a narrow range between $6,300 and $6,400

So far today, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading in a very narrow range again as it has in the past few weeks for the most part. It did drop a while ago but is still several hundred dollars above the $6,000 level.

GM is seeking names for two new electric bikes it announced

General Motors(GM) has unveiled two new EV's that are not cars or trucks, but bicycles. One is foldable and the other is compact. This is part of a larger plan for an electric future for the company.

AI chip startup gets backing from Microsoft and Intel

A startup company that specializes in artificial intelligence solutions has received backing from some major players in the tech wold, receiving support from Microsoft, Intel and Amazon.

Bitcoin had a bad October but is almost at $6,400 today

Bitcoin(BTC) has stabilized and moved up slightly but closed off the month considerably lower than at the beginning. However, it is inching up towards the $6,400 level at present.

Op-Ed: What exactly is the smart city?

The term 'smart city' is a buzz term used widely in the news, and one that’s increasingly moving from tech pages to news pages. But what is the smart city? Will it change your life? And what are the risks?

China challenges US to provide 'evidence' in trade secrets case

China challenged the United States Friday to show evidence to support charges that Beijing backed a scheme by Chinese and Taiwanese companies to steal trade secrets from a US-based semiconductor firm.

US accuses China, Taiwan firms with stealing secrets from chip giant Micron

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced charges Thursday against Chinese and Taiwan companies for theft of an estimate $8.75 billion worth of trade secrets from US semiconductor giant Micron.

Blockchain can assist with humanitarian action

A new review article finds that blockchain technology is gradually entering the fields of humanitarian and development aid. This brings with it both advantages and risks.

Audi Midtown showcases 2019 line of vehicles to packed house

Audi fans rejoice: The 2019 lineup is here. To celebrate the launch of the Audi A6, A7, A8 and the new Q8, Audi Midtown hosted a gala event.

Soyuz launch failure due to 'deformation' during assembly: Russian official

A Russian rocket that carried two people to space last month failed and sent the craft back to Earth because of "deformation" of a part that was made during assembly at the cosmodrome, a space official said Thursday.

London's new digital accelerator hub

Keen to establish London as a global digital tech center, a new accelerator has been set up with backing from the U.K. government. Nine firms specializing in cybersecurity are the first cohorts.

Introducing 3D modeling to online shopping

CGTrader is to integrate its technology with e-commerce giant Shopify to create an innovative shopping experience based on 3D modeling. A 3D shopping experience will replace the current 2D format.

Black boxes: crucial to air crash probes

When investigators arrive at an aviation crash site, one of their first priorities is to locate the plane's black boxes, two pieces of equipment that can hold vital clues on what caused an aircraft to go down.

New generation of Latin American tech 'unicorns' making mark

Nubank is the online bank with the greatest number of clients outside of Asia.