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Huawei has just announced its latest Mate 30 Pro handset but it cannot be shipped with Google apps and services preinstalled as Huawei is blacklisted by the US government so that US companies cannot do business with the company.

Self-driving cars may increase commuter stress levels

U.S. citizens, based on a research study, indicate they would rather drive themselves than have an autonomous vehicle drive them. This is due to increased levels of stress stemming from longer transit times.

Report: Digital extortion schemes are soaring Special

Digital extortion schemes have increased by 319 percent, according to a new report released by Trend Micro. Of these, business email compromise remains a major threat, with detections jumping 52 percent, as Greg Young reveals.

Twitter closes thousands of fake news accounts worldwide

Twitter said Friday it shut down thousands of accounts worldwide for spreading misinformation, including some artificially amplifying pro-Saudi messaging as part of a regional propaganda war.

Zuckerberg meets Trump, senators; nixes breaking up Facebook

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg met Thursday with US President Donald Trump and members of Congress on a political reconnaissance mission to Washington, where he rejected calls to break up the world's biggest social network.

Apple to use recycled rare Earth materials in new iPhones

As part of its growing focus on environmental issues, Apple is the first technology company to make use recycled rare earth materials. These are in a key component in newly-launched iPhones.

Facebook plays to social ties with Portal smart-screen

Facebook on Wednesday unveiled second-generation Portal smart screens, touting them as a way to stay connected to loved ones at the leading social network.

The 34 most connected countries in the world revealed

5G wireless technology promises communications will be faster, better and completely wireless making connections around the world much easier and smoother. However, it remains that some countries are more connected than others as a new survey reveals.

Zuckerberg: new Facebook panel can overrule him

Facebook said Tuesday it has finalized its charter for its "independent oversight board," giving the panel the authority to overrule chief executive Mark Zuckerberg on questions of appropriate content.

Major databreach exposes data on most of Ecuador's citizens Special

An Elasticsearch server has leaked personal data on almost all of Ecuador's citizens, including their family trees, and children, plus some financial records and car registration information. Anurag Kahol of Bitglass assesses the situation.

Q&A: In a hyperconnected world, how we secure the digital now? Special

From smart homes to smart cities, connected technology has permeated into the most intimate units of human life. At the same time comes the risk of increased cyberattacks, according to expert Myla Pilao.

Apple slams EU as epic court battle over tax bill begins

Apple went on the offensive against Brussels in an EU court on Tuesday, fighting the European Commission's landmark order that the iPhone-maker reimburse Ireland 13 billion euros ($14 billion) in back taxes.

Apple embarks on EU court battle over 13-bn-euro tax bill

Apple embarks on an epic court battle with the EU on Tuesday, fighting the commission's landmark order that the iPhone-maker reimburse Ireland 13 billion euros ($14 billion) in back taxes.

Almost entire population of Ecuador has online data leaked

Almost the entire population of Ecuador had their personal data leaked online, security experts said Monday, a massive breach that the government called a "very delicate" issue.

Saudi attacks underscore evolving drone threat, experts say

An attack on Saudi oil facilities at the weekend has exposed the vulnerability of the kingdom to drone strikes and underscores how traditional air defences can be breached by new low-cost technology, experts say.

Apple TV Plus video-on-demand service enters a crowded field

Apple surprised investors and consumers alike when it announced the pricing for its subscription video-on-demand service Apple TV+ at its September event. Apple's streamlining service will cost just $4.99 per month for U.S. subscribers.

Op-Ed: Some Huawei laptops in China now come loaded with Deepin Linux

Huawei is having problems with its smartphones and also its laptops as it is blacklisted in the US and US companies cannot do business with the firm depriving it of features that it presently uses.

Bolivia, with huge untapped reserves, gears up for soaring lithium demand

Over 3,600 meters above sea level on the blinding white plain of the world's largest salt flat, landlocked Bolivia is dramatically ramping up production of lithium to cope with soaring global demand for the prized electric-battery metal.

Cobalt Dickens attacks on rise and aimed at universities Special

A new Cobalt Dickens phishing campaign has been targeting universities. To understand the implications behind this, security expert Peter Goldstein, CTO and co-founder of Valimail provides some analysis.

Drone Racing League is headed to Orlando, Florida, this October

On October 8, 2019, the Drone Racing League will be holding an event in Orlando, Florida, at the Addition Financial Arena .

Inadequate IT infrastructures are a source of global cyber risk

Data privacy specialists at StorageCraft have issued an international research study looking into the experiences of IT decision-makers in relation to data management. The study reveals concerns about the business risk from unrestricted data growth.

Are IoT attacks on Internet-connected gas pumps imminent? Special

Reports suggests that Internet-connected gas pumps could be at risk from cyberattacks, with information appearing in discussion forums about how hackers are contemplating disrupting this part of the energy system. Eve Maler of ForgeRock weighs in.

Want to preserve your digital history? New video service launched

The NotForgotten Digital Preservation Library LLC has launched a new product - a personalized time capsule. These are video journals compiled from of user-submitted content which can be preserved for 300 years and recorded using blockchain technology.

Google agrees 945-mn-euro tax settlement with France

US internet giant Google has agreed a settlement totalling 945 million euros ($1.0 billion) to end a tax dispute in France under an agreement announced in court on Thursday.

New vulnerabilities with Uber and Instagram identified Special

Two stories have appeared which demonstrate severe vulnerabilities affecting Instagram and Uber. Both of these require a rapid response in order to protect users of the services, as expert Vinay Sridhara explains.

Is Apple serious about integrating cryptocurrency? Special

Cryptocurrency interest is on the radar of many tech companies, with Samsung and Facebook investigating the potential of crypto. iPhone maker-Apple has said it is "watching" bitcoin and cryptocurrency, however there's a question of 'when'?

Russia terminates robot Fedor after space odyssey

It's mission over for a robot called Fedor that Russia blasted to the International Space Station, the developers said Wednesday, admitting he could not replace astronauts on space walks."He won't fly there any more.

Pitfalls ahead for EU's big-tech scourge Vestager

Denmark's Margrethe Vestager, the scourge of Silicon Valley, will return for five years as the EU's powerful anti-trust enforcer with even greater responsiblities, but traps lie in wait for her -- and not only Donald Trump.

Danish justice system rocked by flawed phone location evidence

The use of mobile phone location data to solve crimes has come under scrutiny in Denmark after a glitch that has thrown thousands of cases into question and led to the release of more than 30 detainees.

Op-Ed: Incoming – A.I., the cyber arms race and a new security culture

The cyberwar has been ongoing for quite a while, since the beginning of the digital revolution. Now, it’s foreseeable that the current national security culture is eroding as technologies shift and evolve. The future is looking very complex indeed.

Q&A: How did Facebook come to expose users' data online? Special

Hundreds of millions of phone numbers linked to Facebook accounts were found online. This represents the latest in a string of security and privacy incidents involving Facebook, according to Jonathan Bensen, CISO at Balbix.

Interview: The consultant who discovered Cisco’s FTD Bug Special

A vulnerability in Cisco's Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) Software could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to gain unauthorized read access to sensitive, private data. We speak to the man who discovered the issue.

Review: Innovative Soundsurge music technology products Special

TaoTronics are innovators with sound technology, including active noise cancelling headphones. Digital Journal reviews three new products from the company. The over-ear devices are especailly good for battery life, as well as for sound quality.

Big Tech backlash kicks into gear with antitrust moves

The backlash against Big Tech moved into a new phase Monday as officials from nearly all US states announced an antitrust investigation into the dominance of internet giant Google.

B.C. company uses huge fans to suck carbon from air to make fuel

A Canadian company plans to open a plant in Texas where giant fans will suck carbon dioxide from the air so it can be permanently stored underground. Set for completion in 2023, the plant will likely be able to capture 1-megaton of CO2 annually.

Smooth succession: Jack Ma eases out of a thriving Alibaba

Jack Ma steps down next week as chairman of Alibaba, but the start-up he built into an online retail behemoth is expected to keep thriving into a new era thanks to a culture of innovation he helped nurture.

Bitcoin reaches over $10,500 but can't breach $11,000

Bitcoin has recovered to over $10,500 but has not been able to overcome the $11,000 resistance level as yet. Bitcoin has been moving up most of the day. All the top altcoins are also to the upside some significantly.

Q&A: A passwordless future for enterprise security? Special

There is a growing shift toward a passwordless future for enterprise security as most hacking-related company breaches are traced back to compromised and weak credentials, according to Matt Davey, COO of 1Password. But is this the right option?

Amazon and Samsung: Most trusted brands for smart home tech

A new study finds that nearly a third of consumers (32 percent) trust Amazon and Samsung the most for smart home technology products and that 40 percent of consumers say they have at least one smart technology product in their home.

India space agency loses communication with Moon-landing craft

India's space agency on Saturday lost communication with its spacecraft just before it was due to land near the South Pole of the Moon, in a blow to the nation's lunar ambitions.

The reason behind the Glynk Android app leak Special

Following a data breach, up to one million people could be at an increased risk of phishing attacks following the app Glynk’s leak of 2.2 billion rows of data. Chris DeRamus of DivvyCloud explains more.
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