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Tucked inside the iPhone is secret spyware that lets governments spy on unsuspecting users, Edward Snowden said recently. Snowden's lawyer says this is why the NSA whistleblower doesn't use these phones, which can be remotely activated to watch users.

Google chief exec predicts end of Internet

According to Google's chief executive Eric Schmidt, the future of the Internet is for it to vanish due to becoming all-encompassing to the point where it will no longer be noticed.

Op-Ed: Privacy is dead, Harvard professors tell World Economic Forum

Privacy as we know it is dead, never to return, a group of concerned Harvard University professors told a session of the global business, political and technology elite at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Apple agrees to let Chinese government inspect iPhones

Apple has agreed to let the Chinese government inspect iPhones, Macs, and iPads over fears of backdoor government surveillance, IT World reports.

Microsoft Windows 10 details announced, uses holograms

It was fairly obvious to Microsoft that their Windows 8 operating system wasn't well received. To counter this, the company has brought out a system that will share the same look and feel, regardless of what device you are using.

Google might be working on a better way to compete with Apple Pay

Google might soon implement some major changes to its mobile payments service in order to better compete with Apple Pay.

The Top 25 Worst Passwords of 2014 is here; '123456' still top

SplashData has released its updated list of the Top 25 Worst Passwords for 2014, continuing the new tradition since 2011. As might be expected, "123456" still tops the chart, followed in second place by the decidedly simple "password."

New police RANGE-R radar can 'see' inside homes

Dozens of law enforcement agencies throughout the United States have secretly deployed radar devices that effectively allow them to see through walls and inside homes.

Microsoft may be building a gadget that mixes a laptop and phone

We're going to learn a lot about the next version of Windows on Wednesday. Presumably, we'll find out when the preview build will launch, new features aimed at consumers rather than enterprise users, and changes to how the Windows Store works.

Report: Apple might be about to introduce a stylus

"As soon as you have a stylus, you're dead, "Steve Jobs once told his biographer Walter Isaacson. The Apple founder famously hated the touchscreen writing tools, totally eschewing them when he launched the iPad.

Review: Samsung Gear S is closer to what a smartwatch should be Special

After two runs at the smartwatch market, Samsung has released its best model to date with the Gear S. It's several steps closer to what a smartwatch should be.

Will Graphene truly become the next miracle material? Special

Developments for carbon based Graphene have been fast and furious since 2003. However mass production of Graphene remains a challenge. In spite of significant research and development, Graphene-based products have yet to appear en masse.

Apple is considering storing your fingerprints in iCloud

Apple is considering storing customers' biometric data in the cloud to enable next-generation payment methods, according to new patent application found by Apple Insider.

Automator for iOS is a powerful workflow app

Automator is one of the most overlooked, yet powerful applications native to OS X for Mac. Essentially, this utility allows you to build your own personalized mini-applications to automate tasks.

New malware allows complete bypassing of network passwords

New malware has been discovered in the wild that can allow attackers complete access to a domain, able to login as any user without the need for authentication.

Obama calls for new laws to increase cybersecurity

Citing recent cyber attacks against the Pentagon and Sony Pictures Entertainment, President Barack Obama on Tuesday called on Congress to pass sweeping legislation aimed at boosting US cybersecurity.

Sony 4K Handycam tackles usability for video rookies Special

With the ability to shoot 4K, and boasting perhaps the best optical image stabilization available on a consumer camcorder, Sony's new FDR-AX33 handycam is blurring the line between professional and consumer video recording.

How the Galaxy S6 could be much different than its predecessor

A Korean news website says Samsung will simplify the software it puts over Android with the Galaxy S6 — creating an experience similar to stock Android.

NASA, Nissan to build self-driving cars for Earth, Mars by 2015

NASA's Ames Research Center and Nissan North America have announced that they will join hands to develop self-driving cars for Earth and the Martian surface.

Website gets 'Je Suis Charlie' iOS app approval in one hour

Apple didn't want to waste any time when it came to publishing a new app showing support for the "Je Suis Charlie" campaign in its App Store.

Anonymous contributes to #JeSuisCharlie, takes jihadist site down

The hacktivist group Anonymous is stepping up to the challenge of defying the terrorist acts that took place in France last this week by launching a new offensive against extremism-promoting Islamic websites in the wake of the disaster.

Chevy Bolt: GM is making $30,000 electric car, on market by 2017

There will be a bolt at the the big auto show set to get underway Monday in Detroit. That would be a Chevrolet Bolt, G.M.'s new electric car. They'll be showing off a concept model of the vehicle there, a car they plan to have on the market in 2017.

Op-Ed: Existence of cell phone separation anxiety calls for big changes

Finally, irrefutable evidence that we have grown too reliant on our cell phones! Researchers have determined that cell phone "separation anxiety" exists and leads to lower performance. We need to start limiting our use of cell phones.

AT&T claims Title II status to avoid FTC data throttling suit

AT&T is attempting to use its status as a common carrier mobile voice provider to overcome a ruling by the FTC that would prevent it from throttling the mobile data speeds of its "unlimited" customers.

U.S. government may embrace 21st-century tech for 2020 census

Uncle Sam may not be showing up at your door with a clipboard in hand come the next census, as the US government is preparing to test 21st-century tools allowing it to accurately count the nation's population using Internet and smartphone technology.

These new wind turbines are designed to look like trees

A lot of people moan about how wind turbines make the countryside look bad. Clean, renewable energy often comes at a price. Enter "turbine trees" — one company's way of tackling the issue of aesthetics in sustainability.

Apple might be about to kill off the iPod Shuffle

Apple has made some moves that make it look like it might be preparing to stop selling the iPod Shuffle, as supplies of the device are starting to run low.

Sony boss claims no financial loss after hacking scandal

According to Sony Corp Chief Executive Kazuo Hirai, the cyber-attack in November has not had a significant financial impact on the studio, two weeks after it released The Interview online and in selected theaters.

Sengled unveils lightbulb that can boost Wi-Fi, spot burglars

A Shanghai-based company is looking to bring some unexpected features to the light bulb, including recording, facial recognition and Wi-Fi boosting.

Man turns fall in 9-metre hole in China into a game

A man in New Zealand fell down a 9 metre hole in China, broke his back, and has just turned the horrific accident into a new slapstick mobile game.

G-Technology takes on Lacie with super-rugged hard drives

G-Technology is hoping to seek attention in the rugged hard drive market by launching several new models capable of withstanding water to the point of floating.

Strings app lets you unsend text messages — but there's a catch

Anyone who's ever sent a drunken late-night text message they wish they could take back, take heart: there's now an app for that.

The Parrot Pot takes the guesswork out of watering plants

Many technology geeks think of the A.R. Drone or Bebop Drone when they hear the word Parrot. But after their success last year in releasing Flower Power, a wireless sensor that monitors plant health via the Internet, they have added two new devices.

Moonpig shuts down apps over flaw that puts 3 million at risk

There's a big problem with Moonpig, the website that lets you send your friends and family personalised greeting cards. The company has turned off its mobile apps while it figures out the problem.

Apple patents flexible iPhone that can bend in half

Apple has been granted a patent for a flexible phone that can be deformed, twisted, and even bent in half, Cult of Mac reports.

Bad code update knock out Bing and Yahoo Search for 20 minutes

According to newspaper reports, a botched code update took Bing, and Yahoo Search which is based on it, offline for about 20 minutes on Friday.

Op-Ed: Are children still interested in books?

With the rise of the number of children reading on tablets, especially after Christmas, many parents are wondering whether there is any harm leaving their little ones use such technology.

EFF: Law enforcement trying to hide use of Stingray surveillance

Law enforcement agencies around the United States are "desperately" trying to keep the public from knowing about their use of secret surveillance towers used to monitor Americans' cell phones, a leading digital rights group claims.

LG unveils washing machine with mini-washer built in

Among the cavalcade of tech news that is the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), LG has unveiled a new take on the humble washing machine.

CES: Online streaming company NeuLion buys DivX for $62.5M

Online video streaming provider NeuLion has announced it’s purchasing video codec developer DivX in a deal worth $62.5 million.

Apple patches iCloud hole allowing hackers account access

Apple has fixed a vulnerability in its iCloud service that a hacker used to prove that any account was vulnerable to being hacked into.