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There’s been a lot of hype behind the public unveiling of the US Navy’s rail gun, which has ironically missed a lot of major subjects and strong positives. This is a fundamentally flexible system with multiple ramifications for future wars.

Microsoft, Facebook building giant cable under Atlantic Ocean

Microsoft Corporation is collaborating with Facebook Incorporated to put up a subsea cable across the Atlantic Ocean to boost connections for cloud and online services.

Op-Ed: Microsoft Surface Book ‘Sleep of Death’ — No fix and no refunds?

For those who think the “don’t care” culture is well established at Microsoft, the Surface BookSleep of Death is an easy target. The laptop/tablet is having big problems, and generating a lot of anger. Even the Microsoft salespeople are baffled.

Sharp begins selling robot-shaped mobile phone

Electronics giant Sharp Corporation has started selling the world’s first robot-shaped mobile phone that can walk, dance and talk at a price of about $2,000.

Microsoft's Cortana is now your personal DJ and cooking assistant

As Windows 10's Anniversary Update begins to draw near, Microsoft is still adding new features to the Insider Preview builds. In the latest update, it added new interactions with Cortana, including the ability to turn Cortana into your own personal DJ.

Scientists are training robots to feel pain

Researchers in Germany have been working on a way to make robots feel pain, or detect and respond to it. If a robot feels pain, then it can move away from anything that may damage them. This can extend robots' lifespans and prevent costly repairs.

ZTE's new flagship has a metal frame and full support for VR

Chinese smartphone brand ZTE has taken the wraps off the AXON 7, its new flagship device. The phone has a metal body, AMOLED display and high-end specifications at a comparatively low price. It also features support for virtual reality in Android N.

Oracle's claim over Android's use of Java dismissed by jury

A judge has ruled that Google did not infringe on the copyright of software giant Oracle by using its Java programming language in Android without paying royalties. Oracle intends to appeal the decision which has been welcomed by software developers.

New generation of night vision goggles in development

Infrared technology could lead to a step-change in the images formed via night vision goggles and cameras, according to research being carried out in Australia.

Next generation tech needs a diamond at the heart

Diamonds have many useful properties, aside from being prized jewels. One such application is as semiconductors and, as a new application, they could become the basis of a new generation of electronic devices.

Software update could let your phone sense pressure and squeezes

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 6, it introduced a new kind of display it calls 3D Touch. 3D Touch displays can sense how hard you press them, letting them respond in different ways. An innovative software update could enable this on any phone though.

BT demos broadband that downloads 200 HD movies in a second

UK internet service provider BT has successfully completed a trial of prototype broadband infrastructure with download speeds of up to 5.6Tbps. While still a long way from being publicly available, the technology could transform how we connect online.

U.S. nuclear force still using 1970s floppy disks warns watchdog

America's nuclear force still uses floppy disks designed in the 1970s to coordinate some of its functions, according to a watchdog report released.

U.S. government still uses 50-year old computers for vital tasks

The U.S. government is spending tens of billions of dollars every year to maintain computer systems that in some cases are over 50 years old. These aren’t systems stored in museums but rather computers actively used to store vital federal data.

Microsoft resorts to 'dirty trick' to upgrade PCs to Windows 10

Microsoft has been accused of adopting a "dirty trick" to force unsuspecting consumers to upgrade to Windows 10. As the free upgrade period comes to an end, Microsoft has updated its upgrade assistant app to install Windows 10 even if you close it.

Microsoft decimating mobile workforce in 'streamlining' of jobs

One week after selling its Nokia-branded feature phone business to Foxconn, Microsoft has announced it will be cutting 1,850 jobs from its smartphone hardware division in a "streamlining" of the struggling business.

Wireless data transfer speeds hit a record high at 6 Gbps

Researchers in Germany have successfully set a new world record for the speed of wireless data transmission. A transfer rate of 6 Gigabits per second, far beyond that of current fibre networks, was observed experimentally over a distance of 37 kilometres.

Pebble launches new smartwatches and a 'magic button' Android PC

Smartwatch manufacturer Pebble has announced three new products to reinforce its commitment to the space. The Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2 are updates of its existing smartwatches. They are joined by the Pebble Core, a $69 palm-sized Android PC.

Successful hypersonic rocket test will change air travel forever

Hypersonic technology has become a game-changer, expected to revolutionize air and space travel in the very near future. Australian and U.S. scientists teamed up and sent the latest experimental hypersonic rocket up over the Australian desert last week.

Dutch F-35 jets touch down for European air show debut

Two US-assembled F-35A fighter jets destined for the Dutch air force have landed for the first time in northern Europe, ahead of the stealth plane's continental air show debut over the summer.

OnePlus wants you to buy its next phone using virtual reality

OnePlus is preparing for the launch of the OnePlus 3. Following last year's OnePlus 2, the company has announced it is giving away 30,000 VR headsets for free in what it claims is the "first global VR shopping experience."

Google is finally ready to launch its Project Ara modular phone

Google has announced it will begin to ship early versions of its Project Ara modular smartphone from fall 2016. It has heavily revised the concept over the past year and has removed some of the most innovative modules, such as the processor and display.

Tim Cook thought an official iPhone case was a third-party fake

Apple CEO Tim Cook went on a tour of India and China last week, visiting Apple retail stores in local markets to talk to staff. According to reports, Cook ran into trouble on the journey as he identified a genuine iPhone case as "counterfeit."

China testing 5G technology, aims for availability by 2020

China expects to commercialize the use of 5G technology in 2020 as test works are ongoing to come up with the first version.

Google introduces artificial intelligence assistant

The competition for an artificial intelligence app — to book appointments, tell you the weather or answer your phone calls — has increased with Google announcing it is developing several apps.

Man-made meteor shower proposed for 2020 Olympics

A Japanese startup plans to create a man-made meteor shower for the 2020 Olympics opening ceremony. At $8,100 per meteor, the meteor shower could cost millions of dollars depending on the number of shooting stars and length of the shower.

Windows 10 preview now syncs Android notifications to your PC

Microsoft has added a new feature to the latest Windows 10 preview build for Insiders. It lets you get notifications from your Android phone on your Windows PC. You can view new messages in Action Center and respond to them with your keyboard.

Google Chromebooks now more popular than Macs in the U.S.

Google's range of cloud-based Chromebook laptops is continuing to enjoy unforeseen success in the U.S. Google announced that Chrome OS will soon be able to run Android apps earlier this week and revealed Chromebooks recently outsold Macs in the U.S.

Google disables pressing backspace to go back in Chrome

Google has removed the "press backspace to go to the previous page" feature from experimental versions of Chrome after determining people frequently trigger it by accident in forms. After entering lines of data, hitting backspace can delete it all.

Google says Android N will reach a new level of 'excellence'

At its I/O developer conference this week, Google said it wants the next major Android release to achieve a "new level of product excellence." Android N will include greater performance and security, reworked multitasking and support for virtual reality.

117 million LinkedIn accounts stolen in 2012 now for sale online

Nearly four years after LinkedIn was hacked, the site has now confirmed that over 117 million accounts were affected. The number is vastly more than was previously indicated. The findings came to light after the data was found for sale on the dark web.

'Uncrackable' ransomware no more as creator hands over key

The creators of TeslaCrypt, one of the most successful ransomware campaigns to date, have released the encryption key used to lock victims' files, effectively shutting the malware down. There is now a free program available to decrypt affected data.

Apple tries to fix iTunes deletion problem with new update

Apple rolled out an update to iTunes this week that refreshes its look, but more importantly features "safeguards" to protect against an apparent bug that deletes music from iTunes libraries.

Gamer gets Windows 95 running on an Xbox One

An Xbox One owner has managed to get Windows 95 running on the modern games console by exploiting the capabilities of Microsoft's Universal Windows Apps platform. The experience lets you run classic PC games and programs on an Xbox.

Apple confirms latest iOS update is killing some iPads

Apple has confirmed that this week's iOS update appears to have left iPads "bricked" for a number of its customers. There are reports of users facing an "Error 56" message after installing the update. Apple doesn't know what is causing the bug.

Nokia smartphones are about to reappear, now running Android

Finnish technology company Nokia has confirmed it is to return to building smartphones and tablets after being sold to Microsoft in 2014. The company will license its name to open the way to a new generation of Nokia-branded Android devices.

New AI app for the iPhone gives you an 'intelligent memory'

A new app is seeking to bring artificial intelligence and machine learning to the iPhone, giving you an "intelligent memory" inside your smartphone. Snips has modelled the way humans learn to create an app that sorts and links all your data.

Motorola relaunches the Moto G, fragments the brand into three

Motorola has relaunched its highly successful Moto G budget Android smartphone. As before, the Moto G4 is a low-cost device with powerful specifications. This year, it is joined by two companions though, giving you a choice of three handsets.

Your smartphone's camera could double as a VR gesture tracker

The popularity of VR smartphone apps is on the rise, leading more people to pick up a headset. Current models aren't as advanced as their PC counterparts though, in particular lacking gesture-based motion control. That could change soon with a new system.

Apple ready to compete in the pay TV market with the right tech

Apple announced it will compete in the pay TV market against both traditional cable services as well as streaming providers. It aims to build a "pure Internet TV."

Google Chrome to start blocking Flash content on every website

Google has outlined a proposal to start blocking Flash content altogether in its Chrome web browser. It already disables Flash content by default and is now planning to take this further. It wants to completely block Flash media, excluding only 10 sites.
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