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Geotab, the largest telematics provider in the world has presented key trends and insights at CONNECT 2020, where more than 1,500 fleet, auto, government, security, and tech influencers gathered in San Diego.

GM's Cruise to spend $2.2 billion on Detroit-Hamtramck EV plant

Just last week Cruise, a subsidiary of GM that is developing a self-driving car, unveiled its first self-driving vehicle with no steering wheel or pedals. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dan Amann promised to reveal production details in days to come.

Q&A: Windows 7 is dead: What small businesses need to do Special

Support for Windows 7 has ended. For those businesses who have not upgraded there are implications to consider. These are spelled out by Mike Puglia, Chief Strategy Officer at Kaseya.

Why Americans have more concern for their personal data privacy

Heightened global tension is causing many U.S. citizens to have more concern for their personal data privacy, according to a survey conducted by Unisys.

UAE tech ambitions tarnished by internet restrictions

With its ultra-modern infrastructure and hyper-connected services, the United Arab Emirates is an emerging technology power, but a scandal surrounding a popular messaging application has highlighted tight controls on the internet.

New Data: How much do Americans know about encryption?

New data reveals that U.S. citizens are familiar with – and trust – the concept of encryption. However, at the same time the poll reveals that generally people are fuzzy on exactly how data encryption works.

Data Privacy Day: Expert tip for consumers Special

Millions of people are unaware and uninformed about how their personal information is being used, collected or shared in our digital society. One aim of Data Privacy day is to highlight this issue.

What businesses should make of Data Privacy Day Special

Data Privacy Day (or Data Protection Day) comes at the end of January each year. The focus is with raising awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices. What can businesses learn from the annual event?

Met police to use live facial recognition despite privacy fears

London’s Metropolitan Police has announced that it will begin deploying live facial recognition cameras to identify citizens across the capital, raising concerns over the invasive and often inaccurate technology.

Which tech giants are leading in quantum computing technology?

Quantum computing promises to deliver enormous potential and the technology is set to help us solve humanity’s most complex challenges - challenges that our existing computers can't even scratch the surface. But who are the main contenders?

Microsoft data issue sees 250 million records exposed Special

Microsoft has exposed call center data on almost 250 million customers via several unsecured cloud servers. CTO Dr. Vinay Sridhara of Balbix looks into the issue for Digital Journal.

Clearview AI's facial recognition app poses many privacy concerns

The latest example of Silicon Valley’s hubris is the facial-recognition app Clearview AI. The small startup’s app is so powerful that someone could walk up to you on the street, snap your photo, and quickly find out your name, address, and phone numbe

TrendMicro report looks at how to trap malicious attackers

Trend Micro released a report documenting a six-month investigation to help inform a protection strategy for industrial environments. The focus is with developing strategies to trap malicious attackers.

Lessons to be learned ahead of Data Privacy Day 2020 Special

Data Privacy Day 2020 is coming up on January 28, and to recognize this observance, Bitglass experts have prepared some stats to demonstrate how companies still have a long way to go to perfect their security strategies and keep consumer data safe.

UN experts urge probe into alleged Saudi hacking of Bezos phone

Independent UN rights experts said Wednesday they had received information that Amazon owner Jeff Bezos's phone was hacked through a WhatsApp account belonging to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

Budget battle hampers EU in space

Space is becoming increasingly militarised and European satellites are under-protected, experts warned Tuesday, voicing dismay at cuts proposed in the EU's draft budget.

Mitsubishi Electric confirms major data breach Special

Mitsubishi Electric released a statement today confirming that the company was hit by a data breach dating back to late June last year. It’s speculated that the cyberattack is linked to a Chinese cyber-espionage group, Tick (or Bronze Butler).

Op-Ed: Everybody gets Google phasing out cookies but the ad industry

Waal… They-thar Googles be a-getting rid of them cookies on Chrome. Maybe that dagnab ornery wheel will be invented, and fire, and everything. We’s gotta get back to the chicken coop and come up with ‘nother scam…

Q&A: How data centers can become more energy efficient Special

As the world becomes more digital, electricity consumption in data centers will surge — that number could rise to 8 percent of the global total by 2030. A leading expert looks at energy efficiency options.

Op-Ed: Facial recognition is now a real threat and a real weapon

People have known for some time that facial recognition can be used as a weapon. Now, a company called Clearview has made it easy to invade privacy, and worse is to come.

Security expert on Manor ISD $2.3 million phishing email scam Special

Manor Independent School District (located close to Austin, TX) was recently struck by a phishing email scam that resulted in the loss of $2.3 million in ransom payment. Leading security expert Greg Wendt weighs in.

'PigeonBot' brings aircraft closer to feathered-flight

Since the dawn of the aviation era, inventors have strived to build aircraft that fly as nimbly as birds, whose morphable wings allow for faster, tighter turns and more efficient gliding.

Millions of user records from LimeLeads put up for sale online Special

A new data breach has been reported: 49 million user records from LimeLeads (49 million user records from LimeLeads put up for sale online) have been put up for sale online. Anurag Kahol, CTO, Bitglass looks into the issue.

Op-Ed: Australia's new subs — News, not news, and embarrassing babble

Australian submarines typically get into the news for a variety of reasons, some credible and some not so credible. Our very expensive but very interesting new French-made submarines are getting their share of flak already.

Encryption battle reignited as US govt at loggerheads with Apple

Apple and the US government are at loggerheads for the second time in four years over unlocking iPhones connected to a mass shooting, reviving debate over law enforcement access to encrypted devices.

Russia hacked Ukrainian gas firm in Trump impeachment: US cyber firm

Russian spies hacked a Ukrainian energy company at the center of the impeachment trial of US President Donald Trump, a cybersecurity firm said Monday.

DiA is fixing the major problem with ultrasound: Human error

Ultrasound is a non-invasive and safe imaging tool that is just shy of being perfect, if it wasn’t for human error. This is an issue that DiA have been working on, with the help of IBM Watson Health.

Op-Ed: Russia’s sixth gen S70 UAV fighter is trickier than it looks

The announcement of the new Russian unmanned Sukhoi S70 sixth generation fighter includes a few stings. This machine is designed as a supersonic stealth plane, with a lot of hardware and hard points.

CES 2020: Porch pirates stopped with IoTLock

As e-commerce becomes increasingly popular and home delivery services rise, the risks of packages being stolen outside of people’s homes increases. This has opened up a new avenue for technological solutions.

IBM at CES: Quantum breakthrough news

At CES 2020 IBM has announced several new quantum computing milestones. These include an expansion of the IBM Q Network; research into next generation batteries; and, with quantum technology, achieving the highest quantum volume to date.

Iranian hackers hit Bahrain's national oil company Special

New Iranian data wiper malware hast struck Bapco, Bahrain's national oil company. The malware is dubbed “Dustman” by the Saudi Arabia National Cybersecurity Authority, as Chris Kennedy of AttackIQ explains.

One billion medical images are exposed online Special

Over one billion medical images of patients across the world have been exposed is a major data breach. This arise due to hundreds of hospitals, medical offices and imaging centers are running insecure storage systems, as Anurag Kahol explains.

Huawei sells about 100,000 foldable phones a month in China

Huawei claims that its foldable MateX phone is selling 100,000 a month a good pace especially since the phone is for sale only in China at present and costs about $2,400 US.

Q&A: Amazon, Apple, and Google to create a smart home standard Special

The recent news that Amazon, Apple, and Google are working together to create a new standard for smart home communication is a rare display of unity amongst the giants of our interconnected worlds. Bob Bajoras, President of Art+Logic looks into the issue.

Security expert on TikTok's security flaws Special

TikTok’s multiple vulnerabilities that allowed attackers to manipulate user accounts and expose personal data including names, email addresses and dates of birth. A security expert details the consequences.

Israel hails 'breakthrough' towards laser air defence system

The Israeli defence ministry has hailed a "breakthrough" in the development of cheaper laser-based air defences, as tensions soar in the region after Iran hit US targets in retaliation for a high-profile assassination.

Core stage of NASA's SLS 'megarocket' to undergo 'key testing'

The heart of NASA's first Space Launch System (SLS) megarocket is on the move. The 212-foot (65 meters) long core stage of the "megarocket" left New Orleans - headed for Mississippi by barge - for crucial tests to assess its readiness for launch.

NASA weighing a repeat of uncrewed Boeing Starliner test flight

NASA and Boeing will cooperate on an investigation into a timer anomaly that cut short December’s uncrewed test flight of Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner spacecraft as NASA weighs whether to require another such test flight.

An Olympics first — Tokyo athletes will sleep on cardboard beds

Tokyo Olympic athletes beware - You might not want to celebrate winning a gold medal by jumping on your bed. The bed frames in the Athletes Village at this year's Olympics will be made of cardboard. Sturdy cardboard.

The world’s best cities for freelancers to stay connected

Staying connected has never been more important for freelancers, with access to the Internet and the rest of the world enabling freelancers to travel across the globe whilst working. But which destinations are the best to work remotely?

Koenigsegg, a supercar challenging Swedish stereotypes

For a quarter century, Koenigsegg has been making supercars for a niche market typically reserved for Italian luxury brands, while challenging perceptions of Swedish modesty.
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