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In the wake of the Superfish incident, leading PC maker Lenovo has vowed to eliminate 'adware' and 'bloatware' from all future PCs.

China deletes over 60,000 online accounts ahead of new regulation

Some of China's largest online companies have been forced to delete over 60,000 accounts registered on their services ahead of the upcoming date for the introduction of new censorship and regulation of names used online.

AVG details which Android apps are the biggest battery drain

Curious to find out why your phone's battery keeps draining so quickly? It could be due to your phone's age or the temperature outside (phone batteries don't like the cold), but it could also have to do with which apps you're using.

Drone controlled by human brain unveiled in Portugal

A Portuguese company has demonstrated groundbreaking technology that allows people to pilot unmanned aerial drones using brainwaves.

Op-Ed: 4 MP3 downloaders and players that are light on your wallet

Music is something we use to collect our thoughts, pass the time, get focused, and be entertained. People want to have their music with them wherever they go, and no place is more important than on their home computer or laptop.

Samsung signs deal with Apple and LG

Samsung has signed a deal with both Apple and LG to provide DRAM chips for their next generation smartphones, according to an article in the Korea Times.

Apple may enter the car industry

Industry insiders are speculating that Apple is considering entering the car industry, joining Google and Tesla Motors in the production of electric cars.

'Komodia' software behind Superfish found in 12 more programs

The dangerous code that allowed the Superfish adware preinstalled on Lenovo laptops to spoof secure SSL certificates has now been found inside another twelve programs online. All are capable of getting around the security mechanisms in the HTTPS protocol.

Family of scientist Alan Turing seeks pardon for 49,000 other men

The family of world-renowned code-breaking scientist Alan Turing plans to demand that the government pardon 49,000 other men who, like Turing, were also persecuted for being gay.

Mattel's Wi-Fi Barbie can tell stories, jokes to kids

Barbie maker Mattel has partnered with San Francisco start-up ToyTalk to develop Hello Barbie, that can engage in two-way conversation with children.

Google unveils YouTube for Kids, available now on Android and iOS

Google has unveiled its long-anticipated YouTube for Kids app that promises to give parents control over what video content their children consume and the ability to limit viewing hours while creating an attractive interface for kids.

Cases that are as smart as your phone

By the year 2018, it is predicted that more than 220 million people will own smartphones in the United States. This is a considerable growth since 2010 when just under 63 million people were using smartphones.

Lebara Mobile creates Lebara Talk app for the migrant community

European mobile network Lebara is beginning to expand its reach into other regions with the launch of a new free voice and messaging app, Lebara Talk, in its quest to become a "digital hub" for separated families.

Astronauts prepare ISS for 'space taxis' with 7-hour spacewalk

Commander Barry Wilmore and Flight Engineer Terry Virts, spent nearly seven hours outside the International Space Station (ISS) to reconfigure it and install new docking stations for commercial crew vehicles.

FBI seeks wider warrant powers - Google says, 'No!'

The news is, on the last day of public hearings, Google charged that expanded FBI cyber-search warrant power gives the Bureau free reign to violate search and seizure protections and privacy rights through the "practice of covert entry warrants."

'Alternative' bullet to be tested in Ferguson

Police shootings have never been more prominent, and some police forces — including the Ferguson, Mo. police — are testing a reportedly non-lethal alternative to bullets when confronting a suspect.

Lenovo secretly installed Superfish adware on new computers

Computer manufacturer Lenovo has been caught shipping new laptops prepackaged with adware that makes them more vulnerable to hackers in an attempt to deliver advertisements to users.

New Android malware spies on you even when phone is shut down

Security researchers have discovered a new form of malware attacking Android smartphones that allows hackers to control the device even if it appears completely shut down to the user.

Discussing Urban Engines fourth dimensional data with Jason Hope Special

Using fourth dimensional data, Urban Engines is developing a new mobile map that is capturing what Shiva Shivakumar, founder of Urban Engines as the "Internet of moving things."

4 killer apps for launching an online business

For entrepreneurs, creating and running a website to sell products has become incredibly simple and convenient. There are multiple products to establish and maintain your web store — many of them are easy to use and inexpensive to maintain.

GPS-equipped clothing can help protect children with autism

A new clothing line that uses embedded global positioning system (GPS) tracking technology is helping parents protect autistic children, who are prone to wandering away from their homes or supervised spaces.

This breathalyzer helps call Uber when you're too drunk to drive

Breathometer, the startup that makes smartphone-connected breathalyzers, wants to make it even easier to find your way home after you've had a few too many drinks.

NSA reportedly hiding spyware deep inside hard drives

A group presumed to be the US National Security Agency has found a way to install surveillance and sabotage spyware deep inside computers it has targeted in numerous nations, a Russian cybersecurity company claimed on Monday.

Facebook to improve advertising with relevance scores

Paid advertising on Facebook has grown a great deal over the past several years, to the point where it’s becoming a major rival to pay-per-click Google ads.

Russian cybersecurity firm reports U.S. embedded spyware

A Russian Cybersecurity firm reported on Monday that the United States permanently embedded sabotage tools and software in targeted networks globally.

Apple patents virtual reality headset that works with the iPhone

Apple has yet to officially enter the virtual reality space, but a new patent proves that Apple has been at least thinking about VR.

Op-Ed: The Autobahn to be a major testing ground for driverless cars

The Autobahn autocar plan is to launch driverless cars along the A9 Autobahn connecting Munich and Berlin. All we can do is speculate as to projected start and finish dates for the project, or what sort of budget we're looking at.

DNA preserved in glass could store data for over 2 million years

A hard drive that stores data on a strand of DNA preserved in glass could keep data in a readable state for over 2 million years if kept in an optimal enivronment, a new report indicates.

Malware cyberthefts confirmed at $300 million and counting

White collar cyberthieves spent months capturing keystrokes, screenshots and video through infiltrated malware at 100 or more international banks to cyberheist $10 million at a time, netting perhaps three times the confirmed $300 million.

2015 Ford aluminum bodied F-150 pick-up wins yet another award

The innovative aluminum bodied 2015 Ford F-150 has won another award, this one voted upon by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC). The truck wins the Canadian Utility Vehicle of the year award.

Op-Ed: The truth about breaking Enigma code

A week before the Oscars are given away and amid growing popularity of one of the most visible candidates for the award, Morten Tyldum’s “The Imitation Game”, let’s take a quick look at how the truth of Enigma code breaking came to be.

Police question man after Twitter bot makes death threats

Twitter user Jeffry van der Goot found himself being questioned by police after his Twitter bot wrote some interesting, if ominous tweets that appeared to be death threats.

Image shows woman paid to manipulate App Store rankings

An image posted to Chinese social media site Weibo allegedly shows a "ranking farm" of racks of iPhones that are used to manipulate ratings and reviews of apps in the App Store.

Op-Ed: The nanobots are coming back

Nanotechnology has kept a low profile after the early hype in the 90s, but recent advances show that those nanobots might swim in our brains and build things for us sooner than we think.

Samsung SmartTVs are interrupting users' videos with random ads

First came the reports that Samsung's SmartTVs were listening into everything you say in your living room. Now Samsung is dealing with a new headache.

Dramatic fall in phone theft as kill switches installed

Smartphone thefts have fallen dramatically in three major cities across the world after manufacturers began adding remote "kill switches" so users can disable stolen devices, according to reports.

Will driverless cars soon be the reality?

The British government will consider the feasibility, and the legal changes changes necessary, to make driverless cars a reality along the roads of the U.K..

Is a new search engine in the works for Apple?

When you think of Apple, the idea of a search engine is not the first thing that pops into your head, but that may all be changing if the company manages to find a qualified person to head its Apple Search project.

Op-Ed: Nanotechnology likely to be the next big technological revolution

Is technological progress slowing down? Are we simply refining technological advances originally made in the 1980s or earlier? Fear not: there is a next wave that will revolutionize technology. And it's small. Real small. A look at nanotechnology.

Custom gold-backed, diamond-adorned iPhone 6 costs $3.5 million

A custom-made iPhone 6 produced by Goldgenie is available to buy now for $3.5 million, finished in 24 carat gold or platinum and with other prestigious options available, just in case your iPhone wasn't flashy enough already.

You can now stop drones from flying over your house

If you have a fear of drones invading your personal property and even spying on you, there's now a way to prevent that: it's called