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technology Articles
Google Pay users who add their PayPal details to their Google Pay accounts will now be able to pay their bills and purchases using PayPal. The integration will cover any app such such as Gmail, YouTube, or Google Store.

Smart clothes advanced with elastic fibers filled with electrodes

A newly fashioned elastic fiber, packed with electrodes, looks set to revolutionize smart clothes and finally bring the concept from laboratory to consumer.

Alexa spies on couple in house

A couple in Portland, Oregon have discovered that Amazon's Alexa listened in, recorded and then posted a recording of a private conversation. Amazon has been accused of flouting data privacy.

White House has deal to lift sanctions on China's ZTE: report

The White House says it has reached a deal with Chinese telecoms giant ZTE that would lift crippling sanctions slapped on the company, The New York Times reported Friday.

Apple has a patent for smarter replies to declined calls

The patent — filed in October last year — pertains to "intelligent declining of an incoming call," where Siri will help you help the person on the other end of the line understand why you can't talk right now.

Oldest startup in photography crowdfunds digital content agency

1854 Media, the publisher of British Journal of Photography and owner of the 'oldest startup in photography', is crowdfunding its new visual content agency for the digital age.

Big plans for Digital Literacy Day

What digital literacy is currently about and what it can be, on both an individual and collective scale, are to be explored and celebrated through various activities and education sessions across Toronto as part of the first Digital Literacy Day.

Samsung to open artificial intelligence centre in Toronto

Samsung Research America has declared it will open a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence center in Toronto. This forms part of a new venture to tap into and contribute to the flourishing artificial intelligence industry.

Netflix market value reaches $150 billion, exceeds Comcast

On Thursday, May 24, the streaming service Netflix ruled the entertainment world. The market value of Netflix soared over $150 billion.

Happy GDPR Day - but not for some US websites

The EU's flagship new data protection laws came into effect on Friday but hit an early hitch as several major US news websites were blocked to European users.

How should organizations be adapting to automation?

The question of how companies should plan on adapting to automation is weighing on many. A new report from McKinsey that focuses on how organizations (not just industry) are thinking about automation and how they should be adapting.

Facebook changes two-factor authentication

Facebook has changed how the two-factor authentication process works — now users don't need to use their phone numbers and can use an authenticator app instead.

Rush to comply with new EU data law

Companies made a last-minute rush Thursday to comply with new European Union data protection laws that Brussels says will protect consumers from being like "people naked in an aquarium".

Twitter appears to be suspending accounts for tweets in Cyrillic

After announcing that it will become more aggressive in combating trolls on its service, it appears it has gone too far and is suspending accounts merely because users tweets are in Cyrillic the alphabet used in Russian.

HTC's new flagship phone is here

HTC unveiled their new flagship phone today, the U12+, and this is the only one they're planning on releasing this year.

The scandals bedevilling Facebook

As Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg pursues a tour of Europe to explain his company's shortcomings involving the use of data and fake news, here is a roundup of the scandals.

Shell Airflow Starship semi truck seeks a fuel economy record

Bob Sliwa left from San Diego last Thursday night in a carbon-fiber-bodied, diesel powered semi truck. He is attempting to set a record for fuel economy for big trucks by the time he reaches Jacksonville Florida next Wednesday.

Samsung set to open AI research lab in Cambridge

Tech giant Samsung is opening an AI research lab in Cambridge. The move to do this has been welcomed by British Prime Minister Theresa May, but there's concern over a mass funnelling of graduates out of academic AI research.

Tesla working on 'firmware update' fix for Model 3 'brake flaw'

After Consumer Reports highlighted flaws in the Model 3's braking system on Monday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to downplay the report. Musk admitted there was a problem with the braking issue, but said it will be fixed with a firmware update.

SpaceX will put two major payloads into orbit with Falcon 9 today

Later today, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch from Vandenberg AFB in California carrying two payloads - five Iridium NEXT telephone relay stations and two for NASA and a German research agency.

Zcash a cryptocoin stressing privacy gains 50 percent last week

At the end of the third week of May the overall cryptocoin market was deep in the red. The total market capitalization of the market dropped 14.48 percent to $366 billion over the last seven days. The month-to-date losses are close to 30 percent.

As EU privacy law looms, debate swirls on cybersecurity impact

Days ahead of the implementation of a sweeping European privacy law, debate is swirling on whether the measure will have negative consequences for cybersecurity.

Bitcoin price managed to breach $8,500 again Sunday

Bitcoin closed below key technical levels on Thursday indicating a bearish trend but the consequent sell off bottomed out at $7,925 on Friday to be followed by a rally over the weekend boosting the price over $500 dollars.

Bitcoin mining — How much energy is really consumed?

It takes a lot of electricity to mine bitcoins, and as more miners try to cash in on the crypto craze, the amount of energy required to win new coins increases, according to new research published last week.

Nova Scotia spaceport construction delayed until next year

Maritime Launch Services Ltd. president and CEO Stephen Matier, following meetings at the proposed rocket launch site near Canso, Nova Scotia, said the construction of Canada's only commercial spaceport has been pushed back.

Facebook's Zuckerberg agrees to live-stream EU parliament hearing

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has agreed to live-stream his meeting with European Parliament members as he answers questions in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, a top official said Monday.

Google's human sounding bot will identify itself in conversations

Employees finally got some answers this week on how Google's new Duplex human sounding robot will work. It will identify itself at the beginning of the conversation as a Google assistant robot.

Smartwatch extends touch display to skin

For those seeking more from their smartwatch, a new development extends the display projected from the watch onto the arm of the wearer. This not only offers a wider display; it also provides more interactivity.

Musk reveals Specs and pricing for Tesla's Dual-Motor Model 3

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter Saturday night to reveal the specifications for two new versions of the Model 3, the car that is intended to be the company’s first high-volume vehicle.

Germany having a tough time enforcing online hate speech law

On January 1 of this year, Germany's new Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG) went into full effect. This act states that any company that fails to remove illegal content within 24 hours faces a fine of up to 50 million Euros.

Axios: Google may have faked the Duplex hairdresser call

News media company Axios asked some tough questions to Google about their recent demo calls where Google Duplex called a hair salon and a restaurant; claiming that Google may have altered something.

Ethereum is number one blockchain in new Chinese index

According to the Chinese Global Public Chain Assessment Index released on May18, Ethereum is the number one blockchain. Bitcoin was only 13th.

Apple-Samsung iPhone design copying case goes to jury

Jurors return to a Silicon Valley courtroom Monday to put a price on patented iPhone design features copied by Samsung in a legal case dating back seven years.

Elon Musk updates the public on Boring Company and it's amazing

The hottest ticket in Los Angeles Thursday night was not a movie premiere - It was a seat in a synagogue to hear a tech CEO update people on a venture literally called the Boring Company.

Robots and green energy triumph at Intel ISEF

The top awards at May's Intel ISEF event go for a window-washing robot, low-cost big batteries and ‘green’ capacitors. Across the event, some 1,790 students competed for the awards.

New virtual training ground for drones

To become more effective drones need to be 'trained', using machine learning principles. To aid this, a new virtual reality training ground for drones has been established.

Bitcoin price dips below $8,000 before minor recovery

Bitcoin's (BTC) price dropped to a one-month low below the $8,000 level. It was down to $7,925 earlier today on Bitfinex. This is its lowest price since April 18.

Elon Musk says flying cars are a bad idea

During an event for his tunnel-digging company, The Boring Company, on Thursday, Elon Musk explained why flying cars could be more trouble than they're worth.

Smart luggage firms lose battery fight

Two smart luggage companies have closed down this month, citing the changes to airline policies which affect how lithium batteries can be taken on-board aeroplanes.

Nest smart home devices went offline, behaved badly

The entire web of Nest smart home monitoring devices went offline or behaved badly late Wednesday night and early into Thursday morning. While the issue has since been resolved, it definitely shows we should always be prepared when malfunctions happen.

Cambridge Analytica files for voluntary bankruptcy in US: court filing

British political consulting group Cambridge Analytica filed for voluntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the Southern District of New York, court documents showed.