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The pandemic hasn’t been doing the business world too many favours. In 3D printing, which is typically a collaborative multi-party business, you need to know how to get business done.

Geologists 'resurrect' missing tectonic plate in Northern Canada

A tectonic plate called the Resurrection Plate has long been a topic of debate among geologists, with some arguing it was never real, while others say it subducted down into the Earth's mantle millions of years ago. Geologists believe they have found it.

Polar ship 'Sir David Attenborough' begins sea trials Wednesday

Britain’s new polar ship, RSS Sir David Attenborough, will leave for sea trials on Wednesday to be put through its paces before making its maiden voyage to Antarctica in November 2021 to boost research into climate change.

Broadvoice database: 350 million customer records exposed online Special

A Broadvoice database cluster holding more than 350 million records, many including personal details and voicemail transcripts of Broadvoice clients’ customers, was found to have been left open online for anyone to view.

US seeks to sway Brazil on Chinese 5G with $1-bn deal

The United States promised Brazil $1 billion in financing toward US imports Tuesday, adding a carrot to its campaign to convince the country not to use China's Huawei to develop its 5G network.

Facebook unveils machine learning translator for 100 languages

Facebook on Monday unveiled software based on machine learning which the company said was the first to be able to translate from any of 100 languages without relying on English.

Barnes & Noble in recent ransomware attack Special

Barnes & Noble may have suffered a recent ransomware attack. This news comes after it was revealed that the U.S. government took direct action to disrupt a botnet which has generally been used in ransomware attacks.

Serious flaw found in popular project management app Special

Security experts have unearthed a vulnerability within a system that is istelf used for bug tracking and project management. The error could allow hackers to extract sensitive information relating to users of the software.

Op-Ed: Game changer — Wearable bio sensors printed on skin

Old-style skin sensors are cumbersome, tough on patients and medical staff, high maintenance, and expensive. New printable bio sensors from Penn State University and Harbin Institute of Technology are about to change the game forever.

Half of cybersecurity staff taken off security duties Special

Are information technology systems more vulnerable under COVID-19? This could be the case as many companies pull staff away from security duties to help the growing mass of home workers.

Springfield caught out in ransomware attack Special

The Springfield Public Schools district in Massachusetts has become the victim of a ransomware attack that has caused the closure of schools while authorities investigate the cyberattack.

Canada invests in small nuclear reactors to meet climate goals

Oakville, Ontario-based nuclear tech company Terrestrial Energy has received a $20 million commitment from the federal government to aid in the development of the company’s small modular reactor (SMR) technology.

Millions of patients' data exposed on database without password Special

New has emerged that Dr. Lal PathLabs, a laboratory testing giant in India, left a massive amount of patient data exposed on a public database without a password for several months.

Accelerating AI deployments in the business setting

According to a new report, businesses need to give serious consideration to putting AI on a rapid path to production. Data and analytics leaders should use this research collection to remove the most common barriers to production.

Russian Soyuz rocket takes NASA astronaut to ISS one last time

Today's launch of a Russian Soyuz rocket, carrying two cosmonauts and one NASA astronaut to the International Space Station marks the end of an era. It was the last time NASA paid for one of its astronauts to fly with Roscosmos, the Russian space agency.

Amazon Prime Day requires a tight focus on cybersecurity Special

Amazon Prime Day is here. While many will seek to spend online, it is also important that consumers need to remain cautious and continue to be focused on cybersecurity. This includes strengthening your password.

Op-Ed: Sense of touch for VR is arriving now, with attached hype

The next buzzword is “haptic”, meaning related to the sense of touch. One of the oldest science fiction clichés is about to become unavoidable – The sense of touch in virtual reality is the new thing, so here comes the hype.

Op-Ed: The first flat pack chassis achieves critical auto design needs

The first "flat pack vehicle"? Flat chassis designs and theories have been around for while, but – The new Hyper Skateboard Look disguises a level of design flexibility like nothing before it. This is good news for drivers, costs, environment, and more.

CISO’s are key to make companies security safe under COVID-19 Special

To mark the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Brent Johnson of Bluefin explains just how important the role of the Chief information security officer (CISO) is to major firms.

Lessons for the Universal Health Services ransomware attack Special

Following news that a major U.S. healthcare provider was hit by a crippling ransomware attack, there are lessons to be learned in terms of preventative actions to safeguard systems from ransomware.

Fashion chain Moda Operandi used an unsecure data server Special

Fashion retailer Moda Operandi has provided a further example of a company using an unsecured data server. Looking at this all-too-common pattern is Bitglass's Anurag Kahol.

Implications of the Chowbus data leak revealed Special

A threat actor has hacked into the Chowbus food delivery service and emailed links to the stolen data to all customers. An expert looks into the issue and implications for clients.

Elevate your security posture for cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is important, yet the continued repetition of the message means that important factors are often missed. Balbix have attempted to improve communication with a new, more fun, way of getting information across.

How security researchers should view the Voting Systems Act Special

The U.S. legislature recently approved a new legal framework termed ‘The Defending the Integrity of Voting Systems Act. This Act could make hacking federal voting systems a crime, according to analyst Casey Ellis.

Lawmakers slam Big Tech 'monopolies' in new report

A House of Representatives panel said in a report Tuesday that four Big Tech firms are "monopolies" which abuse their market dominance and called for sweeping changes to antitrust laws and enforcement, which could potentially lead to breakups of the gi...

UK tax office hit by 500,000 malicious emails Special

The U.K. tax authority has been bombarded with 521,582 malicious email attacks over the last three months, according to official figures. This equates to around 5,000 fake emails per day, a level that is close to overwhelming capacity.

Are IT Pros ready for Halloween? Scary Security Stats revealed

Be afraid. Be very afraid...if you are an IT professional. Each year, cybersecurity companies publish a number of research reports focusing on different aspects of cybersecurity and breach trends. Here are the most interesting.

Key points for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Special

Each October, the coming of autumn, brings a renewed focus on cybersecurity, especially in the U.S. where 'National Cybersecurity Awareness Month' is marked. What lessons are there to learn for 2020's incarnation?

New phishing worm account takeover threat Special

Researchers have alerted businesses about a recent phishing attempt which goes beyond the usual tactics and basic attempts to compromise a network. The risk is with a major theft that it could become a major password theft across systems.

What were the implications of Microsoft going offline in October? Special

At the start of October 2020, Microsoft reported that its services were down worldwide. What could be behind this and what were the implications for the company and its millions of users.

Office365 and the risk of email scams Special

Business email compromise (BEC) fraud refers to activities where criminals impersonate company partners and convince them to send money to their bank accounts. A new vulnerability has been detected with Office365.

Nevada school caught out in new data hack Special

A school in Nevada is the latest educational institution to be hit by a cybersecurity incident. Hackers have managed to capture some key personal data from the school systems.

Universal Health Services hit by ransomware attack

Universal Health Services, one of the largest healthcare providers in the U.S., has been hit by a ransomware attack. Mark Bagley, VP of Product, AttackIQ looks at what this means for businesses.

Town Sports exposes 600,000 records of members and staff Special

A chain of U.S. sports clubs called Town Sports have been caught out in a data loss issue, according to SVP's Ben Goodman. The issue impacts both personnel and clients of the chain.

Q&A: Accelerating self-driving cars with advanced networks Special

Digital transformation success requires sophisticated networks, yet putting these in place takes time. Can the tech adoption curve be shortened? An expert from Apstra provides some solutions.

How to avoid coronavirus fraud scams

A crisis creates opportunities for fraudsters and an example is with the coronavirus pandemic. As more people gravitate towards using on-line services, the digital culture presents more opportunities for bad actors.

China says US 'abusing power' by squeezing TikTok

Beijing on Monday accused the Trump administration of abusing "national power" by trying to ban TikTok, as a federal court gave the video app's US operations a stay of execution.

TikTok gets reprieve as judge halts Trump download ban

TikTok won a last-minute reprieve late Sunday as a US federal judge halted enforcement of a politically charged ban ordered by the Trump administration on downloads of the popular video app, hours before it was set to take effect.

Unsecured Microsoft Bing server exposed search queries Special

It was recently revealed that a back-end server associated with Microsoft Bing exposed sensitive data of the search engine's mobile application users, including search queries, device details, and GPS coordinates, among others.

Op-Ed: Education breakthrough — Holistic education meets gaming

Video games are scapegoats for a lot of things in media myths. Now, the tables are turning. Pioneering work by Acer and Build A World is showing exceptional promise using video gaming as a learning tool. This is the way out of Death Valley for education.

UK NCSC warns against ransomware attacks on schools Special

The U.K. has seen an increase in education-targeted ransomware attacks, where hackers have demanded a significant bitcoin ransom from victims of attacks. A new warning comes ahead for the next few weeks.
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