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The recent price surge in bitcoin (BTC) along with the entire cryptocurrency market accelerated over the weekend. Bitcoin has risen over the $9,000 level for the first time since May 10 of 2018. This is almost triple bitcoin's price as the year began.

Trump furious at NY Times article on US cyberattacks on Russia

Last weekend, the New York Times broke a story about US cyberattacks on Russia particularly against their electrical grid. The report suggests the US has placed massive malware across vital Russian systems.

NASA will test 'green' fuel in Falcon Heavy mission next week

SpaceX's upcoming Falcon Heavy mission next week will not only be testing a new "green" propellant, but it will be carrying 20 satellites and materials that will support the Deep Space Atomic Clock as well as two additional experiments.

Samsung: Time to start scanning your smart TVs for viruses

Smart televisions being at a risk to viruses is not the first area most people would consider in terms of cyber-risks. However, ever more sophisticated technology and renewed efforts by hackers presents such a risk

Boeing apologises for 737 MAX crashes as Paris Air Show opens

A top Boeing executive apologised Monday for two crashes of 737 MAX jets that together killed 346 people, disasters which have pushed safety to the top of the agenda as aerospace firms gathered for the opening of the Paris Air Show.

Europe takes new step toward future combat jet

France, Germany and Spain on Monday unveiled a next-generation combat jet for European air forces, an ambitious project aimed at bringing together the continent's disparate military forces while offering an alternative to American planes.

Lyft introduces new more durable scooter for its sharing business

Transportation network Lyft Inc. is introducing its own special model of scooter for its scooter-sharing business. The scooter is mean to be more durable, has a longer battery life and bike-like brakes. The scooters are available in Denver.

Review: Two wireless earbuds reviewed for sound and functionality Special

Earbuds are becoming the popular alternative to the standard headphones that come with smartphones. Technology has moved on for pairing to be maintained consistently, via Bluetooth. Two different products, from Xcentz and Blitzwolf are examined.

Canada backing startup to boost data on space debris

The Canadian government’s contracting arm is backing a proposed new satellite system that will use big data analytics to provide commercially available data about the Earth and its orbit amid growing concerns about the risks posed by space debris.

Bitcoin moves well above $8,100 but on low volumes

Bitcoin is moving higher but on declining volumes a sign that there may be a continuing bullish move. However, bitcoin has broken decisively through the $8,100 level so perhaps buyers will enter the market this weekend.

Amazon sued over Alexa's recording of child's voice

Amazon is to be sued in the U.S. over recordings made by Alexa of a child. Two separate cases allege that Amazon did not have the consent to create the voiceprints of children talking to the personal digital assistant.

Amid privacy firestorm, Facebook curbs research tool

Facebook has curbed access to a controversial feature allowing searches of the vast content within the social network -- a tool which raised privacy concerns but was also used for research and investigative journalism.

Op-Ed: Warren asks federal agencies for answers about algorithmic bias

For a long time now, lenders have given African American and Latino families fewer loans and at inferior terms than white borrowers in similar circumstances. One might think that the use of tech such as algorithms would be able to solve these problems.

British government invests $193 million in quantum computing

The quest for “quantum supremacy”, to develop 'true' quantum computers that can do anything far faster than an ordinary computer and more, is playing out on the global stage. The U.K. government, keen to be part of this, has pledged a considerable sum

Are secret agents using LinkedIn to get information?

LinkedIn is the professional networking site where people go to network, join discussion groups or look for jobs. It also seems to contain a hot-bed of spies, seeking data.

Senators warn Trump to not use Huawei as chip in trade talks

Two leading US senators warned President Donald Trump's administration Thursday to not use Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei's access to the US market as a negotiating tool in trade talks with Beijing.

Netflix gets its game on at E3 with 'Stranger Things'

Netflix on Wednesday made its first formal appearance at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, showcasing plans for video games based on hit original shows such as "Stranger Things.

Huawei postpones new laptop indefinitely after US ban

Huawei has postponed indefinitely the release of a new laptop that uses Windows as an OS according to the Windows laptop consumer CEO Richard Yu.

OECD issues report on AI in Society

The OECD has published a detailed report looking at how artificial intelligence is affecting global economies and societies. The report considers the acceleration in AI investment and the growth of startups.

Thousands of images are stolen in U.S. border hack

Tens of thousands of images have been stolen in U.S. border hack. The images are of people who have crossed the U.S. border with Mexico. as well as images of people, the data also related to vehicle license plates.

Opera browser releases what it calls world's first gaming browser

For the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this year the browser Opera has come up with what it terms the "world's first gaming browser".

Radiohead defies hackers, releases trove of stolen music

Alternative rock legends Radiohead on Tuesday released an 18-hour trove of private recordings from their 1997 album "OK Computer" after getting hacked by someone seeking a ransom of $150,000 for the music.

Awareness needed of cyber risks when spring cleaning computers

While the digital age makes it easy to transfer and to store data from computers via flash drives or external hard drives, a virtual data thumbprint remains on all devices — and this means a remaining security risk.

TritonWear CEO Tristan Lehari discusses career, new technology Special

Tristan Lehari, the co-founder and CEO of TritonWear, chatted with Digital Journal about the launch of Triton 2. He also spoke about the impact of technology on aquatics.

Huawei denies being bound by Chinese spy laws

Huawei's cyber security chief told the UK parliament Monday that the Chinese telecoms giant has been advised it was under no obligation to spy for Beijing if so asked by the Communist state.

Review: Three alternative charging products for Apple devices Special

Most technology suppliers create the impression that you need to buy 'official' chargers to work with particular products, to secure sales of hardware. However, there are many good quality alternative products available. Three are reviewed here.

Time to ban facial recognition technology, says Liberty

Civil liberties campaign group Liberty has described facial recognition technology as "arsenic in the water of democracy" and has called on law enforcement agencies to stop using controversial imaging platforms.

Google claims U.S. Huawei ban makes security issues worse

Instead of helping with U.S. national security, the ban by the U.S. government of Huawei is actually opening up a cybersecurity issue according to Google. This relates to Huawei needing to develop its own operating system.

Amsterdam prepares fleet of 'roboats' to collect garbage and more

Technologists are developing a fleet of 'roboats' to operate along the canals of Amsterdam. Such boats could collect garbage or self-assemble into floating structures, signalling the future of transportation in waterway-rich cities.

Facebook ready to launch its first cryptocurrency

Facebook is soon to roll out its new cryptocurrency, with June 18, 2019 being the expected date for details to emerge, although the official release may not be until 2020. Multiple investors are lined up to support the project.

'Hurry up!': G20 urged to speed up digital tax

Top G20 finance officials agreed Saturday there was an urgent need to find a global system to tax internet giants like Google and Facebook but clashed on the best way to do it.

Microsoft removes a database of millions of facial images

Earlier in the week Microsoft removed a database of more than ten million faces. The database was used to test and train facial recognition algorithms. The database was known as MS Celeb.

NASA announces it's opening the Space Station to tourism

For a mere $35,000 per night, tourists will now be able to visit the International Space Station (ISS), NASA announced on Friday. The price does not include transportation, which will run around $85,000.

Google maps to provide earthquake tracking service

Live in an area here there is an earthquake risk? Not sure when to travel? No need to be concerned, Google has an app for that - or at least an adaptation of Google Maps.

Op-Ed: China's Huawei signs 5G deal with largest Russian mobile operator

The gloom surrounding the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei was somewhat dispelled this week as the company has signed a 5G development deal with MTS Russia's largest mobile operator.

Big growth in people-finding websites

Want to run a background check on some one? Wish to know what your neighbour is up to? There are solutions for that in terms of people-finding search engines and this market is becoming big business, despite the privacy issues that come with it.

China grants 5G licences for commercial use

China on Thursday granted 5G commercial licences to four domestic companies, taking a big step in its bid to be a global leader in next generation wireless networks amid fierce rivalry from the United States.

Apple pulls plug on iTunes, what happens to the music library?

Apple Music has pulled the plug on iTunes after 18 years in service. The pondering question is as follows: "what happens to all of one's music?"

Q&A: Developing apps for baby boomers to use Special

There are some 41 million baby boomers in the U.S. workforce, many of whom are grappling with an ever-changing workplace filled with strange, new apps, software and processes. App developers need to take note, says Matt Fairhurst of Skedulo.

Amazon says drone deliveries coming 'within months'

Amazon said Wednesday it expects to begin large-scale deliveries by drone in the coming months as it unveiled its newest design for its "Prime Air" fleet.

New V-shaped airplane will use less fuel than the Airbus A350

A new V-shaped airplane is being developed by TU-Delft and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. The improved aerodynamic shape and reduced weight will mean the craft uses 20% less fuel than the Airbus A350, which is today’s most advanced aircraft.
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