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Monsanto has withdrawn its application seeking approval for its next-generation of genetically modified cotton seeds from India. Monsanto's latest move is in response to a long-standing dispute with the Indian government.

Mobileye and Delphi to create automated driving solution

British automotive equipment maker Delphi and Israeli technology company Mobileye are teaming up to develop a system for autonomous driving.

Airlander 10 takes a nose dive on second test flight

Airlander 10, officially named the Martha Gwyn, is going to have a hefty repair bill now that she has injured her nose. The giant airship ended her second test flight with a rather bumpy nose dive.

Introducing Manbang, North Korea's version of Netflix

Netflix, an on-demand video streaming service, has a new competitor called Manbang, which North Korea invented. It allows people to watch five channels in real time and view information about the country's leader.

Prototype Apple I computer valued at $1 million

Bids on a rare Apple I computer being sold at auction are heading towards the $1 million mark. The machine is believed to be one of the earliest ever built, possibly a prototype, and has very strong historical value. It comes with original manuals.

Sony launches PlayStation Now and over 400 games on Windows PCs

Sony has announced it is bringing its PlayStation Now online gaming service to Windows PCs, alongside an official wireless adapter for its DualShock controllers. The move is a response to the increased role of Xbox on Microsoft's Windows 10.

NFC Ring lets you pay with a tap of your finger

You can now tap-to-pay using nothing more than your finger at hundreds of thousands of stores in the U.S. and U.K.. The NFC Ring is a Visa-based payment ring that is now available for anyone to pre-order. It made its debut at the Rio Olympics this month.

Google to crack down on mobile sites with intrusive popup ads

Google has announced a crackdown on mobile sites that make use of intrusive pop-up adverts. It is revising its search algorithms to lower the rank of these sites. The move will help users avoid bad advertising and could reduce traffic to offending pages.

Op-Ed: Microsoft slammed for Windows 10’s ‘malicious’ privacy invasions

Everybody said it when they found out about Windows 10’s “phone home” abilities: they don’t like it, it’s intrusive, and it gets a lot of information. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, those worries are now proven.

Speedy new Tesla boasts range topping 300 miles

Tesla unveiled speedy new model electric cars capable of traveling more than 300 miles (482 kilometers) before needing to be recharged.

Lenovo will load up with Microsoft apps

Lenovo will soon install Microsoft apps and services on its new mobile devices that will still be powered by Android software, the latest smartphone maker to embrace the American firm’s technology.

Google launches Android 7.0 Nougat with multi-window, VR and more

Google has officially launched Android 7.0 Nougat, the latest version of its mobile platform. The new release is available now on recent Nexus devices, although 2013's Nexus 5 is excluded. The update will roll out to more phones in the coming months.

Samsung's Z2 is a low-cost 4G smartphone running Tizen

Samsung has officially announced the Z2, a budget smartphone aimed at the Indian market. To cut costs down, Samsung has used its own Tizen operating system instead of Android. The Z2 is the first Tizen phone to include 4G cellular connectivity.

Microsoft reveals HoloLens' secret 24-core custom processor

Microsoft has publicly revealed details of the custom-built processor that powers the holographic processor inside the HoloLens. A 24-core chip accompanies the main system processor to make the holographic display possible. It's both powerful and pricey.

Apple's latest purchase hints at a health-focused Apple Watch 2

Apple is expected to launch an upgraded version of its Apple Watch wearable later in the year. Today it revealed it has acquired Gliimpse, a personal health data startup that hints at Apple's plans for the new device, suggesting it will focus on health.

Microsoft admits Windows 10 update just broke millions of webcams

Microsoft has admitted that it broke millions of the world's most popular webcams with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. An internal change to the way in which webcams are controlled has left devices unusable, including with Microsoft's own apps.

Samsung planning to copy Apple and sell refurbished smartphones

Samsung reportedly intends to launch a program selling refurbished, used versions of its smartphones next year. It will use it to sustain its income, selling refurbished phones at a discount to emerging markets. Apple already has a similar program.

Sony to launch two new PlayStation 4 consoles next month

Sony is planning to launch two new PlayStation 4 consoles at a September event, according to a report. While the company has already confirmed it is building a new high-end console, it is said to be planning an upgraded standard model to accompany it.

Google to phase out Chrome apps on Windows, Mac and Linux

Google has announced it will discontinue support for in-browser Chrome apps on Windows, Mac and Linux PCs in 2018. It launched Chrome apps to allow developers to build rich online experiences, but it admits better solutions are now available.

Drones eyed to deliver medicines in Japan

A group in Japan is launching a test involving airborne delivery of medicines as part of the plan to make drones play a crucial role during disasters.

Facebook aims for video-loving teenagers with new app

Facebook took direct aim at video-loving adolescents, and Snapchat, with the release of a new iPhone app that allows teens to watch clips about the lives of their classmates.

Ride-sharing giant Uber buys autonomous truck startup Otto

Ride-sharing service Uber has acquired Otto, a self-driving technology company, as it is vigorously pushing through with its autonomous vehicle undertaking.

Microsoft's new open source mission sees PowerShell come to Linux

Microsoft is continuing its commitment to supporting other platforms by bringing its previously Windows-exclusive PowerShell scripting language to Linux and Mac OS X. It has also open-sourced PowerShell as part of its new company-wide open ethos.

Battery breakthrough doubles the capacity of your smartphone

A breakthrough in battery technology could double the capacity of the batteries inside consumer tech including smartphones, drones and electric cars. It's achieved through making a lithium battery with double the energy density of current models.

US to 'hand over' the system that controls the internet

The United States has announced it is ready to concede control of the internet's Domain Naming System (DNS), a vital component of the web that maps human-readable web addresses to numerical IP addresses. A non-profit organisation will now control DNS.

730 million people will be online in India by 2020

India is widely regarded to be the last remaining major economy yet to fully succumb to the digital revolution. It's well on the way to getting online though, due to the rise of smartphones. A new report has predicted it will have 730m web users by 2020.

McDonald's wearable toy in rash warning

Fast food burger chain McDonald's has withdrawn a give-away wearable device aimed at children after complaints that the device was causing rashes.

Driverless cars - A team effort for Volvo and Uber in Pittsburgh

Self-driving vehicle technology got a big boost this week when in was announced that Volvo Car Group has formed an alliance with Uber on developing self-driving cars, with Uber bringing 100 of them to Pittsburgh later this month.

Nokia confirms it's building new smartphones, four devices coming

Famed Finnish smartphone manufacturer Nokia has confirmed its name will return to handheld devices later this year with the launch of as many as four new Android phones. The company recently hired a new marketing officer to lead its mobile efforts.

Bitcoin users warned of attack by 'state sponsored' hackers

A leading Bitcoin information site has warned its users the release of a new version of the Bitcoin software could be targeted by "state sponsored attackers." However, the country planning the attack hasn't been revealed and many members are sceptical.

Software security alerts are ignored 90 percent of the time

A study has found security warnings displayed by software programs are routinely ignored by users. The alerts can help you to keep your computer clean and safe but are usually dismissed immediately. Most people have insufficient time to pay attention.

Advertising bots can now talk to you on Facebook Messenger

Facebook has updated its chatbot policies to allow AI-controlled ad bots onto Facebook Messenger. Messenger bots are now allowed to canvas products to you, send you promotions and engage in subscription-based conversations in a rethinking of the rules.

Giant helium-filled airship takes flight for first time in UK

Airlander 10, a blimp-shaped helium-filled aircraft that is the largest in the world, took flight today in the UK, making a short but historic flight around the airfield in Cardington where it is based.

Electric cars could replace 90 percent of current U.S. vehicles

A new study out of the U.S. has determined electric vehicles, with their current charging limitations, could replace and do an equal job to 90 percent of the gasoline-powered vehicles on the road in that country today.

Amazon’s Twitch buys popular gaming media outlet Curse

The battle for supremacy in the growing market of interactive game streaming services has intensified as rivals are aggressively expanding their ventures.

Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs will soon get updates like Windows 10

Microsoft has announced it is changing the way it releases updates for Windows 7 and 8.1 computers. Going forward, it will use the same approach as it does for Windows 10, wrapping all security and reliability updates up into a single monthly release.

Windows Holographic is coming to your Windows 10 PC next year

Microsoft has announced that all Windows 10 PCs will be capable of supporting Windows Holographic mixed reality experiences next year. In partnership with Intel, the company will allow you to run holographic apps on your mainstream computer.

Duo is a new simplistic video calling app from Google

Google has launched its new video calling app Duo, a few months after announcing it at its I/O developers conference. The simple consumer app aims to make it easier to contact people through video calls but critics are divided on whether it will succeed.

Intel now has its own 'mixed reality' headset

Intel has surprised many by announcing its own virtual reality headset that offers some compelling features not found in the competition. The headset uses an all-in-one wireless design and operates independently of a PC, allowing you to move freely in VR.

Tesla probing car blaze in France

Pioneering US electric car firm Tesla said Tuesday it was probing an incident in which one of its Model S sedans caught fire while undergoing a test drive in France.

Google's education expert talks education of robots vs. kids

Computers may be getting a better education than students, according to one expert at Google. The good news for our kids is that teaching methods — like programming strategies — can change.
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