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technology Articles
With the rise in blockchain-based platforms and apps, a common problem arises for developers in terms of where to securely store and manage their sensitive data. One solution comes from the company Fluence.

Graphene will charge your phone in under 10 seconds

Grapehene, the material with a host of wonderful properties and many more potential applications, could hold the key to super-fast charging of mobile devices.

Bitcoin price struggles to recover then again dips below $8,000

Yesterday it appeared as if the bitcoin price was in recovery mode but by 13:40 UTC today March 17th it had dropped down below $8,000 again.

Time-saving technology used to build the collapsed Miami bridge

The University City Bridge, the pedestrian bridge on the campus of Florida International University that collapsed on Thursday, was built using Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) technology, according to a statement from the university.

Digital innovations in facial recognition: Interview Special

Face recognition is increasingly being used in crowded spaces, such as to replace a boarding pass and shorten time at customs or to identify terror suspects to prevent public threats. To see where the technology is heading next, we spoke with FaceFirst.

Australia warns on encrypted apps as Southeast Asia vows terror cooperation

Use of encrypted messaging apps to plan terrorist attacks is the greatest threat facing intelligence agencies in modern times, Australia warned Saturday as Southeast Asian leaders vowed closer cooperation to counter extremism.

Plattsburgh N.Y. first U.S. city to ban cryptocurrency mining

The city of Plattsburgh in New York state has become the first US city to ban cryptocurrency mining. The ban is set to last for the next 18 months.

Airbus plans to hunt down space junk with high-tech harpoon

Harpoons have been used for hundreds of years to hunt down whales, and now the Defence and Space division of the European aerospace company Airbus has developed and tested a high-tech harpoon to use in hunting down space junk.

Artificial intelligence identifies gender from a smile

A new study shows how mapping the dynamics of a smile can enable gender recognition, through interpretation by an artificial intelligence platform. Such a system will have security uses.

New speed record for quantum computers

Computer technologists have set a new speed record for the trapped-ion 'building blocks' (or logic gates) of future-generation quantum computers.

NASA to go forward with 'Gateway' at expense of telescope

NASA is pressing forward on plans to build a Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway (LOP-G), an outpost for astronauts positioned in the space near Earth's moon, after getting a green light from the White House.

US accuses Russian government of hacking infrastructure

The Russian government is behind a sustained hacking effort to take over the control systems of critical US infrastructure like nuclear power plants and water distribution, according to US cyber security investigators.

Intel details plans for Meltdown and Spectre hardware protections

Intel has announced that its upcoming silicon architectures will include hardware fixes for the Meltdown and Spectre chip vulnerabilities. The company has redesigned parts of its processors to add "protective walls" between apps and malicious actors.

Android Wear is now known as 'Wear OS by Google'

Google has renamed Android Wear, confirming that references to the new platform found inside Android P were genuine. The company said the new name, "Wear OS by Google," reflects the platform's aims of providing a wearable ecosystem "for everyone."

Google claims Android security 'leads the industry'

Google has published its fourth Android Security Review in which it details its progress in protecting ecosystem. The company is trying to address the perception that Android is less secure than iOS, claiming the two platforms now have security parity.

Prilex malware clones chip-and-pin payment cards

Cybercriminals have developed an effective way to clone chip-and-pin cards, according to research from Kaspersky Lab. The Prilex campaign has been active for over three years and is designed to subvert the latest protections introduced by card companies.

World's biggest battery in Australia to trump Musk's

British billionaire businessman Sanjeev Gupta will build the world's biggest battery in South Australia, officials said Friday, overtaking US star entrepreneur Elon Musk's project in the same state last year.

China and Canada partner in autonomous EV research

The University of Waterloo located will become partners with two leading institutes in China to pursue research in connected and autonomous vehicle technology.

Vermont house sale recorded using blockchain technology

When Katherine Purcell sold her home in South Burlington Vermont on February 20th, it was groundbreaking and different from the usual house sale. The sale was recorded on a blockchain.

Walmart files for six patents related to the use of farm drones

Walmart has taken the first step in ensuring foods such as apples, pumpkins and almonds remain on shelves in the event of a bee extinction.

New Alexa skill DeepMusic plays AI-generated music

DeepMusic is a new Alexa skill, which allows listeners and users to request their virtual assistant to play music that is generated by artificial intelligence.

Microsoft patches 'critical' flaw in Windows' Remote Desktop

Microsoft has issued a preliminary fix for a serious vulnerability in Windows' Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). An attacker could leverage the flaw to steal authentication details from a remote desktop session and gain control of a network domain.

Microsoft AI achieves human parity in translating Chinese news

Microsoft has announced a "historic milestone" in the development of AI-powered translation. The company claimed its AI can now translate Chinese news stories with the same accuracy as a human. It said that human parity is "a dream that all of us had."

Microsoft to provide PCs to teacher who taught IT on a blackboard

Microsoft has confirmed it will provide computers to a school in Ghana that lacks functioning IT equipment. 33-year-old teacher Richard Appiah Akoto went viral online last month after teaching students using blackboard mock-ups of Microsoft Word.

Microsoft expands Windows Meltdown and Spectre patch availability

Microsoft has announced it is expanding its Meltdown and Spectre patches to a wider range of Windows PCs. In this month's Patch Tuesday security updates, the company delivered Intel's microcode updates to computers which were previously unprotected.

Bose reveals sound-based smart glasses in push into AR

Audio brand Bose has announced it's entering the augmented reality market with its own set of smart glasses. The current prototype aims to evolve the role of audio in augmented reality, a technology which is currently dominated by visual experiences.

Norway going green, building battery-operated ferry boats

The Sognefjord shipyard made fuel-guzzling boats for the oil industry for many years. Now its prosperity lies in going green, as the shipyard is assembling the first ferry boats that will be entirely powered by batteries.

Op-Ed: Perry pushes 'new energy realism' - But is it a step backward?

Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry spoke at the annual oil and gas conference in Houston, Texas last week, giving attendees a brief look at his vision for the future of energy in the U.S. - calling it the "new energy realism."

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ adds faster networking for Pi Day

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced a new model of the diminutive single-board computer which iterates on 2016's Raspberry Pi 3. The updated Model B+ adds a faster processor, modern networking and official support for Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Microsoft expands its Azure cloud in Europe and the Middle East

Microsoft has announced it's expanding its Azure public cloud network into several new regions. The expansion includes Microsoft's first datacentres in the Middle East, which will be situated in the UAE. The company said it wants to reach 50 regions.

Bitcoin prices falls as Google bans cryptocurrency ads

On Wednesday morning March 14th the price of bitcoin slipped back below the $9,000 mark as there were several pieces of news that had a negative effect on the market.

Toshiba launches new AR smart glasses for field professionals

Toshiba's announced a set of augmented reality smart glasses aimed at field workers. The Windows-powered device comprises a head-mounted display and tethered pocket PC. It's aimed to assist workers by enabling efficient access to apps and information.

Google says it removed 100 'bad ads' per second in 2017

Google has published an update on its efforts to create a more sustainable ecosystem for online advertising. The company said it removed 100 "bad ads" every second during 2017, including phishing scams and malvertising campaigns.

Google uses machine learning to make computers faster as they age

Google has released a research paper which details how computers could be sped up as they age. The technique uses machine learning to enhance the performance of "prefetching," a mechanism used to pull information out of memory in advance of its use.

Greek innovation drive catches Tesla's attention

When a group of Greek students dreamt up the Pyrforos electric vehicle, they never imagined their futuristic, energy-efficient invention would inspire US automaker Tesla to invest in their crisis-hit country.

Op-Ed: Trump scuttles Broadcom's attempt to takeover Qualcomm

The decision to ban any takeover by Singapore's Broadcom of the U.S. chipmaker Qualcomm may signal a shift toward stronger control and oversight of the technology of the telecom and wireless area.

Alberta government gives petrochemical industry $1 billion boost

The provincial government will spend $1 billion over the next four years on the petrochemical industry to try to diversify Alberta’s energy sector.

Fitbit launches the Versa, a $200 smartwatch for the masses

Fitbit has announced its long-rumoured Versa smartwatch, designed as an alternative to products like the Apple Watch. Unlike Fitbit's Ionic smartwatch, the Versa is lower-priced and aimed at a wider market. It retains most of the Ionic's features.

Popular Calendar 2 Mac app bundled a built-in crypto-miner

A third-party iOS calendar app has been found bundling a built-in cryptocurrency miner in an attempt to generate its developers some additional revenue. The app managed to get past Apple's approvals and make it into the store. It has since been withdrawn.

Apple acquires 'Netflix for magazines' app Texture

Apple has announced it will acquire Texture for an undisclosed amount. Texture provides a subscription-based app that offers users access to an unlimited number of digital magazines. The service has been described as a Netflix for magazines.

Google publishes new research into how neural networks 'think'

Google has published research that provides new insights into how neural networks work. Although the use of neural networks is rapidly growing in AI, much remains unknown about how they're able to accurately recognise images and interpret speech.