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article imageTechno-helmet can translate animals' thoughts into human language

By Igor I. Solar     Dec 18, 2013 in Technology
Malm - You get home and your dog jumps at you, barks loudly, runs around, moves its ears, wags its tail, or looks at you with interest or indifference. Do you understand what your pet is trying to tell you? Now you can know.
The behavior of dogs is as variable as the races existing, and it is up to the master to recognize if your dog is happy, sad, curious, sick, hungry or wants to go for a walk. But often the connection between master and pet is not strong enough and many dog owners wonder, “What is Bobby trying to tell me?”
A group of researchers from the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery, based in Malmö, Sweden, claims to have the solution. It is a device similar to a helmet that is installed on the dog's head, which monitors brain activity, translating the dog’s thoughts into human language. The device is called "No More Woof".
According to the manufacturer's website, the device is based on a brainwave reader specially adapted to interpret the canine thought, a tiny computer called Raspberry Pi, and a small speaker that tells the dog owner what the dog is trying to say in its own “canine language.”
According to the developer this would be "The first device to translate animal thoughts into English ... Among the information, we have found patterns for "I'm Tired", “I’m Hungry" and the clearly intense brain activity when a dog sees a new face, meaning: "Who are you?”
The system developer admits the device is still under testing, calibration and software programming. However there is already a prototype version costing $65. According to the developers the initial version can translate several basic thoughts such as curiosity, hunger or tiredness. In the future, the device will be able to recognize other behaviors and thoughts, but it will be more expensive.
For the time being "No More Woof” is available only in English, although the developers expect future equipment will be capable of translating canine thoughts into Spanish, French and Chinese Mandarin.
Would you be caring enough on understanding your pet’s messages as to purchase a device allowing you to decipher your dog’s feelings and desires?
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