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article imageOp-Ed: Why Samsung can still succeed with plastic Galaxy S5 bodies

By Milton Este     Jan 27, 2014 in Technology
Rumors are floating around suggesting that Samsung is holding off on the release of the Galaxy S5 smartphone, which was scheduled for one year later after the Galaxy S4. Whatever the reason may be, they will not disappoint.
That's not the only rumor floating around. Geeky-Gadgets speculates the release of the Galaxy S5 in a "Prime" and "Standard" mode, both featuring a plastic body. Where is the aluminum? Critics already see this as a potential major failure as there is no way Samsung can compete with the HTC One and the new Apple iPhone 5S. However, from what we do know about Samsung, they always seem to have something up their sleeves don't they?
Personally, if Samsung did put a plastic Galaxy S5 on the market, I would choose it over the so called "premium" aluminum-bodied phones. Why? Firstly, most people will put their phones in a case so the premium aluminum against the skin feel is pretty much non-existent. Secondly, the Galaxy S4 was quite a huge success even with its current plastic casing despite many criticisms and complaints.
Having a removable battery is also a win win situation for both parties. Aluminum phones that require battery replacements have a very tedious warranty process. Users must ship their device to the associated RMA and have a new phone issued, which could take weeks at a time. This puts a burden on the customers as well as the phone manufacturer to handle the replacement parts. On the other hand, why not just do what Samsung does? They list a replacement battery on their website, which users can order and swap out the batteries themselves. This saves both the energy Samsung needs to process existing phones and current phone users can save the warranty paperwork hassles.
Feature wise, I do think Samsung is capable of pulling off the Iris scanner. The Galaxy S4 sensors already feature Smart Stay, Smart Scroll, Air View, and Air Gestures so working on an iris scanner doesn't seem too far fetched. Besides, if Samsung could avoid showing the world that it's playing a game of catch up with Apple by introducing a fingerprint scanner of its own, then they would. Samsung really needs to avoid implementing a fingerprint scanner and come out with a unique authentication method to show that they are the first to come up with it.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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