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Mobile apps power home safety, research on tech-enhanced security

By Kimberly Reynolds     Jan 21, 2014 in Technology
Advances in technology have resulted in new ways to keep your home and family secure. Not only is your home being monitored — you have options for quickly determining if a breach of security is serious.
Home Safety Research reveals that prior to the tech revolution, “Are you sure you locked the door?” was the cry uttered by homeowners everywhere as they left for work and play. Now, with increasingly easy-to-use mobile apps, the peace of mind that comes from a secure home is in the palm of your hand.
Technologically Secure
Recent advances in technology have made home security options easier and more reliable than at any time in history. Want to confirm that a window is locked? Simply access a mobile device, and almost immediately, a message will give you peace of mind or prompt you to secure the unlocked window.
This comforting service is just one of the benefits that a technologically-wired home offers modern homeowners.
New home security technology makes it simple to control locking systems and receive alerts, manage energy consumption, and even watch a real-time video of your property from almost anywhere. Home Safety Research believes that these new apps, when combined with an intuitively-designed mobile interface, create an easy and efficient home security platform.
Built For Business
This new technology is also available as part of a security system that protects a workplace or office building. This feature can be a convenience as well as a security addition: a business owner is able to open doors remotely for late-night deliveries, eliminating the need for an employee to stay late or remain on call.
In addition to core security applications for locking doors and sending updates, a business system can be tailored to include monitoring for unauthorized access into restricted areas, suspicious movement of inventory, and protective voice response options. Not only is your business being monitored — you have options for quickly determining if a breach of security is serious.
Fire Protection – Hot App
According to Home Safety Research, one of the fastest-growing areas of mobile security is fire safety. According to a California Fire News article from Oct. 20, 2010, “over 3000 people in the U.S. perish each year in home fires” and “nearly 75 percent of all U.S. homes have at least one working smoke alarm.”
The home safety and security authorities at Home Safety Research confirm that an operational smoke detector may not be enough to prevent major threats to property and person. They emphasize that a loss of hearing, reduced ability to smell, or limited mobility can prevent occupants from safely exiting a building, even after a smoke alarm has indicated danger.
A fire system with the latest technology can not only provide a warning to the occupant, but can also offer a real time confirmation that the alarm has been heard by fire professionals, who will be immediately dispatched to the home. This service will become more and more popular as the baby boom generation ages and their families look for technological solutions to create safer homes.
New innovations in home and commercial security are constantly being added as entrepreneurs bolster the impressive list of options. Soon, instead of “is the door locked?” the refrain of homeowners will be, “I checked the app and everything at home is fine,” Home Safety Research affirms.
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