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article imageInterview: Dr. Justin Piasecki talks about his new skincare line Special

By Markos Papadatos     Feb 9, 2014 in Science
Gig Harbor - Dr. Justin Piasecki is a graduate of Stanford University with honors and he subsequently enrolled in Vanderbilt Medical School in Nashville, Tennessee and he completed a five-year plastic surgery residency at the University of Wisconsin.
He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, as well as the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He holds a Mohs Surgery fellowship at the University of British Columbia.
In March of 2013, he was honored by "The Doctors" TV show and featured as "Mr. March" on their "Most Beautiful Doctors in America" calendar.
He is stoked about his new skincare line. He was inspired to start this skincare line after an accident that he had a few years back that shifted his perspective on life. "I was teaching our kids how a pulley system works, so I pulled myself up with the pulley to show them that it is a simple machine and once I got to the top which was about 20 feet and tried to lower myself down, but my foot got caught and I swiveled 180 degrees and fell down on the concrete head first. I was unconscious and I was bleeding but when we got to the hospital, I was fortunate not to have any permanent injuries at all. It changed my perspective going through that experience and we decided to give back to our local area for schools which are affected due to budget cuts," Dr. Piasecki said. "This accident prompted me to develop a business model that is designed to benefit charity to help children's programs."
The skincare line commenced in his home kitchen in Washington simply by playing with a few ingredients. "From scratch I invented these products based on the science that we know about skin health and the cosmetics and the appropriate appearance of the skin and the face," he said. "It seemed like a good industry since there is a need for something that is simple, easy to use and it is an honest product that cuts to the chase. It is affordable and approachable from a financial standpoint for just about anybody and it would benefit charity."
Dr. Piasecki revealed that there are three parts to his skincare product: a cleanser, a moisturizer and a night cream. "I started with the end in mind, where the end was Science. I started with ingredients that I know make a difference for the skin. The product is quite a bit different than what is out there and what has been out there historically for skincare. "
The renowned physician continued, "The cleanser that I came up with is totally non-traumatic. You just put it on the skin and you leave it on for 20 to 30 seconds and you just rinse it off. It is specifically made and a surgical approach to cleaning a face," he explained. "The moisturizer really builds upon my knowledge and expertise in skin health with respect to preventing skin cancer and the appearance of the face. The goal of this product is that it has a sunscreen in it and it is somewhat unique too since it protects the skin from UV rays. There is a chemical component to the sunscreen that absorbs and deactivates the UV radiation. It has some powerful antioxidants that reduces any inflammation that gets through that. It is a very powerful sunscreen that is specific for the face, and it makes the face look really good in the process of protecting it."
He added, "The night-time cream is designed using all of the ingredients that we established that works in Science. It decreases and heals inflammation that is created by exposure to UV radiation. It decreases the long-term appearance of fine lines on the face and color changes such as little red and brown pigments that are all normal with aging and UV exposure."
All of these products were clinically tested in his practice and he noted that they were met with universal acclaim. "The patients are very happy with them and a lot of them are foregoing all make-up since these make their faces look much better. It's a real win-win since they benefit school charities that have lost funding. We can keep the costs of the products very low since it is distributed directly through us. For something that is sold at retail price at $80, we can sell around $20 and then the profits of that, the group gets to keep and they get to buy it from us from less and they keep the difference which benefits their little league teams or other charities that help kids. It is very exciting and we are excited since it's a great opportunity that affects people in a positive way."
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