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article imageGoogle fails to detect time travel

By Tim Sandle     Jan 8, 2014 in Science
Is time travel possible? Two physicists playing around with Google have concluded that there is no evidence so far. Read on to see how they have arrived at this conclusion.
How can it be proven if time travel is possible? There are different approaches that researchers can try. Apparently Professor Stephen Hawking held a party for time travelers, and put out a notification about the party after the party had taken place. In the event, no one came.
Taking a different approach, Robert Nemiroff and Teresa Wilson of the Michigan Technological University physics department decided to try Google, according to Science News. Their idea was to take something that had been recently discovered and then to use Google to see if there had been any mention of the discovery prior to the time point when it was "officially discovered."
For this exercise they used a comet called Comet ISON. The Comet was discovered in 2012. From this, they reasoned that it is very unlikely that anyone from the present would have searched online for the comet, or tweeted about it, before 2012.
Nemiroff and Wilson then began searching the Internet for pre-2012 mentions of Comet ISON, on the assumption that this might turn up evidence of a time traveler (for this they used functions like Google Trends).
After completing a comprehensive search, the two physicists found nothing about Comet ISON before it was discovered. After failing to find any mention of the comet, the two also tried searching for any mention of Pope Francis before he became pope, just in case time travelers are not interested in astronomy. This also failed to generate any digital trace.
The physicists have written their study in a research paper, published in the journal Popular Physics and titled “Searching the Internet for evidence of time travelers.”
Although the experiment did not produce any evidence, the two physicists are not concluding that time travel is impossible. They conclude their paper by stating:
“Although the negative results reported here may indicate that time travelers from the future are not among us and cannot communicate with us over the modern day Internet, they are by no means proof.”
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