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article imageReview: The most practical videos on YouTube

By Alexander Baron     Jan 25, 2014 in Internet
YouTube is the video hub of the world. In addition to news, documentaries, music and humour you can find some great practical tips there.
The subjects covered include everything from saving money to the right way to peel a banana. Obviously this article can only be both limited and subjective, but here goes.
We begin with the banana. This young lady also has a lover-ly bunch of coconuts, but try to keep your eyes on the yellow fruit.
Here's a cookery tip, how to hard-boil eggs so they peel swiftly and perfectly. There are several similar videos on this subject; perfecting a hard-boiled egg appears to be as much art as cookery!
Something more practical than cosmetic, imagine you found yourself in a situation where you had a stash of tinned food but no can opener. How would you avoid starvation? Here is a neat trick with a spoon. And if you don't have even a spoon, here is a way to open one on any hard surface.
Tips on saving money are always useful, especially for those of us near the bottom of the food chain.
This is a short video that tells you how to save money by eliminating things you don't need; this is really only for those of us who live alone. Here is another one, again with an American bias, but there are some useful hints here including and especially for shopping. Avoid "paying for the name".
Here is a slightly longer video: 5 Ways People Waste Money & Don't Realize It. As well as an American bias this has a female bias, for obvious reasons.
Although uploaded nearly 4 years ago, this is an interesting video about a student who ate for a month on a dollar a day. She did this for a school project, one that should give you food for thought.
Still on the subject of food, here is something topical; it will soon be Valentine's Day, and this Canadian company will show you how to make a special cookie for that special person.
There is no shortage of language courses on YouTube, but if you need or want to learn Arabic, this is probably the place to start. It is said that to truly appreciate the Holy Qur'an, it must be read in Arabic - the language of Revelation. Whether or not you agree with that proposition, few are the Moslems who don't want to learn some Arabic.
You will find many other language tutorials on YouTube, indeed there are tutorials for everything and then some. If you are a chess player, you are spoilt for choice, and you know you are getting top notch tuition when the name Grandmaster appears in the video, like this one by GM Igor Smirnov. Unfortunately, nowadays they are all in algebraic rather than English classical notation.
Just as there are some things you buy hoping you will never need - like fire insurance - so too are there some things you may choose to learn. There are many self-defence and personal awareness videos on YouTube. This is one you really don't ever want to have to apply. The awareness is every bit as important as the self-defence, for men as well as women and girls, because if you apply the latter correctly, you may never need the former. This one is called the rape defense; in real life against a bigger opponent it won't be quite so easy, but if you have ever been in a life or death situation you may find adrenalin gives you strength.
Finally, you may not simply watch videos on YouTube, you may decided to upload your own videos, like millions of others. If you don't simply want to sit down in front of a webcam and rant at the world, here is some video editing advice for non-editors. There are many others that teach you how to use editing software and many other things depending on how professional you want your videos to look, and how involved you want to get.
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