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article imageDaisy Coleman attempts suicide, Anonymous responds Special

By Justin King     Jan 7, 2014 in Internet
Daisy Coleman, the teen who was at the center of the Maryville rape scandal, attempted suicide Sunday night after coming under fire by peers for attending a party. Anonymous has reengaged #OpMaryville.
Daisy was at the center of a media storm last year after facts surrounding her alleged rape, and the lack of prosecution became known. The collective Anonymous was instrumental in bringing the case to light through what it termed as #OpMaryville.
Daisy’s mother, Dr. Melinda Coleman, said that after attending a party for a short time, the teen came home to find messages attacking her on her Facebook account. Melinda said the girls
…decided to write something saying “you’re a fake and a phoney,” “you wanted it” and “you’re a slut” because she went to the party.
She went on to say
All the other kids are out partying and doing all this stuff and she isn’t, she’s at home with me all the time. The second they see her at a party for five minutes drinking a Redbull it’s all over Facebook and they’re tearing her to smithereens.
Daisy attempted to kill herself with a drug overdose. She is currently in stable condition, though she may have suffered brain damage.
Anonymous responded to Melinda’s renewed call for help by reengaging the operation that brought her case to light last year, #OpMaryville. Using, a common method of sharing information within the collective, Anonymous released this statement:
It's been several months since we learned about what happened to Daisy. Unfortunately, her story was familiar to us. It's familiar to many women and young girls. Sometimes it feels like there's no where safe.
To Melinda: we're so sorry for what your daughter went through. There are no words. It should be clear to the world that this is more than any parent should have to suffer. This is unacceptable.
The people who took to your daughter's case and did what they could to shed light on the injustices you were going through are devastated right now. And at the same time, furious.
Please know that, without question, if we could somehow produce the video you're looking for, if it was possible, it would have been done. If we could lock those pieces of sh-t away for what they've taken from you and throw away the key, we would. If we could transfer the pain you're feeling now over to those c-nts that terrorized your daughter, knowing what she'd been through, they would feel it.
Right now all we can do is stand with you and demand that the police, prosecutors and all the other people, the ones who have repeatedly failed to protect your family, for once in their lives, do their f-cking jobs. And if the officials in your city can't manage to arrest and prosecute the trash that attacked your daughter, they should all go out into the cold, take their clothes off, lay down in the snow and stay there. They are useless, they are scum and worse, they're taking up valuable space. They're taking up space where someone else should be, someone who is willing to protect our children, instead of ignore them when they're being attacked.
We're sorry that you have been robbed.
We hope that anyone, everyone, who has ever taken part in an op like this will step up now and fight for Daisy, because it's clear that the a--holes who signed up for that job are getting paid for doing nothing.
The Twitter account, @youranoncentral, which played a critical role in the original #OpMaryville took full responsibility for the actions of the teens who bullied her into the suicide attempt.
A series of tweets came as Anonymous found out about the latest developments in the Daisy Coleman ca...
A series of tweets came as Anonymous found out about the latest developments in the Daisy Coleman case.
At least one of those teens has been identified and her full name and phone number was published by accounts associated with Anonymous.
A tweet by @YourAnonCentral about the woman that allegedly pushed Daisy Coleman into her suicide att...
A tweet by @YourAnonCentral about the woman that allegedly pushed Daisy Coleman into her suicide attempt.
Elisa Norton, an Anonymous related activist, said
I think this is a terrible case of justice being pushed through the cracks due to nepotism. I feel awful for this poor girl and her family; they have been through so much. But specifically to Daisy, I would tell her to stay strong and don't let this be your defining moment you are too young. Although we aren't physically with her spiritually we are all there holding her up.
It should be noted that Elisa Norton has no connection to the @youranoncentral Twitter account.
Update: Daisy Coleman did not suffer brain damage.
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