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article imageMicrosoft apparently flop-flips on XBO DRM, KI tourney crashed

By Can Tran     Dec 18, 2013 in Entertainment
The video gaming world is speculating whether or not Microsoft reversed its reversal on 24-hour DRM due to a debacle that took place at an online "Killer Instinct" tournament.
Before its launch back in November, the Xbox One next-generation console from Microsoft had taken a lot of fire. One suck thing that caused Xbox One to receive such negative reception would be digital rights manage aka “DRM.” That 24-hour DRM check-in feature would require that Xbox One consoles log online once every 24 hours. If not, then you risk losing the games you have purchased. Then, Microsoft reversed the policy of the 24-hour DRM feature for the Xbox One consoles. Apparently, it seems that Microsoft may have flop-flipped (flip-flopping and then going back) on that decision.
The only evidence is a live stream during a “Killer Instinct” tournament. During this online tournament, which was captured via live stream, the DRM query had popped up. As a result, it brought the entire Killer Instinct tournament to a halt. However, the tournament was able to go back as usual after a couple of minutes. This took place during the qualifying tournament for New York City's Defend The North.
Various tech and video game media outlets quickly picked up on the story. FGCNN, which originally reported on it due to watching the live stream, contracted Microsoft about that DRM issue. However, Microsoft had not replied yet. Cinemablend reports that FGCNN isn't a big name website; but, it talks about the possibility of other video game media outlets such as Kotaku or Game Informer reporting on it.
Escapist Magazine speculates that this problem might have happened because the game was being played on a different Xbox One console than the console that it was originally registered to. It points out that this could be rather problematic later on. Escapist Magazine warns that if this problem happens again, it could be more problematic for the users. This also goes back to the Cinemablend report where it referenced a posting on the forum called “Test Your Might” as it points out to a post by user “StevoSuprem0.”
According to this user, DRM is still in place for digitally purchased copies. However, it doesn't apply to the disc-based versions you get on retail. Screw Attrack reports that this incident might be isolated; but the post on the Test Your Might said that the incident involving the DRM happened a couple of times at the Killer Instinct tournament.
Is the incident isolated? The answer is still unknown. Will Microsoft reply back to FGCNN? The answer is still unknown. Did Microsoft do a 180 once again on DRM? The answer is unknown and those interested will have to wait for Microsoft's official response.
UPDATE - December 18, 2013: Microsoft's official reply, as reported by Cinemablend, is that there is no 24-Hour DRM check-in. The company said that any reports that say differently are not accurate and are false. While FGCNN contacted Microsoft, it had yet to receive a reply. However, Cinemablend contacted a Microsoft representative who watched the video. According to the representative, the players didn't seem to get kicked off but asked to connect to Xbox Live between rounds. But, Cinemablend says that it doesn't answer why such a thing happened or caused it in the first place.
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