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article imageYou can now 'unsend' emails with Gmail for iOS

By James Walker     Nov 7, 2016 in Technology
Google has announced the most substantial update to its Gmail app for iOS in four years. The overhaul includes a freshened interface, faster search and an "undo send" button that lets you pull email back while it's still sending to the recipient.
Undo Send has been available on the desktop version of Gmail for around a year. Google has been slow to bring it to iOS, instead concentrating on the web and Android versions of the app. Today's iOS update is the most significant one for several years, as Google acknowledged in its announcement.
Sending emails now have an "Unsend" button that can be used to revoke messages that are just being dispatched. Once unsent, the email won't appear in the recipient's inbox as its transfer from the server will be cancelled. The feature is available for a limited time after a message is sent. It's designed to help people avoid accidentally sending half-finished emails, or spotting a typo moments after pressing Send.
Unlike the desktop version of Gmail, you have just five seconds in which to "unsend" before the app will deliver your email. The web interface lets you set longer intervals of up to 30 seconds before a transfer becomes permanent. Google hasn't said whether this feature will be coming to iOS in a future update.
Gmail for iOS also has noticeably faster search now. Google said the app delivers "instant results" and can work out spelling suggestions when you type things wrong. Search can sift through your email to find what you're looking for more quickly than scrolling through your inbox.
Gmail update for iOS 07/11/2016
Gmail update for iOS 07/11/2016
Alongside the new features, Google has revised Gmail's interface so it looks and feels more modern. Styling has been flattened and brightened, there's new animations and transitions have been improved. It's also possible to swipe emails to the left or right to archive and delete them respectively, a feature that's been present in iOS' own email client and Gmail for Android for years.
"When you get the next Gmail iOS app update, you'll notice some exciting changes: the biggest overhaul of the app in nearly four years," said Google. "It's the Gmail you know and love, with a fresh new look, sleeker transitions and some highly-requested features. It's a lot faster too."
It's not just Gmail that's getting an App Store update today. Google Calendar has also been revised with a few new features. Google has implemented some of the most popular user suggestions for the app, including the ability to display the month and week views in landscape mode. It provides a better overview of the calendar and makes the app more versatile.
Gmail update for iOS 07/11/2016
Gmail update for iOS 07/11/2016
The app now supports alternate calendars too, including Lunar, Islamic and Hindu events. These can be added to Google Calendar to show key dates alongside your main calendar. Finally, Google Calendar has been integrated into iOS' Spotlight Search, letting you find events, reminders and goals from within iOS' native search features.
The new Gmail and Google Calendar apps are rolling out in the App Store now. Google said it is continuing to develop both products, two of the most popular productivity apps available for iOS. They now have closer feature parity to their Android and web counterparts, lowering the risk of iPhone users slipping towards Apple's first-party Mail and Calendar.
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