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article imageWorld's second largest torrent site abruptly shuts down

By James Walker     May 22, 2017 in Technology
ExtraTorrent, the world's second largest torrent site, has suddenly shut down without official explanation. The company has abruptly taken its servers offline and claims it has deleted all the content they once hosted. It had millions of daily visitors.
ExtraTorrent grew to become one of the largest torrenting sites ever created after starting up in 2006. The success of the service makes its unexpected shutdown all the more surprising. The site went mysteriously quiet last night as its homepage disappeared and its owners confirmed there will be no return.
ExtraTorrent's status as one of the largest torrent providers ever created – second only to The Pirate Bay – will leave many consumers of pirated content looking elsewhere. The site was noted as a major host of illegally sourced videos, including content published in a range of file formats.
The closure appears to be voluntary as there's no sign that law enforcement is currently involved. The motives and reasons for the sudden suspension of a service frequented by millions each day haven't been disclosed. The entire situation remains a mystery to former users and there's no indication that any explanation is forthcoming.
Initial speculation that ExtraTorrent could just be mirroring to another domain was quickly quieted by a message on the group's website. It's not uncommon for torrent sites to transfer themselves between website addresses, making it harder for law enforcement to track content. The website makes it clear this isn't the case here though.
In the statement, ExtraTorrent confirmed the service has been shut down "permanently." The administrators will be deleting all the content uploaded to the servers, wiping terabytes of illegally sourced material off the Internet. The site thanked its users and the wider torrenting community for their support, warning people to stay aware from the waves of fake ExtraTorrent clones likely to appear in the wake of its closure.
ExtraTorrent is the latest in a growing line of major torrent sites to abruptly shut down, forcing users to look elsewhere. With the second largest provider now also gone, pirates will need to look to smaller sites to continue accessing material formerly hosted on ExtraTorrent.
The service joins names including The Pirate Bay, Torrentz, TorrentHound and KickAss Torrents in the list of websites to close down in recent months. It remains unclear whether pressure from industry lobbyists and legal groups has led to the demise of the various providers. It is possible that ExtraTorrent and others have succumbed to threats passed along from entertainment giants by web hosting companies.
Along with the main site, ExtraTorrent's release groups including EtHD and ettv are also being shut down. Release groups enable the world of piracy by supplying new material. Speaking to TorrentFreak, ExtraTorrent administrator "SaM" suggested the release groups could remain online if their members continue to support them. They'll be reliant on donations though, making prolonged operation unlikely.
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