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article imageVoice over market is key for e-learning developments

By Tim Sandle     Nov 5, 2017 in Technology has released a new report which has found that e-learning projects make up 5.1 percent of the global voice over market. The worth of the voice over industry has been costed for the first time, at $4.4-billion.
E-learning is based on cognitive science principles, where effective multimedia learning is used to develop electronic educational technology. When developed effectively, research suggests that the selection of appropriate concurrent multimedia modalities enhances learning and can lead to improved educational attainment.
Educational technology is a rapidly growing area of teaching and learning. For example, Digital Journal has profiled the growth and application of video technology in education (see “Digital transformation of the classroom through e-boards”). Educational technology covers a vast area, covering the facilitation of learning and improving performance through technological processes and resources.
Central to effective learning online is a good voice over. This is necessary to captivate the viewer and to place emphasis on key learning points where needed. The extent to which voice overs are growing, in line with e-learning developments, and the increasingly lucrative nature of the market in digital voice overs has been largely unclear. A new level of transparency has been introduced, however, through a report issued by the professional voice over website
The new report (“Report on the Global Voice Over Market”) contains some interesting trends for the digital voice over market. The first is with the value of the market, which has been costed at, globally, having a dollar value of some $4.4 billion. With this, approximately 19 percent of that value contributed by North America.
Unsurprisingly the majority of voice over work relates to the entertainment sector, at 58 percent. The biggest growth, however, is with education and e-learning initiatives, which has climbed to over 5 percent. The growth in North America exceeds that of other parts of the world, putting the U.S. slightly ahead in the e-learning development stakes.
The U.S. growth may point to the emergence of similar growth on the global scale. That is there could be more opportunity, and more worldwide opportunity, for voice over actors, and the industries that surround them.
Commenting on the findings, David Ciccarelli, co-founder and CEO said: “Considering the research findings against our internal data, we are seeing a significant shift in the role and prevalence of voice over,” calling out the educational sector growth as one of the most interesting trends.
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