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article imageVivaldi gets a new logo and improved reader mode in latest update

By James Walker     Aug 14, 2017 in Technology
Vivaldi has been updated with a new-look icon and improved accessibility options. The team behind the young browser has expanded its built-in reading mode and added new settings that make Vivaldi more comfortable for everyone to use.
The update was announced late last week as release version 1.11. Vivaldi is developing quickly as a popular browser among power users. The new version ushers in a subtle branding change that paves the way for larger alterations in the future. For the first time since the browser launched, Vivaldi's getting a new icon to reflect its "quirky side."
Vivaldi s new icon
Vivaldi's new icon
Vivaldi said the design refresh is meant to address some of the "challenges" of the outgoing icon. Specifically, the use of gradients, shadows and transparency effects made the old version difficult to incorporate into some areas of Vivaldi's browser and branding. The revised approach is simplified, flatter and more modern while retaining the distinctive "V" shape. The company said it's part of a wider push to overhaul the Vivaldi brand.
"Our goal was to modernize the icon to reflect Vivaldi's quirky side," said Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner. "We had, of course, to make sure that the original 'V' that you know and love was still at the heart of the new design. As a result, we are proud to bring you our fresh new icon with a rounder shape and a cleaner contemporary look."
Vivaldi reader mode changes
Vivaldi reader mode changes
The update also introduces a few feature improvements and refinements. Vivaldi's Reader Mode has been expanded to make it easier to adjust the view settings. Controls for font size, column width, spacing and background colour are now available at the top of the page, putting them directly within your sight. Browser themes can extend to Reader Mode too, giving you the ability to further customise page colours.
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A new option in the browser's bottom status bar offers a way to disable animated GIFs. You can choose to always prevent GIFs from playing or just hide them once on your current page. The setting gives people with a sensitivity to flashing images the option of browsing the web without them. It also enables every user to hide distractions for more efficient work.
Vivaldi disable image animations option
Vivaldi disable image animations option
Further changes in version 1.11 include the ability to adjust the sensitivity of mouse gestures. Gestures are one of Vivaldi's headline features, letting you execute commands by moving the mouse. The length of drag required can now be changed in Vivaldi's settings. The browser's also received more tweaks to its Speed Dial thumbnails, overhauled in 1.10. You can disable the Speed Dial remove and reload buttons, preventing accidental clicks.
Vivaldi's latest update is a step closer to the browser's aim to "make the Internet accessible for all." With enhanced accessibility features and a modernised brand, Vivaldi's starting to increase its fight against the likes of Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
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