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article imageUse of data storage platforms for decentralized apps: Interview Special

By Tim Sandle     Mar 17, 2018 in Technology
With the rise in blockchain-based platforms and apps, a common problem arises for developers in terms of where to securely store and manage their sensitive data. One solution comes from the company Fluence.
Developers Fluence have announced the launch of a new, secure data storage platform designed for developers’ decentralized apps and platforms. The platform works in partnership with Friend, where the software provides a platform that allows to set up an environment for decentralized app developers. The Friend add-on functionality enables developers to create their own virtual cloud computer online, in order to develop more tools, services and infrastructure resources easily available for developers in the cryptocurrency sphere.
These measures are designed to enable developers to securely store and manage their sensitive data. Fluence aims to assist by providing decentralized data storage and management on the blockchain for Web 3.0 applications, providing users with more privacy, control, and security over decentralized apps.
To discover more Digital Journal spoke with Evgeny Ponomarev, co-founder and CEO of Fluence.
Digital Journal: How is blockchain disrupting transactions?
Evgeny Ponomarev: That's the problem with the blockchain — it does not guarantee transaction speed. New blocks get created every 10 minutes and there's no chance your transaction will get accepted in the latest block. That's why solutions like Lightning network appear.
DJ: What are the main security issues facing app developers?
Ponomarev: Both traditional and decentralized apps developers face one big problem: how to securely store, process, and transfer their user's data. Everything else does not possess the same value and is not as attractive for the hackers.
DJ: Is there a problem from developers in terms of securely storing and managing sensitive data?
Ponomarev: Since each application works with some kind of user's data, they all have several vulnerable points, which might become an attack vector. The trick is as most developers use SaaS solutions to handle their data, it won't help, if the app is 100% secure. The provider's server could get hacked and your user's data will be stolen.
DJ: What solutions can Fluence provide for data storage?
Ponomarev: Fluence is designed to become a default database solution for any app developer. The idea is to make an API and a set of tools look as simple and familiar as possible on the developer's end. Basically, you'll be able to use Fluence as a traditional database, but the data will be stored in a decentralized network, instead of one central server.
DJ: How does your recent partnership with Friend work?
Ponomarev: Friend Software provides a workstation with a flexible set of developer tools. Fluence is a default database solution among them. That helps us to remove friction and boost adoption. Fluence is complementary to blockchain providing scalable and affordable data storage.
DJ: Which types of companies do you work with?
Ponomarev: We aim for the decentralized apps developers as our early adopters and companies that work with big data. In the future, more traditional industries will show up. For example, hospitals and medical centers could store and transfer their patient's data inside Fluence network.
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