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article imageThe importance of passwords for maintaining cybersecurity Special

By Tim Sandle     Dec 21, 2020 in Technology
Password management remains essential for cybersecurity controls. As well as the importance of password management, there are risks around the use of passwords in public spaces. Some experts provide advice.
In order to assess the importance of passwords, Digital Journal discussed the issue with executives from nCipher Security. This was in order to create recommendations on how we can utilize passwords to keep online activities safe. Of particular concern are public hot-spots. Here cybercriminals will often spy on public Wi-Fi networks and intercept data that is transferred across the link.
Protecting personal data
According to Peter Galvin, who is the Chief Strategy Officer, nCipher Security: "People can play their role in cybersecurity and personal data privacy through practicing good password hygiene. This means changing passwords and agreeing for multi-factor authentication where available. Plus, avoiding insecure public Wi-Fi networks and not using shared computers. It is also important to not to click on links from any unknown sources."
Password creation
Cindy Provin, who is the Senior Vice President of Entrust Datacard and General Manager, nCipher Security says: "Password creation and making changes are the essential themes of cybersecurity. However, expert opinions on these subjects vary, leading to consumer behavior related to password creation being mixed. Using our personal information such as birthdays and names, in passwords, is not ideal. This makes it easier for rogue actors to guess your password."
Dangers of public Wi-Fi
John Grimm, the Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at nCipher Security notes in relation to public access: "Security that relies on just a password is inadequate for public Wi-Fi. This is because hackers are already exploiting the work from home surge, especially with users whose guard is down. It is important to protect the digital identities of remote workers working with sensitive data and applications, especially when away from home."
Of particular concern are unsecured networks. These are the networks can be connected to within range and without any type of security feature like a password or login.
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