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article imageThe future of coffee? Beanless coffee tested out

By Tim Sandle     Jul 3, 2019 in Technology
Seattle - A startup based in Seattle (where else?) has produced a so-called molecular coffee which promises to produce the perfect cup without using a single coffee bean. The science behind it enables the creation of a range of aromas.
The startup behind the development is Atomo, which is pioneering “molecular coffee” without the need to harvest a single coffee bean. The startup is experimenting with a range of different flavors and aromas, which they are promising to be sufficiently enticing that consumers will not need to add milk (or cream) or sugar to their beverage. Following on from stories about laboratory-grown cultured meat, this could be another step towards a different type of food and beverage future-state.
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Through running a series of laboratory experiments over the past few years, Atomo CEO Andy Kleitsch and his chief scientists Jarret Stopforth have identified some forty compounds, which are found in the proteins and oils of coffee and which are linked to the different aspects of a good cup of coffee and which create enjoyment for the consumer. This process included pinpointing and replicating aspects such as the body, mouth feel, aroma and color of coffee. The company uses the advertising blurb: “the smoothest coffee you’ve ever had – with a caffeine kick you’d expect."
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Discussing the development of the brew, Dr. Stopforth says: "We are building mouthfeel and body of molecular coffee to mimic that of conventional coffee by replacing the polysaccharides, oils and proteins found in the insoluble part of the coffee ground with natural, sustainable and upcycled plant-based materials that deliver the same great effect."
The developers are also conscious of ensuing their product has a low environmental impact, developing the coffee from naturally-derived sustainable ingredients. This is to help offset the damage to the coffee industry caused by deforestation and to help lower the costs of transporting coffee beans worldwide.
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