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article imageTesla to roll out Sentry and Dog Modes for Teslas this week

By Ken Hanly     Feb 11, 2019 in Technology
There are often news reports of dogs, and even young children, being left in cars that overheat in the sun with harmful or even fatal results. Tesla's new Dog Mode would solve that problem by keeping the car inside at around room temperature.
Dog Mode and Sentry Mode
Originally Elon Musk, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tesla announced that Dog Mode was in the works last October.
A Twitter user asked when the Sentry Mode, designed to use the car's cameras to record incidents that take place when the car is empty will be rolled out. In his reply, Musk said that both the Sentry Mode and Dog Mode would be arriving this week.
A recent article notes: "Tesla already has Cabin Overheat Protection, which engages the climate control to keep the interior at a safe temperature, but "Dog Mode" will likely one-up it by allowing the climate control to run like it normally would, providing a room-temperature environment for animals left in the car briefly. The mode might also let the screen display a message that the dog is in a safe environment and that the owner will be right back."
It still not a good idea to leave animals in a car for any lengthy period of time, even with the climate control running, but for people who need to do so, Dog Mode will provide them with peace of mind.
So far neither mode has appeared as yet but Tesla has put out an update to other safety and convenience features.
Tesla software updates
Electrek reports on new developments: "Tesla is starting to release a new software update to add a few new features to its vehicles including blind spot warning and auto-folding mirrors."
Blind Spot Warning Chime
When making a lane change, you can turn on an audible chime that will warn you when there could be a possible collision with a vehicle or obstacle when you change lanes. This will be very helpful to avoid collisions caused by a blind spot or simply a failure to see a vehicle or object. The Autopilot system has the capacity to detect vehicles in blind spots. It had been suggested that Tesla display more blind spot alerts and Tesla accepted that suggestion. Now the warning can be activated even when not on Autopilot.
Auto-folding mirrors
People who park in tight location often find that their mirrors can be broken while parking or by someone else while parked. The self-folding mirrors help solve that problem. You might do this manually with some mirrors but the auto-folding mirrors do it automatically. You activate the system and it saves locations where you want to fold your mirrors when you are at that location. When you leave the location the mirrors will automatically unfold.
If your car has Homlink you can integrate the folding mirror feature with your garage so you hit your mirrors while parking in the garage.
It may take a while to get these updates as Tesla typically releases them in batches so that it could take some while before the updates reach all vehicles.
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