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article imageStudy reveals how shockingly awful the iPhone 7's battery life is

By James Walker     Oct 3, 2016 in Technology
A study by UK consumer rights group Which? has crowned the iPhone 7 the worst performing flagship smartphone in terms of overall battery life. Apple's emphasis on thin design has led to compromises in battery capacity, leading to under a day's runtime.
Which? compared the battery life of the iPhone 7 to that of three key rivals, the Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10 and LG G5. It concluded that the iPhone 7 performs significantly worse than any of the other handsets, describing the results as "staggering."
Which? conducted two tests on the phones. In the first one, it measured how long each device would last when used for voice calls on a 3G network. The HTC 10 won by a large margin, scoring 1,859 minutes. It was followed by the LG G5, at 1,579 minutes, and the Galaxy S7 with 1,492 minutes. The iPhone 7 came last by an astonishing amount, running out of charge after just 712 minutes. The Galaxy S7, the least enduring of the Android devices on test, lasted for over twice as long.
The iPhone's loss was less pronounced in the 3G internet use trial, although it remained significant. The HTC 10 won again, scoring 790 minutes. Samsung's Galaxy S7 moved up to second place, at 677 minutes, followed by the LG G5 at 640 minutes. The iPhone 7 lasted for only 615 minutes.
Which? tested the phones with the latest release software running on each. It used a phone network simulator to ensure consistent signal strength and set each device's screen brightness to the same level. Finally, it calibrated each phone's battery before starting the test, fully discharging and then recharging the cells to complete a "power cycle."
The iPhone 7 s battery life is far exceeded by its Android rivals  according to a test conducted by ...
The iPhone 7's battery life is far exceeded by its Android rivals, according to a test conducted by UK consumer rights group Which?
The results prove once again that Apple's iPhone isn't an endurance device. The iPhone 7 includes improvements in several areas, including processor performance and camera capabilities, but Apple has once again neglected what should be viewed as one of the handset's most important components. Apple claims the iPhone 7 lasts for two hours longer than last year's iPhone 6s. Despite the improvement, it still lags far behind its Android rivals though.
The root of the iPhone 7's lacklustre battery life is the physical size of its battery. Over the past few years, Apple has concentrated on making the iPhone as thin as possible, slowly scraping away millimetres of chassis girth and leaving a smaller space for the battery. As a result, the iPhone 7 ships with a 1,960mAh capacity. The HTC 10, winner of the Which? experiment, has a 3,000mAh capacity. It isn’t uncommon to find Android phones with even bigger batteries.
"The iPhone 7 may be touted by Apple as its best smartphone ever, as is tradition, but sometimes your best just isn't good enough," said Which? "Which? testing has revealed that the battery on the iPhone 7 doesn't last as long as its three major rivals."
Which? noted that the results from its tests were largely inline with the physical capacities of each battery being used. The findings support the arguments of critics who'd rather Apple add a bit of thickness back to the iPhone in exchange for a heftier internal battery.
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