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article imageReview: The latest earbuds from EarFun utilize graphene technology Special

By Tim Sandle     Jun 7, 2020 in Technology
New earbuds that contain graphene have appeared on the market. Graphene, a material with many useful properties, has been mooted for use in the consumer tech industry for several years. No it makes an appearance, helping to drive up sound quality.
The new earbuds are called 'Ear Fun Free' they are manufactured by a company of the same name. These are Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds and they utilize Qi wireless charging. Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) is a wireless charging standard and one which has been supported by all of the major companies. For example, Apple have included wireless charging on their latest iPhone models, and Samsung have offered the facility for several years.
The EarFun Free was a CES 2020 Innovation award honoree and the buds were recommended by CNET as one of the best true wireless earbuds launched in 2020. The earbuds, as assessed by Digital Journal's reviewer, produce a good, dynamic and ultra-clear sound.
CES highly praised -  EarFun Free is recognized as honoree for its innovative design and engineering...
CES highly praised - "EarFun Free is recognized as honoree for its innovative design and engineering in some of the most cutting-edge tech and service coming to the market."
The EarFun buds achieve their sound quality through the use of Dual Graphene Drivers. Graphene is an allotrope of carbon in the form of a single layer of atoms in a two-dimensional hexagonal lattice. The material has good conductive properties. It is also lightweight, strong and transparent. The lightweight design also assists with sereneness of the fit into the ear and the overall ergonomic design.
Further in relation to sound, the earbuds feature an easy to use volume control and there is also a single earbud mode (either right or left), which is useful when making telephone calls.
The earbud kit. These earbuds are IPX7 100% waterproof.
The earbud kit. These earbuds are IPX7 100% waterproof.
The earbuds are also waterproof, rated to IPX7. They also feature something called 'Sweatshield Technology', which means they are unaffected by the amount of perspiration produced by the wearer during the most physical of workouts.
With charging time, the typical time taken to charge to achieve a two-hour playback time is around 10 minutes. When fully-charged the battery life is 30 hours, which provides 6 hours playback when the buds are not held in the charging case and an additional 24 hours when the earbuds are held in charging case.
The charging case for the EarFun earbuds.
The charging case for the EarFun earbuds.
The earbuds normally retail fro $80, but they are currently available at $45 via Amazon. For Father's Dy, the earbuds are at 13 percent discount by entering the offer code: TECH4DAD.
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