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article imageReview: New voice control clock mimics natural sunsrise Special

By Tim Sandle     May 3, 2020 in Technology
For those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder, and for everyone who likes voice controlled lights (especially those that can pan through various colors), then Heim Vision have a new 'sunrise' wake-up light on the market.
The key feature with the Heim Vision light is its focus on replicating the light patterns of the outside world. A device was sent through to Digital Journal for review, and it produces an evocative array of sounds together with some pleasing light effects.
Most notably with the lighting, the developer has taken sunrise as inspiration, moving through soft dawn reds towards a warm orange. On the highest setting, a room can be cast in bright yellow light.
The device also features a range of different sounds, designed to help the user to relax, such as bird song, rain forest and running water. The sounds can be coupled with a simulation of sunset, programmed to run for 30 minutes and which can induce a sense of calm.
The alarm clock can Works with Amazon Alexa Echo  Google Home Assistant.
The alarm clock can Works with Amazon Alexa Echo, Google Home Assistant.
In terms of waking up, the alarm and light function can be set for birds chirping in the morning (which builds up to a crescendo) and a gradually increasing light intensity, to simulate the rising of the sun (as if it was gradually shining more strongly through curtains).
There are also several color setting, to suit different moods.
heimvision Alarm Clock Wake up Light  with a red light.
heimvision Alarm Clock Wake up Light, with a red light.
There is also a clock function and in-built FM radio.
In terms of functionality, the light can be controlled through an app (which proves relatively easy to set up although more than one pass light be needed in order to connect). The light is also compatible with voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon's Alexa (the light was tested out using Alexa, using commands like 'Alex turn on light' and 'Alex increase brightness'). Issuing voice commands and the response time is pretty seamless.
With the design, the light is lightweight portable (although it does require mains power), and it is reasonably robust in the sense that the odd knock is unlikely to cause any damage.
The light is another development for the smart home, and it further signals the direction that digital technology for the home environment is taking.
Colored sunrise simulation clock with seven different alarm sounds.
Colored sunrise simulation clock with seven different alarm sounds.
The light is available from Amazon.
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