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Real-life rocket man takes off at TED talk

By Tim Sandle     Apr 29, 2017 in Technology
Vancouver - British inventor Richard Browning took-off in a rocket-man suit at the Vancouver Convention Center, remaining elevated in the air for several minutes.
Browning's short flight was part of the TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference taking place in Vancouver at the end of March. Browning's rocket-man suit is called Daedalus (named after the father of Icarus who, according to Greek mythology, constructed wings from feathers and wax).
Since posting a video of his maiden flight towards the end of April 2017, Browning has seen a surge in activity in social media as well as huge amount of interest in his flying suit.
The interest includes several offers to buy the 'Iron Man' contraption. However, the inventor says the flight is a personal project, which remains "a bit of fun." Browning states that his jet-propelled contraption, once dreamed about by children brought up on 1950s pulp fiction, is unlikely to become an established (or legally acceptable) means of everyday transportation. Despite this, The Daily Telegraph reports that the British Army has expressed interest in the suit. Apparently the U.K. Ministry of Defense had been working on a flying solider project but this had been abandoned due to technical difficulties. Having seen Browning's suit in action, the idea of an aerial combatant might be back on.
Iron Man aka Tony Stark  the genius playboy billionaire philanthropist  is well liked in Utah  Alask...
Iron Man aka Tony Stark, the genius playboy billionaire philanthropist, is well liked in Utah, Alaska, and Nevada
Interviewed by The Guardian, Browning suggested that the suit could be used as a flight suit, designed to transport the wearer from the beach along the coast and into a mid-air helicopter for further journeys are a while away. With further development Browning hopes his invention can reach altitudes of a few thousand feet and propel him up to 200 miles per hour.
As to the basis of the Tony Stark like suit, Wired's review indicates the suit is light, taking the form of an exoskeleton attached to six gas turbines. These give the suit a combined thrust of 130 kilograms. Browning;s feet are covered by ultra-light snake-bite resistant walking boots, which help to protect him. In test flights Browning can remain airborne for up to twelve minutes.
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