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article imageQualcomm makes charging even faster with Quick Charge 4+

By James Walker     Jun 2, 2017 in Technology
Qualcomm has announced Quick Charge 4+, the latest evolution of its widely used smartphone fast charging technology. The new version promises to be safer and slightly higher performing than its predecessor. It launched on its first device today.
Quick Charge 4+ follows Qualcomm's Quick Charge 4.0, announced late last year. Since 4.0 was never actually included on a phone, 4+ is really a cumulative release containing the improvements unveiled with 4.0 and a few additional capabilities.
Quick Charge 4.0 boasts a headline claim of going from empty to 50 percent capacity in 15 minutes. With Quick Charge 4+, Qualcomm says that figure could be a further 15 percent faster. This has been enabled due to a 30 percent improvement in efficiency, which in turn keeps the phone 3-degrees Celsius cooler during charging.
The changes have come from three major enhancements. These are systems which manufacturers must implement for their device to adhere to the Quick Charge 4+ standard. If they don't include all three, the phone will be branded as having Quick Charge 4.0.
Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ enhancements
Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ enhancements
The first revision is to Qualcomm's Dual Charge technology. This adds a second power management chip to the phone which makes the effective charging current half of what it would otherwise be. The lower current results in less loss of energy as heat, keeping the phone cooler and increasing the charging time. This mechanism is now more efficient, making it more effective during long charging sessions.
Another change to Dual Charge takes the efficiency up another level. A new system called Intelligent Thermal Balancing can intelligently check which of the two power management chips is running coolest. It will then increase the current flow to it while easing the burden on the hotter path. This keeps charging temperature lower, again reducing energy losses and prolonging the life of the phone's battery.
nubia Z17
nubia Z17
The final change in Quick Charge 4+ concerns the overall safety of the system. New temperature monitoring systems continually monitor the phone's case and its power connector, regulating current levels to keep both cool. Instead of considering the surface temperature alone, the new standard can watch for potential damage to the USB-C connector and take action to mitigate it.
Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ is available now for manufacturers to use in their products. It's likely it will appear in the majority of flagship smartphones launched through the rest of this year. The first compatible device was unveiled today, the nubia Z17. It has a Quick Charge 4+-supported 3,200mAh battery powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 processor.
nubia Z17
nubia Z17
"With Quick Charge 4+, Qualcomm Technologies once again shows our leadership in charging technology," said Qualcomm. "Quick Charge 4+ continues the fast charging innovation, providing design flexibility for manufacturers, and a diverse ecosystem of certified products for consumers. Be sure to look for Quick Charge 4+ in your next mobile device."
Quick Charge 4+ will make next-generation smartphones more power efficient, leading to benefits on all practical fronts. Your next handset should run cooler, charge faster and use less of the planet's resources in the process, making it more sustainable for you and the environment.
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