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article imagePornhub uses AI and machine learning to tag porn stars

By Karen Graham     Oct 13, 2017 in Technology
Adult entertainment site Pornhub is now using artificial intelligence along with facial recognition to automatically catalog its nearly five million videos. The site had previously depended on viewers and uploaders to manually tag the videos.
In a press release on Tuesday, Pornhub, the premier online destination for adult entertainment, announced the launch of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered model that detects over 10,000 pornstars in videos using computer vision.
The company is starting small, at first, using facial recognition software to identify 10,000 individual pornstars and tag them in the footage. Pornhub’s new AI model is also fed several thousand videos, in addition to official photos of pornstars, to learn from using computer vision.
Then, based on what the model has learned, it scans videos and returns the matching pornstars with a confidence level. Pornhub users can then validate what the AI model returns, either upvoting or downvoting the pornstar tags on the video, depending on its validity. Pornhub’s AI model learns based on what the community has validated and continues to get smarter.
“Artificial intelligence has quickly reached a fever pitch, with many companies incorporating its capabilities to considerably expedite antiquated processes. And that’s exactly what we’re doing with the introduction of our AI model, which quickly scans videos using computer vision to instantaneously identify pornstars,” said Corey Price, VP, Pornhub.
Pornhub’s machine learning models will improve over time as users verify its guesses.
Pornhub’s machine learning models will improve over time as users verify its guesses.
Price added that if viewers are looking for a specific pornstar, "we will be able to retrieve more precise results." He also says the new model will "play a pivotal role moving forward," because more than 10,000 videos are uploaded to the site every day. Pornhub has been testing a Beta model of the platform and has already scanned 50,000 videos, reports Fox News.
Privacy concerns answered
So does this mean the system could be abused? As Venture Beat points out, most pornstars use a stage name anyway, right? And what about those actors who would prefer to remain anonymous? Pornhub is adamant that the facial recognition software it is using will only identify pornstars who are already in its database and who have all previously consented.
However, because revenge porn is sometimes uploaded to porn sites, this does present some serious implications going forward. And The Verge writes that this is still worrying, "especially considering past reports of facial recognition being used to identify porn stars’ real names."
Public attention on revenge porn increased after the Celebgate hack of actresses including Jennifer ...
Public attention on revenge porn increased after the Celebgate hack of actresses including Jennifer Lawrence
Emma McIntyre, Getty/AFP/File
The FindFace app was launched in February 2016 and works by analyzing an image of a person and matching it to their account on the Russian social network VKontakte. Once a pornstar or sex worker is identified, the information is used to "out" them to friends and family. Apparently, the users of the app are expressing their moral outrage towards an industry they view as “corrupt and deceptive.”
But privacy aside, Pornhub also plans to use its new platform to tag specific categories and sexual positions featured in videos. And if a video is filmed outdoors, that will also be tagged in the "public" category. And if a viewer prefers to see a brunette, rather than a blonde pornstar, they can also choose that specific category.
Facial recognition software technology is being used across a broad range of businesses, so it is only natural that the adult entertainment industry should take advantage of the technology. Truth be told, we’re growing at an exponential pace — we currently receive 80 million visitors each day, and that number will only continue to climb," says Price.
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