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article imageOpera browser releases what it calls world's first gaming browser

By Ken Hanly     Jun 11, 2019 in Technology
Los Angeles - For the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this year the browser Opera has come up with what it terms the "world's first gaming browser".
Those serious about customizing every element in their PC may be interested
Some may find the idea of a gaming browser as a bit odd, but there are some changes in the browser that could attract those interested in customizing everything. The new browser is called Opera GX.
Opera GX
The new browser has a panel that lets you set limits on CPU and RAM usage. Some browsers particularly Chrome have been criticized for excessive resource usage. Setting hard limits on how much of each can be used is a smart addition useful to those who know exactly what this entails for performance. The control panel will also show how much each of those resources is being used at any given time.
There are also built into Opera GX some game-focused additions. The tab screen shows deals on games as well as a number of gaming, technology, and entertainment news stories. As with the standard Opera the browser has as well a permanent bar on the left side of the screen with icons for quick access to various settings and services. In Opera GX this includes a new panel that has quick access to Twitch subscriptions.
There is customizable lighting a feature that would be appreciated by gamers. By default, the browser is black with a red accent to highlight tabs and icons. You can customize the accent color. The Opera GX also comes with sound effects that were in part made by the same band that worked on the soundtrack for Gris the famous video game.
Opera GX also includes flashy features built into regular Opera including a free VPN service, an ad blocker, and pop out panels that give access to chat services such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Opera often updates with new features, to try and keep up interest.
Opera GX includes the flashier features built into the regular Opera, too, including a free VPN service, an ad blocker, and pop-out panels with access to chat services like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.
Opera has made a habit of releasing multiple versions of its browser to experiment with new features, stir up buzz, and possibly gain more users. Most of those don’t go far, but they do help Opera improve its core browser. Chrome still vastly dominates the market, but releases like this get Opera’s name back in the news and can help to drum up interest.
Browser desk top market share
According to Stats Counter Data Chrome still dominates the market with over 69 percent. Firefox is second but with only a little over ten percent. Safari the Apple OS has 7.25 percent. Out of date Microsoft IE still has 5.14 percent Its replacement Edge has just 4.3 percent. Opera has a meager 2.34 percent.
Opera GX can be downloaded free from TechSpot. There are also links to download the regular Opera or Vivaldi. They are both free.
Electronic Entertainment Expo
Wikipedia describes the E3 as follows: " The Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly referred to as E3, is a premier trade event for the video game industry.[2] Presented and organized by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), it is used by many developers, publishers, and hardware and accessory manufacturers to introduce and advertise upcoming games and game-related merchandise to retailers and members of the press. E3 events formally includes an exhibition floor for developers, publishers, and manufacturers to showcase titles and products to be sold in the upcoming year. Before and during the event, publishers and hardware manufacturers usually hold press conferences to announce new games and products of theirs."
E3 is being held in Los Angeles from Monday June 11 (today) to June 13.
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