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article imageOp-Ed: Bill Gertz 'iWar' book a sobering wake up — Cyber-threat is real Special

By Jonathan Farrell     May 22, 2017 in Technology
With all the fear surrounding news of the WannaCrypt attack on computer systems world wide, the threat of technological tampering in some form or "Cyber-attack" is very real.
This 21st century reality is something best-selling author and award-winning journalist Bill Gertz wants the American people to know; and 'wise up' on. In his latest book, iWar — War and Peace in The Information Age, he explains in great detail just how little the American people realize the vulnerable position our nation is in technologically when it has to do with 'tech hackers.'
What was once considered science fiction only a few decades ago, is now a fact of life we must all face.
The WannaCrypt ransom virus that stuck this past May 12 was proof amid many indicators that malicious and menacing hacking is not just going to go away. Gertz from his perspective as national security columnist for the Washington Times would be among the first to cry out, 'I told you so!"
Gertz cites instances where hacking is and has been going on in some form for quite some time. Only what makes cyber attacks more dangerous is the fact that it is not just between spies and counter-spies, acting on behalf of some nation's or governmental regime's interest; a hacker can be anyone. The current fight against terrorism is testimony to that.
Conservative points of view like The Nolan Report, consider iWar as an investigative outlook on previous administrations and policy approaches to the complex and ever-growing threat of advancing technology. The concern Getz raises is without question is alarming and should not be ignored.
Gertz in his book (published by Threshold Editions -An Imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc.) sees the vulnerable aspects, not so much in terms of technical abilities, but in the lack of leadership. He believes America's relations with China and Russia have reached dangerous levels. The rise of radical Islam as a threat has metastasized because of what he sees as "the failure of secular, politically correct government policies..." And a failure of successive administrations since the 9/11 attacks to successfully combat extremists and jihadism ideology.
Even with his firm and stern and at times dire outlook, Gertz also notes what America is capable of and should take the lead in. "The task before us, he writes (to deal with cyber attacks) is daunting. But Americans have risen to such challenges in the past."
USAF Col. Michael Madison agreed as he told this reporter. "There are Lots of amazing capabilities out there that the vast majority of Americans just have no clue about... yet they all seem to have strong opinions about the many things that they are just flat out ignorant about."
As skilled pilot and rescue operations commander, (among other duties in his 25 years in military service) Col. Madison has come to know many important aspects to what our governmental leadership and its operations are faced with.
"Diplomacy, Intelligence, Information, Military and Economics, or (DIME)," as Madison referred to it. "We fight and defend utilizing all five methods... and have been for a very long time."
Gertz hopes leadership in our government will recognize what is crucial and take action now. Cyber attacks present not only challenges, but also as Gertz sees it, "tremendous opportunities for bringing about transformation and ultimately peace."
Some readers at thought the book was a bit "Republican" in its views. But even those reviews noted the seriousness of Gertz's work and that his argument was valid. 'iWar' got over half-a-dozen reviews on Goodreads but more than 35 ratings.
Regardless of whether people take sides politically, be it Democrat, Republican, liberal or conservative, Gertz is not alone in his understanding that the threat is real and ever-present. And, as he says in his book, "The challenge (to this 21st Century threat) must be met with nothing less than victory." To learn more about best-selling author and award-winning investigative journalist Bill Gertz, visit his web site for the book 'iWar.'
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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