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article imageNew attempt made to build a flying car

By Tim Sandle     Jul 14, 2018 in Technology
A flying car sounds like something from a science fiction movie, shades of Fifth Element or Blade Runner. However, a tech company believe trey are close to launching a model, and it doesn't even need a pilot's licence.
Tim Sandle
The new flying car concept has recently been unveiled in California and it is called BlackFly. It is one of several flying car concepts in development, including those under the auspices of Uber. While the idea behind a car that can combine conventional driving with flight is not new, progress has been slow, with safety in the air being the primary concern. Safety aspect with vehicular technology have been at the forefront in recent months in the context of crashes in relation to autonomous cars.
The car can, according to the BBC, fly at 25 miles per hour and traverse an off ground distance of 62 miles. The vehicle is designed to travel along standard roads for the majority if time, taking off for a short duration. The idea of taking short flights might be to cross over a town, to change roads, or to beat traffic jams.
Marcus Leng, CEO of Opener, is quoted by the Daily Mirror as saying: “Opener is re-energising the art of flight with a safe and affordable flying vehicle that can free its operators from the everyday restrictions of ground transportation.”
A simulation of the car taking off in this video:
BlackFly is capable of recharging up to 80 percent of its power in less than 30 minutes.
The vehicle has two wings, which have eight propulsion systems evenly distributed. Trials conducted in Canada, where approval has already been given, suggest that the vehicle takes off and lands most effectively on grass (using the Vertical Take-Off and Landing concept). The craft also has the ability to freeze in the air for short periods of time.
The technology behind the car, which has been in development for nine years, comes from a Canadian based firm called Opener; whereas the overall BlackFly development comes from a company owned by Google co-founder Larry Page. For the first models, Page explains to Forbes, the cost will be very high(*although not announced). Over the longer term Page hopes that the cost reduces to that if a standard luxury sports car.
Page is also involved with another technology project in the transport sphere. Thus is called Kitty Hawk, and it is a type of personal light aircraft, aimed at the busy business person.
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