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article imageHow do you fix a dead external hard drive?

By Thomas Wright     Feb 1, 2021 in Technology
To recover a hard drive is both difficult and easy. It depends on your hard drive condition. It is possible to recover your hard drive through software. But this method doesn't work every time.
This is a sponsored article by Salvage Data.
Sometimes your hard-drive is recognizable, sometimes it's not. How difficult it is to fix your hard drive depends on its situation. However, let's know some problems regarding hard drives.
Hard-drive is not detected
Sometimes it is not shown on your computer. Check the connection with USB ports. Then change the port and restart the computer. This method will hopefully work. If it doesn’t, connect the drive with another pc and check the drive status. For checking the drive status, follow the steps-
This pc --- right click--- manage --- storage --- disk management--- Online showed
If it shows online then your hard drive is ok.
Is it making a scratching noise?
If your hard-drive makes a scratching noise then that's bad news. Your hard drive is going to break down. So firstly, you have to copy all data to a new hard drive or SD card as soon as possible. After completing this task you should go to an external hard drive recovery center and fix this problem.
If your hard-drive performance is too slow
If this problem happens the first time with your external drive then it is not a big deal. First, you change your USB port then format your drive ( have to copy all necessary data) and reboot your pc.
Now we are going to learn some steps which can retrieve your external hard-drive.
Step-1: Check the USB cable
Sometimes hard-drive doesn’t show in the partition segment. If this problem occurs then detach the USB cable from the hard disk drive and plug them again. Then restart your computer. If it doesn’t work, check your USB port and connect with another port or another device. Make sure the problem is in your hard-drive, USB cable, or USB port.
Step-2: Activate online status
If your hard-drive status is not online then you should reconnect your device. If it doesn’t work, check the status again. If it shows “missing” text then click the right button on the disk and select “activate-disk”. This method will help you to back online again.
Step-3: USB attached devices not work
If none of the USB devices are working, you have to go to This pc- Right-click- Manage- Device manager- Drives tab.
Then click on the right button to the appropriate drive and update them.
Step-4: USB controller problem
Go to the device manager then the universal serial bus controllers tab. Select the USB root hub and click the right button and click “properties”. You have to turn off the drive. This step is useful for a dead external hard drive.
Step-5: Format the drive
If these steps are not working on your hard drive then you should go for formatting your hard drive. This is the last hope for your dead external hard drive.
There are many dead hard drives recovered by this step. So for the last time, you should go with this method.
After doing all these steps, we hope your dead external hard drive will work like before. But the methods are not certain. We have faced many different kinds of problems with dead hard drives. Here we try to describe the most common problems regarding dead hard drives. If your problem is different from us then you should go to a service center near you. Don’t try to solve your problem in an unscientific way. Try to upload your data in cloud storage all time.
This is a sponsored article by Salvage Data.
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