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article imageGraphene will charge your phone in under 10 seconds

By Tim Sandle     Mar 17, 2018 in Technology
Grapehene, the material with a host of wonderful properties and many more potential applications, could hold the key to super-fast charging of mobile devices.
According to CNET, graphene can be fitted into the types of batteries suitable for smartphones and other mobile devices, in order to improve energy storage, increase long-term performance, and to allow for rapid re-charge times. The one-atom thin form of carbon has the ability to accelerate energy transfer between a power source and battery exponentially. Here graphene can act as a conduit for charging by enabling energy to pass through it rapidly.
According to researcher Kari Hjelt, who is the head of innovation for Graphene Flagship, the potential that graphene hold is the ability to charge a device in just seven seconds. Hjelt states: "It's still a young material, so we're actually quite amazed how much it has developed in only 14 years."
He adds: "The thing with the graphene is that it works in so many fields and in fantastic ways, so we have really pick the ones that are the most promising for Europe and for business."
While the under ten seconds super-fast charge might take a couple of years to develop, Samsung are developing graphene balls that can be integrated into smartphones to enable devices to be charged in less than twelve minutes. For this innovation, Samsung's Advanced Institute of Technology has collaborated with the Seoul National University School of Chemical and Biological Engineering.
The technology involves designing graphene balls to cover a cathode, which protects it from damage while also providing more efficient conductivity. This happens because graphene features 140 times faster electron mobility than silicon; it also increases the number of cycles a cell can withstand.
In parallel, Chinese company Dongxu Optoelectronics is working on a graphene based battery pack called the G-King. This has a 4,800mAh capacity, which is far more than what is found in any current smartphone. Dongxu claims the battery regains its lost charge in 13 to 15 minutes. Moreover, the cell is robust enough to be discharged and recharged up to 3,500 times, which is seven more than a conventional lithium-ion battery.
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