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article imageGM is seeking names for two new electric bikes it announced

By Ken Hanly     Nov 2, 2018 in Technology
General Motors(GM) has unveiled two new EV's that are not cars or trucks, but bicycles. One is foldable and the other is compact. This is part of a larger plan for an electric future for the company.
This is notable a Verge article reports because there is very little e-bike manufacturing based in North America. However, as the appended video shows there are a number of e-bikes made by small manufacturers some with hefty price tags however as mentioned in the article many US dealers import their e-bikes from abroad.
A few e-bikes are made in Europe but most come from China.
Sales of e-bikes are soaring
GM no doubt does not want to be left out of a growing market. In 2023 world sales of e-bikes are estimated to be almost 40 million units according to China is expected to be the most significant market with 34.3 million predicted to be sold in the country. GM's future is heavily invested in its ability to grow in China.
Other automakers are already making e-bikes
Auto makers are leveraging their expertise in manufacturing, batteries, and powertrains to manufacture more electric two-wheelers including not just e-bikes but also motorcycles and scooters. Audi manufactures electric mountain bikes. Ford recently helped to launch an electric scooter sharing project at Purdue University.
BMW makes both electric bikes and electric motorcycles. The newest entry into the field, the Active Hybrid, keeps the traditional pushing on the pedals as a means of propulsion but can enhance the power of the pedal pushing by 50 percent up to a huge 275 percent. The rider would be able to go up hills without slowing down most likely and without having to push down that hard. The price tag would come out at around $4,000 in the US but some bikes already in the US are more than that and BMW has a solid reputation for quality.
Many other bicycle makers such as Giant and Trek are already producing e-bikes with pedal assist which can help the rider pedal faster and reduce fatigue over longer distances. Most larger and even mid-sized cities now have places that rent bikes by the hour or day. No doubt the e-bikes will be on offer in many places.
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