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article imageMan in France sues Uber, claims company ruined his marriage

By Arthur Weinreb     Feb 11, 2017 in Technology
An unnamed French businessman is suing Uber, claiming a glitch in the company’s app sent messages to his wife that detailed his use of the ride sharing service. He alleges the information received by his wife led her to believe he was unfaithful.
As the Telegraph so eloquently put it, jealous spouses used to have to jump into taxis to follow their partners or hire private investigators to dig up dirt. Now all they have to do is access their smart phones.
The man, who lives in Côte d’Azur in the south of France, is suing Uber for €45 million ($US 48 million) after claiming the company is responsible for the breakup of his marriage. It all began, according to the man, when he used his wife’s iPhone once to arrange a ride with Uber.. A glitch in the app sent notifications to his wife’s phone even after he logged out. His wife was sent messages of all his subsequent Uber trips including the dates of these trips and where his journeys began and ended. As a result of receiving this information, his wife believed he was involved in an extra-marital affair and the marriage broke down. She then sued him for divorce.
The Drive reports Le Figaro was able to replicate the glitch where someone uses another person’s phone and then logs out and notifications continue to be sent out to the other person's phone. It appears this glitch is limited to iPhones that run on software older than 10.2. iOS 10.2 was released last December and Android phones do not seem to have been affected.
Uber refused to comment on the case saying they do not comment on matters before the courts, even divorce cases.
This is not the first time allegations have been made about the Uber app being used in spying. Last December, a man who previously worked for Uber as a forensic investigator, claimed Uber employees used what is called the “God view.” Samuel Ward Spangenburg claimed this "God view" allowed employees to track any Uber user. This could be used to follow the movements of not only spouses, significant others and ex’s but those of prominent politicians and celebrities.
There have been a few conflicts with Uber in France. In December, Uber drivers blockaded airports in France over their pay. It is possible this case could have a detrimental affect on the way the French view the company.
As a result of publicity surrounding this case, it is also possible similar lawsuits will be brought by some of France’s 40 million active users. A preliminary hearing into the divorce case is scheduled to be held in March.
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